Friday, January 1, 2010

VIP to Open 1,000th Pot Shop in Los Angeles

El Stupido, the patron of Los Angeles pot shop business interests, is rumored to be the guest of honor at the grand opening of the 1,000th pot shop in Los Angeles, located immediately next to the Academia Sensemilla de la Pueblo, a public school that was the subject of harsh criticism by former KABC talk show host Doug McIntyre.

Opening a marijuana shop next to a school would be seen by many as an openly defiant step against what El Stupido has decried as "politicization of the issues." Whether the champion of what many see as the 2009 Revolución de la Drogas will actually cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony and personally deliver a 3 hour speech written for him by the owner of the marijuana shop, remains to be confirmed.

Some see El Stupido, also know by many as 'El Pequeño,' as having worked feverishly for the past 4 years to prevent 'political' controls being placed on businesses trying to sell marijuana to Los Angelenos in what he probably sees as a basic civil rights issue; after all, why should it only be the seriously sick and terminally ill who can get high?

Advocates for the legalization of narcotics and free and safe access for "children of all ages" have been delighted at the way that El Stupido has thrown open his doors to them, while at the same time excluding Neighborhood Councils from any input on an industry that will bring jobs to thousands of under employed drug rehabilitation centers.

Some complain that El Stupido has ignored input from Neighborhood Councils and the City Attorney. They say it is because El Stupido was told by the marijuana shop owners input from the community and law enforcement would "place political barriers" in the way of their business, and when the world 'politicizing' was thrown in, El Stupido swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

While it is true that many see El Stupido as one who believes that Los Angeles needs to be a free drug zone, rather than a drug free zone, there may be a more simple explanation; El Stupido might not be able to read very well, and may have inadvertently misinterpreted the message.

The business community and the drug syndicates that see El Stupido as their bailout package have embraced the notion of free access. Many marijuana shop owners have created incentives, such as free joints, for school kids who cannot otherwise buy drugs. The LA Weekly recently reported that students at Grant High School found adverts offering free joints on their cars at the school's parking lot.

If El Stupido believes that school kids and their parents have nothing to fear from exposure to the Mexican, Armenian and Russian crime gangs who supply the Los Angeles marijuana shop industry, he has not yet said so directly. El Stupido might believe that placing marijuana shops in schools is a good idea as it will actually prevent illness - after all, it so many seriously sick and terminally ill people can be cured by marijuana, then exposing kids to this magic medicine might save them from AIDS, Cancer and Glaucoma.

If El Stupido has been completely brainwashed by the marijuana shop owners into believing that it is legal to sell marijuana, then the recent comments of Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley must have made him apoplectic - In a LA Times interview, Cooley described El Stupido's law as "... absolutely so irrelevant it's not funny." City Attorney, Camen Trutanich had previously advised that sales of marijuana were not permitted under State or Federal law, but El Stupido felt that it was 'politicizing' the issue to bring legal opinions into the debate, when he was entitled to his different opinion that selling drugs to kids was a small price to pay for the profits to be made from legalizing marijuana.

The battle of words will continue in City Hall, and El Stupido will probably use the word 'politicizing' at least 5 times to disguise the real issues;
  • there is no innocent explanation for delaying the regulation of marijuana shops for four years.
  • there is no innocent explanation for ignoring the comments, needs and concerns of the whole community.
  • there is no innocent explanation for being completely beholden to marijuana shop owners.
Stupidity cannot be the only excuse for making a complete mess of the City of Los Angeles.

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