Monday, January 18, 2010

Who Is Responsible for LA's Pot Mayhem?

Councilmember Paul Koretz believes the blame for LA's Pot Shop mess has nothing to do with him...

You decide

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Anonymous said...

CD5 residents knew nothing of Paul's pro-pot shop politics. It's coming as quite a surprise and a shock to a community of responsible parents who may be democrats, but draw the line at giving their kids pot.

His pathetic attempt to liken Steve Cooley and Carmen Trutanich to George W. Bush is not going to go down well in CD5. Both Cooley and Trutanich have overwhelming support in CD5.

Koretz seems behoven to the pot heads who want pot shops on every street corner. His campaign received a ton of money from marijuana sellers, and his comments in the interview belie his comfort zone where drugs are concerned.

There's a lot of talk in CD5 about a recall as Paul Koretz really should be someplace else, like San Francisco, where his brand of politics might even be considered conservative.

Here in CD5, Paul better realize that a handful of drug sellers will not be able to prevent a recall, and the sooner the better.