Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trutanich Set To Win Dragongate II

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is on course to score a second victory in his campaign to erradicate illegal billboards and supergraphics in Los Angeles.

As of Friday evening, a second illegal billboard was in the process of being taken down in response to a second criminal case brought against the building owners, billboard company, and installers of a series of illegal Asics adverts designed to capture the cameras at the upcoming Oscars awards.

Monday night

Friday evening - Arrows show workers removing the illegal advert
(Photo credit: Curbed LA)

Last week's 'Dragongate' saga played around the world as bemused Hollywood hot shots' jaws dropped when their massive "How to Train Your Dragon" illegal supergraphic was removed in response to Trutanich arresting Kayvan Setareh, a 49 year-old 'businessman,' and throwing him in jail on $1M bail.

While the vast majority of Los Angelenos gave Trutanich a huge 'thumbs up' for having the audacity to take on Hollywood's elite on their very doorstep (the supergraphic was strategically located next to the Kodak Theater where this weekend's Oscars awards take place), a handful of lazy parasitic hacks started working for the defense in a pathetic effort to criticize Trutanich and portray the imprisoned Setareh as some sort of hero.

Top of the list of naysayers was the Los Angeles Times columnist, Tim Rutten, who blasted Trutanich with an Op-Ed Hit Piece that was so poorly written and so replete with falsehoods that it really made readers wonder whether Rutten had deliberately lied to them, or was simply foolishly lapping up the hackneyed anti-law enforcement rhetoric typically attributed to his wife; disgraced criminal defense attorney Leslie Abramson.

Even respected bloggers, such as Witness LA's Celeste Fremon fell for Rutten's rant, with a sharply worded message for Trutanich. Fremon, to her credit has now backed off her criticism stating " I honestly do think I was much too flip about the public safety issue," a rare admission for a writer and one that leaves one with the hope that she will do what Rutten didn't - actually reseach the issue before jumping on the bandwagon.

Extortionately high bail and grandstanding were the accusations leveled against Trutanich by Rutten and the coolaide drinkers who imbibe at the poisoned font of Rutten's brand of devious and deceitful editorial. $1M bail for 3 misdemeanors was hawked as inappropriate, yet the bail demanded in the second case totals $1M amongst the 8 defendants.

The high bail issued in the second case rather belies the vile filth that Tim Rutten penned in his ill-informed eager haste to satisfy big Hollywood's need for vindication. Bullying, overly high bail, forum shopping, unethical conduct, abuse of the system, blah, blah, blah...  the plethora of baseless rhetoric that spewed forth from Rutten's page sounded just like the bullshit arguments his wife routinely made in defense of the murdererous Mendendez brothers, or that other icon of big Hollywood; Phil Spector.

Rutten's motive for denigrating Trutanich may have another, perhaps, more sinister explanation.

Sources within the Times revealed long harbored suspicions that Rutten is an ardent supporter of Jack Weiss; the disgraced former Los Angeles City Councilman who was defeated by Trutanich in the May 2009 general election.

Weiss, it may be recalled, spoke out harshly about the visual polution caused by supergraphics while he was a Councilman, but did almost nothing about it. Indeed, many believe Weiss received campaign contributions for his failed bid to become City Attorney from those he criticized.

One can surely expect duplicitous conduct from career politicians like Weiss, but a columnist at the Times? Say it ain't so Rutten.


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It would not be the first time that Tim "Kim Il" Rutten has sway away from jounalistic ethics, into some political hatchet job.

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And now it seems that Fuel Outdoor got scared and started dismantling its own illegal "Movie Poster" billboards. Another step in the right direction.

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