Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mayor of Failure Finally Uses 'B' Word

It wasn't the 'F' Bomb, but the 'B' Bomb that Mayor Villaraigosa dropped on Councilmembers in a desperate move to persuade them not to intervene in his attempt to hike up our DWP rates.

Villaraigosa had dressed the rate hike up as some sort of 'Green' thing to disguise the true intent of the likely 20% increase in our DWP bills. However, the LA Times reports that when Councilmembers sounded like they were going to exercise their Charter powers to question the rate hike, Villaraigosa responded with a stern warning that unless the DWP got the rate hike, the City of LA would face bankruptcy.

Hmmm, what happened to the 'Green' thing Antonio? Wasn't this rate hike about 'being Green?' It does rather look like the Mayor's been outed by his own email, sorry, 'Briefing Paper,' and basically admitted that he's using the DWP to finance the City's drunken sailor spending, much as he would have done if Measure B had passed - remember that hummer?

Despite the scare tactic, the Mayor failed to prevent the City Council from putting the brakes on the rate hike.

City politics isn't the only arena where the truth is finally outing shady antics. In the upcoming June 8 primary elections, the Metropolitan News Enterprise reports that two candidates for Attorney General have chosen strangely misleading ballot designations.

Law school professor John Eastman has decided to call himself "Assistant Attorney General" based on a tenuous contract job he's doing for South Dakota to litigate whether the prison's food is kosher enough for an inmate. I kid you not. Career politician Tom Harman has equally misleadingly chosen the ballot designation "Prosecutor/Attorney/Senator" based on either a split personality or his February 10 participation in Orange County's Trial Attorney Partnership Program that includes a volunteer post with the Orange County DA's Office.

Busy men, both Eastman and Harman, it seems. A little too busy to realize that misleading ballot designations for those who seek to be the state's chief 'law and order' guy are bad ideas. Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley who is also in the running for the top cop slot was harshly critical of Eastman and Harman “This goes to the core of being A.G.: Are you honest?” Cooley told the MetNews. “This is dishonest.”

And when it comes to bad ideas, Eastman must be ruing the day he accepted an endorsement from the Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys, headed by President Steve Ipsen. Ipsen is embroiled in litigation with his boss, District Attorney Steve Cooley. Perhaps Eastman didn't know that when he accepted the endorsement, but he certainly didn't know that ADDA President Steve Ipsen considers a convicted sex offender to be one of his "closest friends," a fact that came out as a result of Ipsen's complaints as reported in the Metropolitan News Enterprise:

"Steven J. Ipsen, president of the Assn. of Deputy District Attorneys, last month underwent intensive cross-examination before a county commission as to his relationship with a convicted sex offender who was one of his “closest friends,” the MetNews has learned.

"The transcript of a Feb. 24 hearing before the Employee Relations Commission, obtained late Friday, reveals that Ipsen had acted as a character witness for the man, lent him his automobile in which he had left his deputy district attorney’s badge, and possibly allowed the man to live in his home for a short time."

Word from sources in the DA's Office say that many were disappointed but not surprised to hear that Eastman received an endorsement from the ADDA, because Ipsen has been using the ADDA as his personal "springboard" to attack DA Steve Cooley. Ipsen ran unsuccessfully against Cooley for Los Angeles DA in 2008.

The revelations about Ipsen's "closest friend" relationship with a convicted sex offender were, however,  surprising. Ironically, Ipsen has made a big deal out of promoting victim's rights and one has to wonder what Ipsen thought of the rights of the victims of his "closest friend's" crimes.

So we have a Mayor who tried (and failed) to scare City Councilmembers into falling in line with a lie-based rate hike, a couple of wannabe AG's who don't know the meaning of honesty, and a president of a District Attorney's Association who was a character witness for his "closest friend" a three times convicted sex offender. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up!


Anonymous said...

I'm a DDA and am deeply ashamed of the way Steve Ipsen has brought disgrace on us by his abuse of the ADDA to further his personal vendetta against the DA. I was sent a link to this blog by a fellow DDA and it's doing the rounds at the Office. Most of us are disgusted that Ipsen considers a convicted sex offender a close friend - we prosecute those people, not befriend them!

Anonymous said...

Steve Ipsen is a joke, a bad joke. Glad that someone outside the office has finally noticed. We need to get rid of this jerk and the rest of his attack dogs.