Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tabloids Trash Trutanich - Cooley Cools it With The Clown

Say whatever you like about City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, he's always good for a story on a slow news day.

Jim Newton's op-ed piece in the LA Times calls Trutanich "a bit odd," noting that  "...He loves to talk — and rambles around an answer, distracting himself so often that it can take him 10 minutes to return to his original point," and that "... his eyes dampen a bit when he shares such thoughts as "All I want to do is to do my job.""

Few who know Trutanich would disagree, but perhaps worse for Trutanich are the observations of a commenter "Truth and Justice for All" who suggests that Trutanich's rambling, distraction and crocodile tears are all part of the art of manipulation mastered by Trutanich. More at the TRU is False blog where they're also calling Trutanich the new McCarthy.

District Attorney Steve Cooley's close relationship with
Carmen Trutanich is said to be over. (credit: Political Pantloads)
 The LA Weekly also has a piece on Trutanich's aspirations to become District Attorney. According to Gene Maddaus, Cooley was "livid" when he found out that Trutanich had started a campaign to become District Attorney without telling him. The Political Pantloads blog had previously hinted that all was not well between the two buddies, but the LA Weekly was the first fishwrap to validate the rumor.

TRU is False is also calling Trutanich a coward for hiding behind his Chief Deputy to deliver a threat to City Council not to cut his budget or he will stop prosecuting crimes. It seems that Trutanich has started to make it more difficult for LAPD to present cases to the City Attorney's Office for prosecution, according to a report from KFI's Eric Leonard.

Trutanich's viability as a candidate for District Attorney must be spiraling downward as Cooley, formerly his chief fundraiser, abandons him, and as more and more of his supporters seem to be doing the same thing. All of which must be very encouraging to DA hopefuls Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson, both of whom are busy gathering support with the blessing of Cooley.

Oh, one last thing, thanks to Scott Johnson in CD14 at the Mayor Sam Blog for appreciating the Dragnet's coverage of the District Attorney candidates.


Anonymous said...

I think "Truth & Justice for All" who commented on the Op-Ed in the LA Times (repeated at TRU is False), must be someone who works or worked for Trutanich. He or she has captured the very essence of Nuch. Apart from "I believe he's a con man of the first order." which really is opinion, what he or she says about the way Nuch rambles around with his answers until you've forgotten what the hell it was you wanted to know, and you're so sick of listening to his incoherent drivel that you just want him to stop making noise. It's a tactic defense attorneys use in closing arguments, they just go on and on and on, and jurors end up so confused they forget what the case was about and can't agree on a verdict. Also, the teary-eyed bear-hug and "We'll be friends forever" is so sickeningly like Trutanich, it's just an act. He only cares about himself. Asshole!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Trutanich is as bad as they say on TRUisFalse, but I don't like the way he turned his back on the medical marijuana community who trusted him. He should have been honest and told them up front that he was philosophically opposed to the use of marijuana - instead he lied to them.

I also think the whole billboard thing was overblown - I think they're quite attractive and I love the look of LA Live and the Staples Center - does anyone remember what it looked like 10 years ago? A barren wasteland where you would never want to go.

Trutanich let his ego and envy get in the way of his judgment when it comes to the Michael Jackson memorial, billboards and AEG. 3 times he's shown that he doesn't have the moral center to be a prosecutor. He should return to being a defense attorney; an environmental defense attorney even, and get the hell out of government - he just cannot resist abusing the power.

Anonymous said...

Thanks David Berger for writing this blog. You're really lucky that Steve Cooley lets you use County time to keep this entertaining blog going.

Anonymous said...

Ah hah! So it is Berger, the low-class cockney Brit who was Noooch's "Special Assistant," who writes this drivel. Not really a surprise as everyone knew he was sent to the DA's office to be the advance party for an insurgent attack paving the way for Noooch's arrival. What I find disgusting is that he gets a promotion, a luxury office and drives around in a government cop car on our dime while he's playing politics. It was bad enough when he was at the City Attorney's Office where he spent all his time fundraising for Noooch, but now he's playing the same game here where he can get all the dirt on the candidates and then does his character assassination routine like he did against Jack Weiss. Not very subtle and I suppose it's only a question of time before he comes out and announces his support - I think we've seen that before … The things some people will do for a pay check. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Berger's a republican, so he's probably working this blog for Alan Jackson or Carmen Trutanich. After todays piece about the negative stuff on Nuch, it's clearly Jackson. Turncoat!

Anonymous said...

Funny how people who used to jump to Trutanich's defense whenever and wherever anything negative was said, have stopped. Is Cooley that powerful?