Monday, January 18, 2010

Mayor Sam Blog Goes On 'Hiatus'

Michael Higby, host of the Mayor Sam's Sister City blog is taking a break from blogging on Los Angeles politics, according to his Sunday afternoon post.

I hope your hiatus will be short and that you'll use the time to recharge your batteries and return to the blogisphere with renewed energy to root out the corrupt and conniving who undermine our democracy with their self-serving attitude towards public service.


Anonymous said...

Hiatus? Gimme a break. Higby's pissed because he worked for Paul Krekorian's campaign and was expecting to get hired as a field deputy. When that didn't happen, he gave up on LA politics, and who can blame him

Red Spot in CD 14 said...


Higby is doing well in the private sector. We'll continue on until his return.

Scott Johnson

"Red Spot in CD 14"