Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Candidates for Los Angeles District Attorney Part II

We continue our review of the nine potential candidates for the 2012 District Attorney election, and note with surprise that almost all comments on Part I were concerned with candidates other than the three covered.

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich drew a mixed bag of comments, mostly unfavorable and probably unfair.

We also note that the rumor mill suggests that Assistant District Attorney Jackie Lacey will formally announce her candidacy today, Tuesday, January 4, 2011.

So here are Part II's Trio:

Mario Trujillo, Deputy District Attorney

Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo

Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo is a widely liked and respected career prosecutor who was recently installed as president of the influential Mexican American Bar Association (MABA). He also serves on the board for the Latino Prosecutors Foundation of Los Angeles County and on the board for the Los Angeles Centers for Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Trujillo was a formidable trial attorney in the DA's Office Hardcore Gang Division where he was responsible for prosecuting the most serious of crimes and gang-related murders. He also served as a Special Assistant and is currently in charge of an Area Office.

Like Meyers, Trujillo's website is currently only a placeholder, however, it has been around for longer than Meyers'. However, if Trujillo is really serious about his aspirations to be LA's "Top Cop," expect a more formal announcement imminently, and hopefully a more dynamic website.

Veteran campaign strategist Ace Smith has been rumored as a potential campaign manager, but Smith probably comes at a high price having recently masterminded Kamala Harris's successful AG campaign.

Mike Feuer, California Assemblyman
Michael Feuer is currently California
Assemblyman for the 42nd Assembly District

If the rumor mill is correct, Assemblyman Michael Feuer is seriously contemplating a run for District Attorney as he will be termed out as Assemblyman for California's 42nd Assembly District in 2012.

Feuer is a former City Councilmember who came very close to beating Rocky Delgadillo in the 2001 race for City Attorney. Feuer is a Westside Democrat who enjoys substantial support from the well healed West Los Angeles community. 

Feuer does not appear to have an active campaign website, but is also rumored to be vying for the services of Ace Smith to manage a campaign.

Feuer is the first candidate mentioned here who is an "outsider," meaning that he has absolutely no prosecutorial experience whatsoever. However, his standing as a respected Democrat and his ability to garner substantial financial support from the Westside community makes him a very viable candidate.

Steve Ipsen, Deputy District Attorney
Deputy District Attorney Steve Ipsen

Steve Ipsen is a Deputy District Attorney who previously ran unsuccessfully against Steve Cooley for District Attorney in 2008. A Republican, Ipsen has been an outspoken supporter of more stringent enforcement of anti illegal alien laws, and a sharp critic of Special Order 40 - the Los Angeles Police Department protocol that some say provides Sanctuary City status to illegal immigrants. Ipsen has been a strong victims rights advocate and was instrumental in obtaining serious financial support from Broadcom Billionaire Henry T. Nicholas III to run a campaign to defeat Proposition 66, a measure that would have effectively destroyed California's Third Strikes law.

Ipsen is widely rumored to be mounting a campaign to run for District Attorney in 2012, and will likely run on a platform focusing on his anti illegal alien and victims rights positions. Ipsen is believed to be "getting his ducks in a row" for a 'tough on crime' campaign and will likely garner considerable support from Henry Nicholas as a result of Ipsen's personal support for Nicholas while under Federal investigation for alleged securities fraud and drugs violations. All charges against Nicholas were dropped and Ipsen was amongst those on the courthouse steps to publicly congratulate Nicholas at the end of his ordeal. Although campaign finance laws limit the amount of money Nicholas can directly contribute to a Ipsen's campaign, his ability to reach out the victims rights network as well as financing a PAC, could result in substantial support for Ipsen.

Expect an announcement from Ipsen early in 2011, probably in the form of a "grass roots" campaign through the victims rights network, before a more polished and well funded campaign later in the year.

Part III Preview
Carmen Trutanich, Los Angeles City Attorney
Always a controversial figure for "doing the right thing," but is he too 'right' to be LA's DA?

Rocky Delgadillo, former Los Angeles City Attorney
His unhappy tenure at the City Attorney's Office seems a distant memory now, but he poled well in the 2010 Democratic Primary, is all forgiven and forgotten?

Steve Cooley, District Attorney of Los Angeles County
The Three Term incumbent missed AG by less than 1%, but in a non-partisan election LA could re-elect him by a landslide!

Keep the comments clean, but keep them coming. The 2012 Primary is set for February 25, 2012, and these people need your input to form their campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Mario Trujillo is a huge clown. His candidacy belongs on Comedy Central.

Anonymous said...

Steve Ipsen is not a Republican. He has been nonpartisan in the past and is a Democrat. He supports comprehensive immigration reform, but not for violent criminals. It is the same position as the President of the United States.

Pat said...

I heard Mr. Ipsen say that he supports doubling the number of legal immigrants, but does not support ordering undocumented rapists, child molesters and other violent criminals to remain in LA County as part of their probabtion. Cooley's current policy orders them to remain in LA county which is a violation of fedral law. You also forgot to mention Ipsen isn't afraid to take on corrupt politicians like his boss Steve Cooley who is being sued in federal court. You better believe victims will get behind Ipsen. I am one and I will rally them.

Anonymous said...

9:09am - I think you are getting confused between Mario Trujillo the Deputy District Attorney, and Mike Trujillo the guy who does Mayor Villaraigosa's press stuff.

Mike is a clown, Mario is a great guy.

Anonymous said...

Pat, you forgot to mention that Ipsen had to withdraw from his personal action against Cooley when it became clear that the rather embarrassing details of why he testified as a character witness FOR A TWICE CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER who he regards as "One of my closest friends" became public.

I don't think anyone in their right mind would want a DA who has a convicted sex offender as a close friend, or who lets a convicted sex offender live in his home, or use his car. But the truth is out there, and Ipsen cannot run away from it.

Ipsen also made a mess of the so-called District Attorney's Union, turning it into nothing but a political machine to advance his ambitions. As a result, this union represents only a handful of DDAs, and it's run by a bunch of morons all with personal petty beefs against Cooley, the DA's Office, the County of Los Angeles, and just about everyone else.

These pathetic creeps complain about having to drive too far to work, and not being paid as much money as DDA's in other counties. That's their beef! They should be glad they've got well paid jobs because there's a line of qualified lawyers who would trade places in a heartbeat and not bitch about driving to work.

Ipsen sure is a vicitm's rights advocate, because he thinks he's a victim!

He has no chance.

Anonymous said...

Ace Smith charges $30,000 a month. He won't touch a candidate unless they can raise over $1.5 million dollars.

Anonymous said...

If Ace can do for Feuer or Trujillo what he did for Kamala Harris, he's worth every penny, but of the two I think only Feuer could raise $1.5m.

Pat said...

Cooley didn't care about Steve Ipsen until Cooley's power was erroded. Ipsen came up with the concepts and wrote Marsy's Law. Victims will stand behind him and rally for him because they know what Cooley is trying to do just to hurt Steve and get negative press. Cooley befriends felons and promotes them (yes DAs with DUIs) and promoted his best friend to his right hand man after sleeping with a stripper who was a key witness during a murder trial. That was a nice little cover up of Brady evidence on the tax payer dime. My favorite is the Brady evidence and the cover ups. I also enjoyed sitting through the last trial tried by Ipsen. One where the owner of Schooner's bar (Cooley's drinking buddy) called a patron a NIGG--. Cooley's other good buddy, the DA given the initial case, covered all of that up and prosecutes the wrong guy for murder. When Ipsen started exposing the truth Cooley tried to take the case away from him. People vs Zomalt might want to check out those transcripts unless Cooley has made them disappear. Ipsen cleaned up that mess too, a former hung jury. Without even saying it he exposed Cooley and his racist friend and bar owner. I sat next to my good friend who's son was murdered and watched it all first hand. The so called whinning union members are the ones that have exposed their corrupt boss repeatedly. The DAs office is a joke under Cooley and everyone knows it. Victims want Cooley out, and I don't mean the token two or three that Cooley says represents large organizations of victims, because they don't.

Anonymous said...

11:35AM "Steve Ipsen is not a Republican." Yeah right. That's why he supported John Eastman for Attorney General - I suppose you think Eastman's a Democrat too?

And the whole Ipsen Orange County thing this the Broadcom Billionaire? That makes him a Democrat too?

You and Pat can fool yourselves, but you're not fooling anyone else. And as for DAs with DUIs, last time I looked that wasn't as bad as having a convicted sex offender living in your home and letting him use your car.

Anonymous said...

Cooley is using this token "sex-offender thing" as a media tool and everyone knows it. Why did it take 10 years for Cooley to care and why did he give Ipsen outstanding evaluations for 10 years. Why did Cooley's office prosecute Ipsen's so called friend with a misdemeanor if it was so outrageous? Ipsen was sopenad to testify and said that no one should belive his friend if he claims he is innocent and that he was guilty. Ipsen didn't commit a crime. At least Ipsen tells the truth when sopenad, ulike Jackie Lacey who lied under oath and unlike Cooley who didn't show up for his sopena and then lied under oath. Cooley has destroyed lives and relased sex offenders. He ignored Jessica's law, opposed Marsy's Law and could care less about victims of crime. If someone was gunned down right in front of Cooley in the street, he would step over them to get to his next fundraiser and we all know it.

Cooley is a disaster. What murder case has he personally tried? None!!! What best friend and college roomate did Cooley promote after hiding Brady evidence? Curt Hazell. Cooley didn't investigate the Catholic Church and little boys were raped. Cooley didn't investigate King Death Hospital and someone died.

Ipsen wrote Marsy's Law and murderers are getting 7 and 15 year denials saving the tax payers millions because of him. You look a victim in the eye and ask if we like Cooley. Cooley is a discrace to the definition of DA. Cooley is forced to talk to victims because Marsy's Law makes him thanks to Ipsen. Cooley never cared about victims and never will. All he cares about is controlling the next DA so that his skeletons and corrption stay hidden. Anyone who bows to Cooley doesn't care about victims, but advancing their personal political career. Ipsen will never bow to that discrace and that is why victims will rally behind him.

Anonymous said...

Write an unbiased news article and quit feeling sorry for Trutanich. Those comments are all well earned. If you like him so much quit your job as a reporter and go work for him.

Anonymous said...

9:30am, I don't think the writer feels sorry for Carmen the Clown Trutanich, although I do think the whole 3 part series is slanted towards Cooley and his pick for DA, Jackie Lacey.

Trutanich TRUly deserves his Carmen the Clown title, he is an oaf and a bully and has managed to make more enemies than he realizes. If Cooley wanted the Clown to replace him, we would have head it by now, but the silence is interesting.

In the 18 months since Trutanich took office, he has had a lot of headlines, and scored a couple of victories - billboards and marijuana. But slowly those victories are coming apart, and even his own people are admitting that mistakes were made because Trutanich forced things through too quickly and without consideration.

Trutanich made a fool of himself and his staff with his shoot from the hip "criminal aspects" speech to the city council about AEG and the Micheal Jackson memorial. It ended up going nowhere, in fact it looks like AEG made a campaign contribution to Trutanich's Officeholder Account, so what does that tell you?

It tells me that Trutanich is nothing but a shakedown artist, a phony, and a liar - especially about his pledge to serve a full first term. It's one thing having a clown as a city attorney, because apart from arresting businessmen over billboards, there's not much else he can do to terrorize people, but as a DA this creep is dangerous. He cannot be trusted with that much power.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich rocks! L.A. would be under water if it wasn't for him.

I, for one, am glad Steve Cooley pushed him on us. I'd support him again.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich has done a great job at the city attorney's office. He shaken up that lazy bunch of slugs and made them work for their tax payer dollars, so I'm not surprised that there are negative comments about him from his employees. He's also been the driving force behind passing new laws to kick out the rv people in Venice by having the cops tow away the "oversized" vehicles, and then impound them so that the charges for towing and storage are too much for the scumbags that used them as mobile toilets on our streets. That's the sort of person LA needs as DA, someone who can be hard and punish criminals effectively. There was a couple of old homeless people living in an rv outside my friends house in Venice, they had lived there so long that when the cops told them to move, the rv wouldn't start, so the cops towed it to the yard, and it's still there. The people who used to live in it are now sleeping on the streets. That sent a great message to the other rv people, and they've moved on. Good job Trutanich, you are what LA needs to clean the place up.

tampa injury attorney said...

When is it advantageous to hire a lawyer with no bankruptcy experience to handle the bankruptcy finances of a local government?

Anonymous said...

Is Mario Trujillo going to drop out for personal reasons.

It's the inside word from his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Mario Trujillo is NOT dropping out of the race for Los Angeles County District Attorney. Why would the candidate who raised the most money in the first reporting period and gathered the most endorsements of any of the declared candidates drop out of the race. It would make no sense. Mario Trujillo is he right candidate at the right time and will win this race.

Anonymous said...

Whoever 5:50PM is, he or she has no credibility. It is most likely Steve Ipsen doing a little wishful thinking. Ipsen is mighty angry now that Mario has really energized and taken over the reform now platform. It was Ipsen's idea, and Mario totally owns it. Mario has also out raised every other candidate including Trutanich in this last reporting period. Go Mario!

Anonymous said...

You'll have to ask Mario why he's dropping out. Unlike your analysis, he has not neglected to acknowledge his disadvantages when factoring in the "undeclared" candidate(s).

I give him credit for being smart enough to cut his loses early.