Sunday, January 16, 2011

CRA - Stash the Cash Capper

Chris E$$el (right), chair of the Community Redevelopment Agency, has signed off on a quick transfer of close to $1B of taxpayer funds in a move to prevent Governor Brown from halting the statewide expenditure of those funds.

Although many don't understand the dark workings of the CRA, most understand that in a time of fiscal crisis, spending public money on pet projects has to sacrificed for more important projects - like maybe fixing LA's crumbling streets and filling a few potholes.

Ron Kaye sounded the first alarm bell of the rush to stash the cash, now Mulholland Terrace is calling for State Attorney General to investigate.


Anonymous said...

Mullhollond Terrace? Who gives an F what MT says? His initials say it all.

Anonymous said...

Curbed has the story

Anonymous said...

Wendy probably taught her how to take the money. The City looks like rats scrambling on the Titanic.