Monday, January 3, 2011

The Candidates for Los Angeles District Attorney

With the 2010 presidential mid-term elections a not so distant memory, we're back in election campaign mode sooner than expected because of the rather  unexpected result of the Attorney General race. This has forced some of those pondering a run for LA County's Top-Cop slot to announce their campaigns earlier than would have otherwise been the case.

We've identified 9 potential candidates, 3 of which are already known and the others, perhaps, are no surprise. In the first of a three part series, we now take a look at the nascent campaigns, and the likely candidates.

Jackie Lacey, Assistant District Attorney
Rarely photographed, Assistant DA Jackie Lacey (right) is pictured here
at the recent swearing-in of LA Superior Court Judge Shelly Torrealba (center).

We list Jackie Lacey first because if District Attorney Steve Cooley had become Attorney General in the mid-terms, he wanted the Board of Supervisors to appoint Lacey as his replacement - interim District Attorney.

Lacey, a native Los Angeleno and a Democrat, was widely accepted to have been the Board's choice given her impressive 25 year record as a carer prosecutor and one of Cooley's top administrators. Although that appointment would have made Lacey an incumbent and therefore a natural favorite for the 2012 election, she nevertheless remains the favorite for the very same reasons as made her most suited as the interim DA - she is the most qualified candidate.

Lacey has quietly and thoughtfully been planning her campaign for over a year, and will likely announce her candidacy early in 2011. Lacey has been in contact with a number of highly regarded campaign consultants, but has yet to finalize her choice.

Alan Jackson, Deputy District Attorney
Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson
collects the 2010 Prosecutor of the Year Award.
Jackson gets the second spot as he was first out of the box, announcing his candidacy on December 6, 2010. Jackson, a Republican from Texas, has been a prosecutor for 16 years and is currently assigned to the Major Crimes Division of the DA's Office where he received national recognition in the murder prosecution of Phil Spector.   

Jackson's ambition to run for DA was an open secret at the DA's Office and his boss, Steve Cooley has undoubtedly helped position Jackson as a candidate by nominating him for the 2010 Prosecutor of the Year award. Nevertheless, the pair have acknowledged their joint agreement that, should Cooley decide to run for an historic fourth term in 2012, Jackson will withdraw his candidacy and support Cooley.

Jackson swiftly announced a major endorsement from Los Angeles City Councilmember Dennis Zine, who also made it clear that he would otherwise back Cooley in a re-election bid. Nevertheless Zine extolled Jackson’s qualifications for the office.

“If you look at his career, he’s handled very difficult cases, he has a very good reputation, he’s very effective and very successful,” Zine told the Los Angeles Metropolitan News Enterprise.

Jackson is believed to have hired up and coming political strategist John Thomas to manage his campaign. Thomas has an enviable track record with Republican campaigns, having been a major factor in Cooley's AG campaign as well as that of recently elected City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. Jackson also gains kudos for his excellent campaign website,, created by Midnight Oil.

Danette Meyers, Deputy District Attorney
Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers
Next up is Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers. Meyers is a Democrat and is listed third only because she is the most recent to announce her candidacy.  On December 30, 2010, Meyer went public with a press release stating that "If elected, she will be the first female and first African American District Attorney of Los Angeles County," a clear indication that Meyers views race as central to her campaign.

Like Jackson, Meyers has been a "Prosecutor of the Year" and, according to her press release, was also "the first female African American President of the LA County Bar Association."

Also, like Jackson, Meyers is no stranger to high profile cases having personally ensured that Hollywood's favorite bad girl, Lidsay Lohan, was put behind bars for 13 days.

It is not known whether Meyers is working with any particular campaign strategist, and her website, appears to be more of a placeholder than anything more serious.

So here are the first three of the nine candidates for the 2012 Los Angeles District Attorney race that we're focusing in on. The 2012 Primary Election will be on February 25, 2012, much earlier than in the past when it took place in June. The reason for the date change is, supposedly, to give California a bigger say in the Presidential election.

In our subsequent parts we will take a look at the other candidates:

Mario Trujillo, Deputy District Attorney
Mike Feuer, California Assemblyman
Steve Ipsen, Deputy District Attorney
Carmen Trutanich, Los Angeles City Attorney
Rocky Delgadillo, former Los Angeles City Attorney
Steve Cooley, District Attorney of Los Angeles County

Yes, there are more, Deputy District Attorneys Robert "Bobby" Grace and David Berger have been mentioned as potential candidates, as well as former Councilmember Jack Weiss, to name but a few, however, for the present were staying focused on those most likely to run.


Anonymous said...

2012 Primary election will favor anyone who stands next to Obama when he visits the LA ATM machine. It will be mid-terms all over again.

The real battle will be between Lacey and Meyers - they'll be dukin' it out to see who gets to stand next to Obama.

I also saw Mike Feuer on your list, that should be interesting too. He would have made a much better city atty than Rocky (just about anyone would) and has a strong following in WLA where he can raise big bucks.

You cannot be serious about Carmen the Clown - he's cannot be trusted as a DA after the mess he made of the Michael Jackson memorial investigation and all that BS about "criminal aspects." What ever happened there? Nice pay off to the Clown's campaign from AEG took care of the minor matter of $5M of city funds being used for a private event.

Anonymous said...

The Rocky Delgadilllo thing is a joke, right? You have to be crazy to think he'd ever be elected to anything in LA again. The only reason he did so well in the AG primary was that the rest of CA did not know about him.

Anonymous said...

Rocktard might run?

Glad help us all.

Anonymous said...

Carmen the Clown Trutanich signed a solemn pledge not to use the CA's office as a springboard for higher office - and he is doing exactly that.

Some were saying that the San Pedro Thug would be a one termer, but if he pulls this stunt, he won't even be that. Good riddance - go for it Nooooch, The TRU is False blog will have a field day.

Anonymous said...

1:36PM -Rocktard will probably make the run off - people in this state are so stupid, they'll vote for a Latino Democrat with a name that sounds halfway familiar in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

I really hope Trutanich runs for this seat. The rest of the candidates are all fine prosecutors, but Trutanich really rocks.

Quite frankly, he's the only L.A. City official that has any backbone and vision.

I don't care about the letter he signed. My whole family would support his campaign for District Attorney and I'm sure we're not alone.

Anonymous said...

6:18PM "I don't care about the letter he signed..." Of course you don't. You are probably one of Nooooch's henchmen - that British asshole "Special Assistant" that does all of Nooooch's dirty work. Or you're one of his San Pedro thugs who go around flashing badges to scare people with threats to put people in jail.

Well you can say whatever you like, when a person igns a sworn pledge and then goes back on his word, it says all that needs to be said about that person's moral character.

I also hope Carmen the Clown runs for DA, because then we can impeach him for going back on his sworn promise, I think that's called "perjury." We can also call for an Investigative Grand Jury and put Noooch and you, his "Special Assistant," on the stand. I bet they're practicing how to say "I respectfully claim the protection of the 5th Amendment and decline to answer that question on the grounds that it might tend to incriminate me."

Anonymous said...

Mike Feuer LOL

Anonymous said...

7:54 I'm neither a thug or a henchman. You, on the other hand seem like a crazed lunatic. Give our regards to all your fellow birthers.

Anonymous said...

Mario Truillo - WTF?

Ace Jones said...

Berger would make an awesome District Attorney, and the blogs say that he has lined up a reality tv show that will follow his campaign. Now that's really going to upset the apple cart. I heard the working title is "Real Politicians of Los Angeles" and that the new English guy who's taking over from Larry King is going to host the show.

Anonymous said...

To the idiot at 6:18pm who will vote for Trutanich "The Clown" along with his family (are they allowed out to vote?), have you considered the way Nooooch made a complete fool of himself threatening to arrest Jan Perry and Tim Leiweke over billboards? Or how about his investigation into "criminal aspects" of the Michael Jackson memorial? What was the result of that investigation? Why hasn't Nooooch issued a press statement (he churns them out like confetti). Then he managed to screw up the Medical Marijuana Ordinance by making a mistake a 2nd year law student wouldn't make. It's not surprise the state legislature threw out his crazy idea for a Grand Jury - he's an egocentric, shoot from the hip grandstanding pile of crap. Go vote for that!

Anonymous said...

I beleive Trutanich recovered several million dollars for the city from the Jackson Memorial.

Jan Perry belongs in jail.

The Medical Marijuana ordinance was a huge success. We used to have 14 dispensaries in our neighborhood, we now have 2.

The city had a 1000 dispensaries 2 years ago, now they have 200.

Anonymous said...

9:07am - read the papers, The Clown's ordinance got overturned as unconstitutional, and the dispensaries are opening up again.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again with Carmen the Clown's little circle of friends (all of whom he has done favors for!) that say they would vote for him. God help us! And get ready because Steve Cooley WILL ENDORSE Trutanich and no one else no matter what the idiot says. They have been in bed together for years. Please LA, DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE (but even bigger this time) by voting for Trutanich!

Anonymous said...

Cooley's waffling will throw a wet blanket over all his Deputy's campaigns since no one will go near them while he's hovering around.

9:19 - if you can't stand Cooley, move to Tucson.

Anonymous said...

TRU is False Bloghas a whole page on Trutanich the Clown's so-called "Criminal Aspects" McArthy witch hunt of AEG's Michael Jackson memorial.

They've found a campaign donation from AEG to Trutanich just after the "Criminal Aspects" investigation quietly went away. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Maybe the only reason Trutanicb wants to be DA is to stop anyone else from investigating him.

StephenG said...

With a county electorate that favored left leaning Kamala Harris over moderate Republican Steve Cooley by 14 points in the AG race, is Alan Jackson too conservative to be elected the next Los Angeles District Attorney?

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is a TOTAL JOKE and if he decides to run, this will be clear to all Los Angeles. The guy brings cases with no merrits!!!
HE IS A TOTAL LOSER in my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

Interesting group, but my choice is Steve Ipsen. He is a long time DA and was the president of the DA Union. He has integrity, is experienced and honest. Please take a moment to look at him if you want a good DA in Los Angeles.