Thursday, January 20, 2011

DA Race - 10 Candidates Likely

Our recent 3-part review covered 9 potential candidates, however, a tenth candidate is believed to be holding serious behind-the-scenes discussions and will likely join the race.

In the interests of fairness, we review the most recent entrant, yet another Deputy District Attorney, Robert "Bobby" Grace.
Deputy District Attorney Robert "Bobby" Grace
is believed to be seriously considering joining the race.
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 According to Grace's Bio on the PMW Associates website,

"Robert (Bobby) Grace has been a deputy DA with LA County since 1988. During his tenure, Bobby has been assigned to the Hard Core Gang and Family Violence divisions of the DA's office. He has prosecuted over 60 murder trials and several special circumstance murder cases. He is probably best known for having prosecuted Snoop Doggy Dogg for murder in 1996. In 2003 Bobby prosecuted three special circumstance murder cases including Henry Hayes, a Los Angeles minister accused of killing his wife and seven year old daughter. All three cases resulted in convictions and multiple life sentences for each defendant. In 2004 he convicted an 87-year old man for killing his 82-year old wife because she "nagged him too much." It is believed to be the oldest person convicted of murder in LA County history.

Bobby attended UCLA as an undergraduate and served as student body vice-president and president. He graduated from Loyola Law School and began his career in the DA's office immediately upon graduation. Mr. Grace recently completed service on the UCLA Alumni Association Board of Directors and is immediate past president of the UCLA Black Alumni Association. He serves on the board of directors of the non-profit girls mentorship program WYSE."

Grace is rumored to have strong ties to the Democrat party, as well as a connection to Attorney General Kamala Harris. Grace is understood to be seeking the services of Ace Smith as campaign manager.

In other news:
Primary Election Date Correction: We apologize for previously misstating the date of the primary election as February 25, 2012. That is the correct date for the Presidential Primary (much earlier than historically) however the primary election for District Attorney (and other county offices) will be June 5, 2012.

Cooley To Cool Relations With Trutanich?: According to the Political Pantloads Blog, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has secured the services of John Shallman to manage his campaign. Pantloads states that the previously close relationship enjoyed by Trutanich and District Attorney Cooley is now "strained," perhaps as a result of Trutanich taking offense at Cooley's implied comment that Trutanich is not qualified to serve as a District Attorney. Cooley, perhaps, taking that view due to Trutanich's apparent lack of concern about reneging on his promise not to run for District Attorney, nor any other elected office until he has completed a full first term as City Attorney and sought a second term.

Mario Trujillo Getting Serious: The rumor mill also has it that Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo will formally announce his candidacy "by the end of the month." We outlined Trujillo's candidacy in Part II of our series, and now understand the Trujillo has received a great deal of support and commitment to mount a viable campaign. Trujillo's website currently remains "under construction" but will probably aim to beat Alan Jackson's widely acclaimed campaign website:

Jackie Lacey's Campaign Gains Momentum: Cooley's pick of the current crop of candidates, Assistant District Attorney Jackie Lacey, is believed to be actively developing a powerful campaign strategy. Lacey has been spotted around Los Angeles meeting with "all the right people" in order that she can formally announce her candidacy with a slew of endorsements and bi-partisan support.


Anonymous said...

That piece on Political Pantloads is obviously the work of someone running for DA who is scared of having Trutanich in the race, and shows that Trutanich is a viable candidate regardless of his campaign promises.

Voters like Trutanich because he gets the job done, whatever it takes. That's what LA needs right now, not some simpering politically correct hack who defends illegal alliens and pot heads because it's fashionable to pander to those minorities. Trutanich has my vote and will have the votes of millions if he stays the course and continues to crush these creeps.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Grace, Lacey, and Danette Myers will cancel each other out. Nobody knows who Trujillo and Jackson are.

If Trutanich does decide to get into the race, he'll be hard to beat.

Supposedly Cooley is endorsing everyone, so as to not offend any of his Deputies.

Anonymous said...

Danette Myers isn't a factor in this race. She's a big talker, but that's all she is. Here comments when Jackie Lacey announced she was running pretty much sums up Myers - she's just a hate-monger who feels the whole world owes her a living.

Bobby Grace, on the other hand, is a decent guy with a much more solid following. Lacey is the most likely to get into the run off, at which point Grace will join her, while Myers will try to join the whoever the opponent is - most likely to be Jackson or Trujillo.

Trutanich doesn't stand a chance with so many people within his own organization willing to talk trash about him - he'll never live down his 'criminal aspects' humiliation. A one-termer if ever there was one.

Anonymous said...

If Bobby puts on a wig, he might get some of the Lacey vote.

Anonymous said...

Truanich is being called Carmen the Coward (it makes a change from Carmen the Clown), for hiding behind his Deputy Carter to complain about cuts in his budget, according to the TRU is False blog

Last year he had another flunky send a nasty email to all the NIMBY neighborhood council people when the Mayor cut his budget. I guess that didn't work out so well, so he used the LA Times this year.

Wonder how long it will be before the Times starts publishing some of the dirt they're getting on Noooch from insiders?

Anonymous said...

Jackey Lacey lied under oath after outing Cooley's corruption. She testified accidentally against Cooley, then recanted her comments saying she had "low blood" sugar so she didn't really know what she was saying. Super. We are going to have an elected DA who lies under oath! One that covers up Cooley's corruption. She only cares about her political career rather then telling the truth, wait are she and Cooley from the same genes? Oh, um guess not. Just both corrupt.