Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dennis Zine - The People's Hero

The good people in City Hall are far and few between. Most are as scared of upsetting the Mayor of Failure or his organized groups, as they are scared of their shadows.

For the past 10 months, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has led the charge against the 'business as usual' brigade, tackling the thorny issues that few cared to stand up to. Trutanich's lone stance hasn't made him many friends in the 'horseshoe,' but his earliest supporter has stood by Trutanich through thick and thin, and today, Dennis Zine joined the small but growing group of elected officials who now buy the City Attorney's motto "You can't do wrong when you do the right thing."

Today Dennis Zine truly made his mark on the political landscape as an independent thinker and a man of his word. Zine was the first to stand up to the Mayor of Failure's sordid, scandalous, and slimy attempt to put a band aid on his financially irresponsible drunken sailor spending record with a so-called 'Green Energy' rate hike that is nothing more than an illegal tax.

Zine led the minority of elected officials who didn't just say "No," but "Hell No!" to the Mayor's DWP rate hike. He didn't just say it once for a sound bite or a photo op, but he said it steadfastly and consistently.

Even when the Council voted 8-6 to allow a partial rate hike, Zine led the minority who still said "No."

In stark contrast stands the biggest mouth (with the least integrity) of the initial "No" sayers; Councilperson Jan Perry. The 2009 winner of the Mayor Sam Political Ass Clown of the Year Award, showed us why she truly deserved that award as she shamefacedly changed her tune to a "Yes" vote as soon as she got her sound bite.

That other piece of political puke, Ed 'El Stupido' Reyes, who cries for the poor Los Angelenos who cannot afford dog licenses, flipped and sold out the 'poor Los Angelenos' as soon as his B-roll TV quote was in the can.

Thankfully Dennis Zine stood himself apart from the Mayor's cynical manipulation of the DWP, and did the right thing and led the vote in the horseshoe tonight to send a resounding "No" to the Mayor's totally corrupt attempt to paper the cracks in his failed fiscal responsibilities.

On behalf of Los Angelenos, "Thank you" Dennis Zine.


Anonymous said...

That piece of shit Jan Perry should get her fat ass handed to her on a plate when she runs for mayor. She's a flip flop sellout

Red Spot in CD 14 said...

Did that "flip flop" register 6.5 on the Richtor Scale??