Thursday, February 10, 2011

District Attorney Candidates In The News

The five candidates who have so far confirmed their candidacies to be elected as Los Angeles County District Attorney in 2012 all made news this week. We take a look at their efforts and leave the comments to you.
Assistant District Attorney Jackie Lacey Launches Website

Jackie Lacey's website went live this week.
The campaign website for Assistant District Attorney Jackie Lacey went 'live' this week, as Lacey continues to press the flesh and spread the word of her campaign. In answer to the rhetorical question "Who is Jacquelyn 'Jackie' Lacey?" we get this:

"Jackie Lacey is an Assistant District Attorney in the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, the nation's largest local prosecutorial agency. A trusted and respected leader, she is one of the highest ranking prosecutors in the office and has held a variety of executive positions over the past 10 years.

Committed to improving the lives of Los Angeles County residents, Jackie has overseen the development of programs to track and stop street gangs and prosecute graffiti and animal cruelty cases. Her responsibilities include weighing in on the office's most critical issues – such as high-profile prosecutions and death-penalty case reviews.

She is in charge of the largest section of the office, leading roughly 40 executives and managers who in turn supervise more than 500 prosecutors. A top adviser, she assists the District Attorney in the selection and evaluation of managers in the office.

Jackie is planning to run to be the next District Attorney of Los Angeles County. She believes that her 26-year career as a prosecutor and her record of leadership make her the most qualified candidate. Jackie is committed to advancing the office's efforts to develop groundbreaking crime-fighting initiatives.

Please join Jackie Lacey's journey by donating or volunteering for her campaign today!"

So go to to sign up.

Lacey also made the news in today's Pasadena Weekly who reported that Lacey joined  Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Michael A. Tynan and John Lonerga at Thursday's noon hour event at the Donald Wright Auditorium of the Pasadena Public Library entitled, “When Our Warriors Return Home: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Our Justice System.”

Underlining Lacey's commitment to seek alternative solutions to the "Lock 'em up and throw away the keys" solution to tackling crime, Lacey serves on the steering committee of a "Veteran's Court," established last year in Department 42 of the Foltz Criminal Justice Center. Under this pilot program, veterans suffering from mental health problems stemming from US military service can receive treatment as an alternative to incarceration for nonviolent felonies.

Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson Pitches Cricket As An Exit Strategy For Gang Members

Like Lacey, Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson also made the news for his approval of alternative solutions to traditional problems. The BBC reported on Jackson's support for the Compton Cricket team. "The team's success has impressed the law enforcement authorities in Los Angeles. It has been praised by the Los Angeles police Department and has won the respect of a senior prosecutor, who has made a career out of taking gang members to court" said Peter Bowes, BBC News Los Angeles.

"There is a ton of unmitigated violence, gang warfare, with innocent victims being slain every day, but that's not necessarily what defines the city of Compton," Jackson told the BBC. He said cricket - as opposed to traditional American sports - was an "excellent starting point" in trying to revive the city.

As we've previously mentioned, Jackson has an enviable website,

Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo's Candidacy Widely Reported

The LA Weekly, Metropolitan News Enterprise, and The Downey Patriot all reported on Mario Trujillo's announcement of his candidacy at the Mexican American Bar Association's 51st Annual Installation and Gala at LA Live's JW Marriott Hotel.

As previously reported, Trujillo's vision for the DA's Office also looks to alternative solutions to the revolving door model of  the criminal justice system, and we understand that his placeholder website, is soon to go "live" with more information.

Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers Takes Tough Line On Lindsay Lohan

Just Google "Danette Meyers" to see how much publicity the third candidate for Los Angeles District Attorney has garnered this week over the decision to file criminal charges against Lindsay Lohan for the alleged theft of a necklace. Meyers is making the news worldwide with this case which will doubtless continue to attract media attention as it wends its way through the criminal justice system.

Interestingly, Meyers' campaign website,, now re-directs to a FaceBook page, perhaps suggesting that Meyers will seek to harness the power of the internet to fuel her campaign.

City Attorney Trutanich Vows To Punish Political Protesters

Like Meyers, Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is also taking a traditional "tough on crime" approach to define his candidacy. Trutanich made the news this week in the Los Angeles Times with his promise to take an "aggressive stance" against political protesters, in contrast to the previous policy of treating exuberant, if annoying, expressions of political speech as infractions or even amenable to informal office hearings.

Some might find Trutanich's determination to use the full might of the criminal justice system to punish political protesters as utterly inconsistent with Trutanich's claim that the recent budget cuts has limited his ability to prosecute crimes. Nevertheless, Trutanich appears to be fully able to deploy all the necessary prosecutorial resources to pursue this case at his whim.

Perhaps when the realities of using (or as some say, abusing) the crushing might of the criminal justice system on political protesters dawns on Trutanich, he might consider his folly with the AEG/Michael Jackson memorial 'criminal aspects' investigation and seek a rapid exit strategy.

As yet, Trutanich does not have a District Attorney campaign website, and his City Attorney campaign website, has been deactivated and now seems to sell Japanese digital cameras. Perhaps the removal of the City Attorney's campaign website was calculated to limit access to Trutanich's signed, sworn pledge to serve a full first term as City Attorney, and not to use the City Attorney's Office as a political springboard to the District Attorney's Office, where his micro-managing, self-aggrandizing, Machiavellian idiosyncrasies are not welcomed by some.

With four out of ten potential candidates now fully engaged in their campaigns and Trutanich (who appears to have no concept of the word 'credibility') conducting what can best be described as a stealth campaign, we will keep a watching brief on their strategies.


Anonymous said...

Trutanich "Machiavellian?" I thought he was a "Decline to state." Seriously, Trutanich is wrong on the political protesters, just look at what's going on in Egypt at the moment. And, you are right, how can he find the money to prosecute a bunch of students when he's crying poor and closing down offices? He's just the another grandstanding politician.

Anonymous said...

Is Steve Cooley running for re-election? If he does, all these campaigns go bye-bye.

Eduardo Subelman said...

This blog used to be pro Trutanich ("There can be few things more frustrating for the 'business as usual' brigade in Los Angeles than seeing LA's new City Attorney achieving results from knowing how to do the job and succeeding where others made 'failure' their hallmark and relied on photo ops to disguise their records of inaction and inadequacy".)

You are now referring to his "... micro-managing, self-aggrandizing, Machiavellian idiosyncrasies."

Can you elaborate on what changed your mind?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm let's see. Jackey lied under oath and is being sued in fedral court with Trujillo and Cooley (who hasn't entered, but most likely will). Jackson said he would step down and bow to kiss Cooley's ring. Trutanich will also kiss Cooley's ring because he wants next in line no matter what. Meyers, well she hasn't sucked up to Cooley that much so far, so she will get my vote in this batch, unless an anti-Cooley candidate jumps in. Someone has to stop Cooley's dictatorship so we can believe the corruption will end.

Anonymous said...

9:24am - The question as to why "Windscale" has a different opinion of Trutanich has been asked before, but not answered. Perhaps it's as simple as Trutanich not paying for the service? It does seem odd that someone so pro-Trutanich should turn around and bite the hands that feeds, unless Trutanich is no longer feeding. What ever "Windscale's" reasons, it's hard to argue with facts. How is it Trutanich has the $$$ to prosecute political protesters, but not other crimes?

Anonymous said...

In the Times today it said that Mario TURDjillo is supporting the defense of the criminals who blocked traffic.

Is that his campaign slogan?


That should work. Keep at it.

Anonymous said...

5:02PM - I just searched the LA Times for a statement from Mario Trujillo that you claim he made. I could not find it. Please provide a link. Of course you will not provide a link because there is no such statement. This is just another pathetic attempt by Trutanich's supporter to deflect the real issue, that Trutanich is anti-civil rights, anti-free speech, and anti anyone who does not see things his way.
At worst, the political protesters deserve a ticket infraction and a fine. By trying to jail them for one year, Trutanich is proving everything that the TruIsFalse blog says about him; Thug, Bully, Braggart &c.

Anonymous said...


When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, ... a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

How about it, Windscale?

Anonymous said...

Windscale aka David Berger, your headline reads "District Atorney candidates in the News, yet you don't list any news about the candidates, just one story about Carmine Trutanich, and he isn't a candidate. What's the deal?

Anonymous said...

606PM, here's the quote from a story in the TIMES today:
"attorneys from the Mexican American Bar Assn. is representing the students in the DREAM Act demonstration for free."

Mario is the President of the Mexican American Bar Assoication, yes? The TIMES has his group "representing career criminals" for free. By career criminals I mean people who have prior convictions and are currently facing charges.

If Mario didn't support this, he would put a stop to it, but he does support it.

He supports defending career criminals while he Campaigns for D.A. Who's his campaign strategist, Mike TURDjillo?

Anonymous said...

10:09PM Thank you for clarifying - of course you are wrong, but that's not surprising considering you are a Trutanich supporter. Mario Trujillo was president of MABA in 2009. Judy Perez was president in 2010, and Victor Acevedo is the current president. So when you said "In the Times today it said that Mario TURDjillo is supporting the defense of the criminals who blocked traffic," that was not TRUe, was it? MABA lawyers are representing the students, but by your Trutanich-logic, as Mario is a past president, he's representing them too. So, I suppose that means George W Bush, a former president of the US, is just as responsible for health care reform as Obama? Did you go to the same law school as Trutanich?

Anonymous said...

"Windscale" is Nicky Diaz, geddit?

Anonymous said...

It seems like alot of the anonymous posters in this blog have an interest in perpetuating fictitious stories about Trujillo. Easily detectible are some ridiculous statements by Trutanich supporters. Who do the rest of you support? (besides Ipsen)

Anonymous said...

10:42pm I'm undecided between Lacey and Trujillo. Jackson is too right wing, and Meyers is way too left. Trutanich is an idiot.

BTW, 9:58pm says that there was no news about the candidates. I saw links to news stories for all the candidates. Are these Trutanich supporters really that ignorant, or just plain arrogant because they think we don't read?

I love the Dragnet for allowing some "free speech" about Carmen the Clown, it's about time.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich will never live down the humiliation of the 'criminal aspects' investigation. It was the first indication of just how unsuitable he is for public office. Thanks to Ron Kaye, the video of Trutanich's sleazy style when he gave his 'criminal aspects' speech in Council Chanbers will live on long enough for whoever runs against Trutanich - either in 2012 for DA, or in 2013 when his term ends, to play that video over and over again, and then show the Lady GaGa tix that Trutanich took from AEG after he abandoned his 'criminal aspects' investigation.

You can't make this stuff up, otherwise you get a nasty letter from Jane Usher threatening to sue you for slander, like she did with Mullholland Terrace.
Trutanich was apoplectic when MT wrote that piece, and demanded to know MT's true identity. Usher said nothing, however, MT recently wrote that he had interviewed her (probably when she was an anti-Villaraigosa activist on the Planning Commission), yet Usher failed to relate that fact to her leader. You have to wonder whether the Clown has as many enemies inside his office, as outside?

Anonymous said...

10:55, I couldn't agree more. Its becoming clear that many are hellbent on presenting a distilled image, free of criticism. This blog invites criticism. Then it invites criticism of the critics. Nevertheless, it's clear that some District Attorney Candidates, and (especially) their posters/supporters, have no understanding of the First Amendment. That shit is scary.

Anonymous said...

Reading this crap with some interest. Didn't Mario the Turd just accept an award from MABA?

If he doesn't denounce their actions regarding their representation of the criminals who blocked the highway, why hasn't he come out and denounced them?

His silence speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

8:50am "Didn't Mario just accept an award from MABA?" No, again you have your facts wrong. Mario "just" accepted the 'Attorney of the Year' from the the South East Division Bar Association - not the same organization as MABA. Still, I suppose all Latino organizations look the same to you? Please keep up the race baiting, you're doing a great job for Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

11:29pm - Maybe Mulholland Terrace should interview "Windscale" and get to the bottom of his volte face regarding Trutanuch.

Interestingly, in today's LA Times Tim Rutten has an editorial castigating Trutanich for his heavy handling of the political protesters. Last year "Windscale" castigated Tim Rutten over criticism of Trutanich's handling of a billboard violator. Wonder what "Windscale" will say about Rutten now?

Anonymous said...


Although it's presumptuous to tell you how to run YOUR blog, were I in your place I would summarily delete any comments that referred to Mario Trujillo as 'Turdjillo', to Trutanich as a 'thug, bully, braggart', etc.

Such characterizations add nothing to an intelligent discussion and drag your blog into the same gutter that has destroyed any value other blogs may have had in the past.

By all means accept comments that are critical of any and all candidates, just drop those that resort to name-calling - they obviously have nothing intelligent to say anyway.

Just my two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

"10:34"-while you make an honorable point, some of the posters to this comment section have been thoroughly debunked (like some of the silly stuff linking Mario Trujillo to the actions to Michael Trujillo, and attacking MABA). When a poster calls someone a bully, it's important to see if he/she can back it up. When the name callers use childish stuff (like the person who keeps twisting names), or keeps regurgitating accusations he/she never backs-up, it helps in the debunking. And it reflects poorly on the candidates that these posters support (their choices are usually pretty obvious).

Anonymous said...

3:39pm I agree, a banal posting does more harm to the proponent's candidate than to his/her target. The racist anti-Trujillo stuff reflects badly on Trutanich.

But calling Trutanich a "bully" seems to be fair game as it is backed up. Indeed, Tim Rutten's editorial today said "In Los Angeles, City Atty. Carmen Trutanich, who seems to have formed his notion of prosecutorial discretion during an earlier career as a schoolyard bully....

Clearly the term "bully" has become synonymous for Trutanich, it's backed up by comments elsewhere as to his handling of Jan Perry and Tim Leiweke over the AEG billboards debacle, and nobody had any doubts whatsoever that had Trutanich obtained his own Grand Jury, he would have used it as a bludgeon, not as an investigative tool.

Now you could easily extrapolate from the term "bully," the epithet "braggart." For example, when to Trutanich put on that dog and pony show in Council Chambers claiming there were 'criminal aspects' to the AEG Michael Jackson memorial. Trutanich was bragging about his "Bureau of Investigations" as if it was some sort of FBI-like organization, when in fact it consisted of, perhaps, four retired LAPD cops - decent guys, but hardly a bureau. That's bragging in my book.

Invectives do have a place where there is some basis in fact to support them. When if comes to Trutanich, there's no shortage, is there?

Anonymous said...

The TURDjillo supporters went sleazy and into the gutter right out of the box, and now they whine about name-calling. Boo hoo!

And I love how everyone blames everything on Trutanich. He's not even in the race and, and yet all negative comments get ascribed to him.


Anonymous said...

"7:49"- You articulate quite well how Trutanich has earned the mantle of "bully," and other titles synonymous with that term. But then again,"9:21" swooped right in(like clockwork) and demonstrated the point for both you and "3:39."

Anonymous said...

And the comments at 7:49PM, 9:21PM and 9:49PM all provide ample illustration of what 10:34 AM was implying: that, having been given the illusion of anonymity, many blog commenters are no better than graffiti vandals, and show their inability to address ideas by descending instead to personal attacks.

Most people outgrow that by the time they graduate from sixth grade. I too am looking for a place where intelligent discussion can be found.

This is not it. At least not now.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Trutanich appears to see Trujillo as his strongest rival - at least based on the comments of those who support him, and his own disrespectful behavior at Mario's 'Attorney of the Year' award. I say let the idiotic Trutanich supporters continue to shed light on the kind support Trutanich has. And I don't think Mario is bothered by the 6th grade comments, they're a sign of how desperate they've become.

Lacey, Trujillo and Jackson seem to be the only candidates running on positives. I think the battle for the top two slots in the primary will be amongst them.

Anonymous said...

To 10:55PM:

What makes you so sure that those comments that insult Mr. Trujillo come from supporters of Mr. Trutanich, and not from supporters of the many other potential candidates?

Anonymous said...

Windscale aka David Berger turned on Trutanich after Berger was booted back to the D.A.'s office because he spent all day blogging and never did his work. Like a good pup, he goes on the attack for whoever’s paying him.

It appears the County is now paying Berger to blog all day.

He obviously is supporting his fellow Deputy D.A.'s (as evidenced by his comment at 10:55PM) because they've probably made a tacit arrangement to let him continue blogging all day, if he supports one of them, and they win.

He's taken off after Trutanich because he knows, if Trutanich were ever to become his boss, he wouldn't tolerate all his slacking off, So he’s trying to do everything he can to smear Trutanich. Unfortunately, no one reads this blog, except a handful of insiders who have already made up their minds.

As for the name-calling, it starts with Berger's blog posting where
he refers to Trutanich, who's not even a candidate for DA, of having “self aggrandizing , Machiavellian idiosyncrasies” (read: doesn’t let his deputies sit around and blog all day), and then Berger tries to equate “Political Protesting” with “lying down in the street and blocking traffic.”

Berger knows better.

Anonymous said...

3:26PM - If Berger is behind this blog, is he also behind all the others that have suddenly turned on Trutanich and all the negative remarks that crop up every time Trutanich is mentioned?

There seem to be no shortage of criticism leveled against Trutanich, some is simply abusive, but others are well reasoned. The coffee shop this morning was abuzz with sharp remarks about the LA Times piece on Trutanich's mis-handling of the political protesters. Do you think Berger's writing for the Times as well?

I do agree that the name calling thing has gotten out of hand with Trujillo, but describing Trutanich as having “self aggrandizing, Machiavellian idiosyncrasies” is not name calling. Those are descriptive adjectives, and seem well-founded on Trutanich's conduct. That's not exactly the same thing as name calling, which would be to call someone a "moron" or "idiot." That's going too far, and I haven't seen anything like that here with reference to Trutanich.

As for the notion that Trutanich is not a 'candidate,' I think it's pretty clear that he is running. He has told the Times and the LA Weekly that he will run if Cooley doesn't, he has retained a campaign consultant, and he's also told people that he is running, even naming those who will be in his administration.

So what exactly is your point?

Anonymous said...

Who are the campaign startegists for the various candidates, i.e. Cooley, Trutanich, Lacey, Alan Jackson, Myers, and Trujillo.

I hate to say a candidate is only as good as their strategists, but it usually turns out that way.

Anonymous said...

"Windscale" aka David Berger is nothing but a hired gun. He spent all his time at the City Attorney's Office blogging and organizing fundraisers for Trutanich. Never did any real work. Now he's doing the same for Cooley. You can't believe a word of this blog, it's all spin.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Just confirmed. David Berger is a mole for Cooley. He was fired by Trutanich and now on the revenge. The only candidate that won't received criticism from this blog is Cooley. Anyone else, Berger will turn anything possible into a negative. This is how Cooley rolls by the way and we all know it. He befriends evil cats on the revenge and uses them to his benifit. Typical Cooley style. But, thankfully Cooley will have his day in court soon. Will get ready to pop some popcorn for that dog and pony show.

Anonymous said...

8:35am "Just confirmed. David Berger is a mole for Cooley." What was the confirmation? What do you know?

"He was fired by Trutanich and now on the revenge." Agreed - all he did on the City dime was blogging and fundraising, I guess the County now pays for that.

Trutanich doesn't need help from anyone in this race. He's got a strong following in San Pedro and the SFV, and that's all it takes. Blog away all you like Berger, Trutanich is your next boss.

Anonymous said...

Err, what's all the buzz about a scandal about Trutanich's car? Sounds like Rocky Delgadillo all over again.

Anonymous said...

9:56pm - Trutanich wanted the City to pick up the tab for him running around town in his old limo. It's no big deal although he was pissed and kinda rough on the poor city guy that had to give him the bad news that the city attorney could not have his limo on the city dime. Everyone knew about it. Nothing to see here folks, move on.