Thursday, October 7, 2010

Doubts Dog Diaz's "Story"

While Los Angeles  plaintiff's attorney Gloria Allred may have her own problems over her handling of the illegal alien housekeeper case, the rumors continue to spread about the truth about why Nicky Diaz waited a year and 3 months to tell her story.
The Los Angeles Slimes reported on rumors that Meg Whitman's illegal alien former housekeeper Nicky Diaz has a deal to be set up for life as a housekeeper at a villa in the luxury Mexican resort, Puerto Vallarta. The 4,000 square foot villa has a separate 'guest cottage' that can be used as staff accommodations and is said to be owned by a major democrat donor, increasing speculation that the Jerry Brown campaign was involved in the timing of the breaking of "housekeeper-gate" scandal.

Talk show host Hugh Hewitt interviewed Allred last week and sowed the seeds of further doubts, noting that Gloria had "done it again," referring to Allred's last "stunt" during a gubernatorial election when she represented stunt actor Rhonda Miller who claimed that Arnold Schwarzenagger had been a 'groper' many years ago.

As Allred's Groper-gate case was dismissed by the courts after the damage had been done to Schwarzenegger's campaign, many now believe that Diaz's claim of "abuse" and underpayment of wages at $23/hr, will prove equally meritless. "It's deja vu all over again," reported the LA Slimes.

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