Thursday, February 24, 2011

DA Candidates In The News

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Backs-Off Jail Time for Protesters

The Political Pantloads Blog portrayed Trutanich alongside Stalin and Mubarak
in reference to the erstwhile "People's Lawyer's" aggressive stance against political protesters.
 Perhaps sensing that his "aggressive stance" against political protesters isn't proving to be a winning strategy with Los Angelenos, stealth DA candidate Carmen Trutanich appears to be backing-off his jail time demands. In a breakfast drive time interview with KABC AM790's Peter Tilden, Trutanich sounded subdued, distracted and perhaps even despondent as he was drilled by his one-time BFF and DUI Marijuana guinea pig over his jail time demands.

As both Tilden and co-host Teressa Strasser railed on Trutanich expressing their incredulity at his jail time demands, Trutanich suddenly said "There's not going to be any time!"

Perhaps Trutanich should have made his volte face clear to his other BFF, LA Times columnist Steve Lopez, who once again blasted Trutanich over his mishandling of this event.

Trutanich is believed to have retained the services of campaign strategist John Shallman for his stealth campaign to become DA in 2012. Perhaps Trutanich should pay closer attention to the advice of experts, but then again, leopards don't change their spots.

There is little doubt that Trutanich will have to admit defeat over his micro-management of "Political ProtesterGate," and give the protesters the fine and infraction that was the practice established by his predecessor Rocky Delgadillo for over enthusiastic protesters with otherwise unblemished records.

Regardless of when and how Trutanich backs-down from his jail time demands, the damage to Trutanich's political aspirations appears to be significant. Doubts are now being cast as to Trutanich's veracity over his claims that there were "professional protesters" and that an ambulance was prevented from accessing a hospital during the protest. Memories of the Micheal Jackson memorial "criminal aspects" investigation come to mind.

Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers 

Meyers scored well in the "newsworthiness" category this week with her name making the headlines all over the world because of the Lindsay Lohan case.

Although celebrity news source TMZ is giving Meyers a great deal of exposure and valuable name recognition, they certainly are not doing her any favors with their photo choices.

Meyers also announced a couple of endorsements to boost her campaign. Compton Mayor (and fellow Deputy District Attorney) Eric Perrodin gave his endorsement to Meyers, as did His Excellency Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim, former Prime Minister of Tanzania, President of the United Nations Security Council, and Special Envoy to the Darfur Conflict.

Assistant District Attorney Jackie Lacey - Fundraiser This Saturday

 Dragnet's roving reporter will be at Lacey's campaign kick-off event on Saturday night, so stay tuned for news of whether Carmen Trutanich makes another unscheduled surprise visit armed with some more calligraphic scrolls.


Anonymous said...

Nuch Trutanich sounds really low in the interview. I hope he doesn't back-down over the protesters, they need to be given a taste of 3 squares and a cot courtesy of Sheriff Baca to make them get with the program.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Trutanich is baking down, He still wants probation so that he can send the protesters to jail if they protest again - that's his endgame and it makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

The protesters sound like incredibly self absorbed people. They want the attention with none of the consequences, all of the sympathy, but none of the frustration and all of the leeway to do what they want, with not one thought of others they may be hurting.

I'm all for them protesting on the sidewalks. Don't hurt other people in the process ofexpressing your beliefs and we're fine. They crossed the line and should be in jail.

Good job, Carmen.

Anonymous said...

Let it be known, Carmen isn't playing around anymore. If you protest and break the law, you face jail time. You know this now, don't cry later when you claim you didn't know any better.

Go get 'em Nuch!

You've got my vote.

Anonymous said...

I work in health care and I can tell you that much needed medical supplies and drug deliveries were delayed because of these protest.

There are several hospitals in the area where these protest took place.

What if it had been your loved one waiting on a much needed procedure at a hospital delayed because of a protest that had no municipal support? You state that you know what it is like to be stuck in traffic, but do you know what it means to have your critical drug stuck in traffic????? Suffer the consequences of your actions.

Anonymous said...

Go Nuch! Squash these scumbags into the dirt and then we'll see how much they care about their Dream Act - it will be more of a nightmare for them, just like it will be a nightmare for all hardworking LEGAL Americans. Good work Nuch!

Anonymous said...

9:28am "I work in health care and I can tell you that much needed medical supplies and drug deliveries were delayed because of these protest."

What about the ambulance? I guess Noooch was confused about that - he did sound a little strange when you listen to the interview.

Anonymous said...

All this non-stop coverage of Trutanich in this blog and other publications appears to have sent his favorability ratings through the roof. In a recent SEIU poll conducted to measure the popularity of all L.A. County and City officials, Trutanich came out on top with a 78% favorability rating. Here’s the rundown:

Trutanich 78%

Baca 66%

Yaroslavsky 64%

Krekorian 56%

Koretz 53%

Knabe 52%

Molina 50%

Cooley 48%

Greuel 46%

Antonovich 45%

Zine 43%

Smith 42%

Parks 41%

Garcetti 40%

LeBonge 39%

Hahn 38%

Rosendahl 38%

Wesson 36%

Reyes 35%

Cardenas 35%

Perry 32%

Huizar 31%

Alarcon 26%

Villaraigosa 23%

When respondents were asked about the declared candidates for the District Attorney’s race, 97% of the respondents had never heard of any of these candidates. Some people had heard of Danette Myers probably as a result of her work on the Lindsey Lohan case.

My own personal opinion is that the tough law and order positions that Trutanich has established in regard to traffic protestors, billboards and Marijuana dispensaries has really resonated with the public.

Anonymous said...

12:21pm - for sure, Trutanich has name recognition going for him, the others, not so much.

But remember, nobody had heard of Trutanich in 2008 when he started his campaign. He raised a ton of money and ousted Jack Weiss - a guy with tons of money, and name recognition. It was through the campaigning that voters realized why they recognized Weiss's name; he was a typical career politician who was too tight with special interests - that's why they voted for anyone but Weiss.

Trutanich is now the new Weiss, and the challengers all have plenty of information to use against Trutanich. They're all busy raising money and as we all know, that's what it's going to take.

Take another look at those SIEU figures before the primaries and let's see how Trutanich is doing. Just like with Meg Whitman, it only takes one bad story and the whole pack of cards comes tumbling down.

Being tough on crime's a safe bet for the candidates, but being smart on tackling crime is what counts. Trutanich's loss of credibility over the Michael Jackson memorial will be his undoing.

Anonymous said...

Danette Meyers should have been top of your list. She's done the most this week and kept her cool while Carmen the Clown messed up badly. On the radio interview with Pete Tilden, Trutanich sounded like a broken man. He's such a pantload he's even making Rocky look good. That takes some doing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Berger - why don't you run a popularity poll for the DA's Office to see which of the candidates the DDAs want?

Anonymous said...

"Trutanich's loss of credibility over the Michael Jackson memorial will be his undoing."

I thought he recovered several million dollars for the city, after others (Jan Perry) carelessly allowed it to be spent? How did he lose credibility? He was the only one in that whole mess that looked out for the city. His tenacity ended up recovering several million dollars.

Anonymous said...

10:30PM - Trutanich was given the Justice Award from the Downtown News the other night for his efforts in recovering funds from AEG related to the Michael Jackson event, and having them donate additional funds to the LAPD for an innovative law enforcement project.

Anonymous said...

10:30PM/9:19PM - You both should check your facts.

First of all, as to the Michael Jackson memorial, it was CM Zine who first raised a question about the costs of the memorial. Trutanich jumped onto the bandwagon and upped the ante when he claimed there were 'criminal aspects' to AEG's handling of the memorial.

Trutanich refused to discuss the suspected crimes because it was an 'on-going' investigation, but some say it's highly likely that he was grandstanding or bluffing and actually had nothing.

Trutanich claimed that AEG had cost the City as much as $5.5M. CM's Zine and Perry said the figure was much lower.

Both Perry and Zine urged AEG to reimburse the City for the costs of the memorial which they said was $1.3M in police overtime. AEG said they wanted to settle up with the city, but couldn't because Trutanich was still threatening 'criminal aspects' but was not even able to say what the crime was.

Eventually, it was Zine and Perry who got AEG to contribute $1.3M to the City. Trutanich had absolutely nothing to with it, and wasn't even present for the photo op that Perry and Zine got. All Trutanich did was delay the payment of money and make a bigger fool of himself. AEG did give Trutanich's Officeholder Committee some Lady GaGa tickets for an LA Live concert, perhaps as a consolation prize.

So I guess when you say "His tenacity ended up recovering several million dollars." you're playing the same game as Trutanich ...

As for the Downtown Los Angeles News, they did not award Trutanich anything for the AEG/Michael Jackson memorial. He was mentioned for his efforts to clean up Skid Row, which is very much appreciated by the property developers who need to get rid of the homeless street people so that the Downtown Loft market can recover.

Is this the best Carmen the Clown can do?

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Steve Cooley endorsed Jackie yet? It's hurting her ticket sales for tomorrow night.

He endorsed City Attorney Mike Webb
the day he started his campaign.

His silence is deafening. Is he having second thoughts?

Not cool.

Anonymous said...

5:33pm - Cooley's already endorsed Jackie. You must have been asleep and missed it.

Anonymous said...

when? can you post the link? I couldn't find anything, and I know he's told people he doesn't think any of the current candidates are qualified.

We could really use that endorsement to raise money for Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask Cooley yourself? You'll see him at the movie when he introduces Jackie. Hey, d'ya think Carmen the Clown will show up and make a jackass of himself again?

Anonymous said...

Will Jackie address tonight the anti labor positions she's taken in the past and her lying in Federal Court to protect Steve Cooley?

Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

2:20pm = David Boogers.

Why don't you get your facts straight. You're entitled to your own opinion, but you're not entitled to your own facts.

Here's an excerpt from a publication that covered the Dowtown News event:

"The 10 district winners were selected by the Downtown News editorial department, while the Project of the Year was voted on by leaders from individual districts.

The evening’s most powerful address came from the winner of the Justice Award, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who last April began work on the Central City Recovery Zone. The injunction that prevents 80 known dealers from stepping foot into Skid Row earned the prize in the district of Central City East.

Trutanich said he learned of the issue when Ninth District City Councilwoman Jan Perry took him on a monthly walk of the neighborhood organized by the Central City East Association. He also recalled how LAPD Senior Lead Office Deon Joseph one time pointed out a drug dealer who was trying to blend in by dressing like a homeless individual — the giveaway was the clean socks, Joseph instructed.

“This is a cause I take very, very seriously and very personally,” Trutanich said.

Later he added, “This is about banning crooks from neighborhoods where people are trying to get help and recover.”

Anonymous said...

David Boogers - lol

Great name.

someone should start a blog site "Boogers is bonkers"

TRU is False said...

1:09/5:58 Schoolyard humor is all you've got?

The lie about Trutanich that was started here by 9:19am was that he was recognized by the Downtown News for getting $$$ from AEG. He was not. He was, as correctly mentioned, recognized for cleaning up Skid Row with an injuction. So what exactly is your point?

Wasn't it nice that, though, that Trutanich took a moment from his rambling drivel, to recognize the hard work of the deputy city attorney that did all the work and actually wrote the injunction? Wait a minute, wait a minute. You mean Trutanich didn't even mention Deputy City Attorney Bruce Riordan? How can that be?

Surely Trutanich isn't claiming the glory for something that wasn't his? How come Trutanich didn't hand out a bunch of cheesy calligraphic scrolls to Riordan for doing the "heavy lifting?"

Who was it that called Trutanich a self-aggrandizing buffoon?

Anonymous said...

Make sure Steve Cooley isn't drunk tonight. He's liable to declare victory in the AG's race again.

Anonymous said...

8:09pm - you nailed it. No wonder he's not backing Jackie. He forgot what he promised her.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess the Lincoln Lawyer must be sorely pissed that he's not getting Cooley's blessing after Saturday night, judging by the sour grapes here.

Anonymous said...

LOL - Nooch the Lincoln Lawyer!

Anonymous said...

Cooley endorses Lacey to Chief Deputy.

Gene Maddus says:

"Of course, it would be even better to get Cooley's endorsement.

But that's not happening at the moment. Officially, Cooley is still undecided about whether he will run for a fourth term. Most everyone -- except Carmen Trutanich -- expects him to retire, which is why there are a half-dozen prosecutors out there raising money.

If Cooley does retire, most insiders expect him to endorse Lacey. Today's promotion is further evidence of that. But if he doesn't, it will be seen as a major slight -- and it could well sink her campaign."

Until he does endorse, and declares he's not running for a fourth term, nobody is going to waste their money on any of these candidates, and they will all just twist in the wind.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news Jackie! You'll make a great Chief Deputy - Cooley wouldn't promote you if he didn't think you are the best candidate.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news Jackie! Steve Cooley wouldn't have promoted you if he did not believe you have what it takes to be the next DA. That's a more powerful endorsement than anything else. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Uh, no it's not. If he thinks she was the best candidate, he would've comne right out and endorsed her just like he did Mike Webb, the day Mike declared his candadacy. This looks like a consolation prize given that he's planning to run for a fourth term.

It looks like he only publicly endorses white men.

Anonymous said...

9:05pm If "It looks like he only publicly endorses white men." then how come he hasn't publicly endorsed Carmen the Clown or Alan Jackson?

Anonymous said...

9:05pm - I bet Danette Meyers, Mario Trujillo and Alan Jackson all wish they got a "consolation prize" like that.

Anonymous said...

None of those three are qualified.