Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ADDA Due In Court for Some 411, on 411

Despite denials of secrecy and claims of transparency, the ADDA has not responded to requests posted here for information concerning the effects of the loss of their appeal. In the absence of any response from President Hyatt Seligman, we publish here what we understand to be the current state of affairs.

It is understood that DDA Doug Sherrod has resigned as Treasurer, although there is no official word of this, and the ADDA website continues to display his name as Treasurer. It is believed that DDA Steve Ipsen has been appointed to replace Sherrod, a move unlikely to be popular with all the members who voted against Ipsen in the last election.

The ADDA's position on the dissemination of information to its members appears to be simply this: If you want to find out anything, show up at the ADDA monthly meeting, otherwise you are not entitled to any information at all.

If that's how the ADDA regards its members, then any chance of being trusted with an Agency Shop, let alone anything else would seem to be highly remote.

We understand that the $160,000 in legal fees now owed to DDA Peter Burke as a result of the litigation surrounding the ADDA's refusal to follow its own bylaws and hold a timely election, will be the subject of a Debtors Examination on April 11, 2011. At that point, perhaps, ADDA members might get some idea of what has been done with the $20,000 a month in members' dues that the ADDA has been receiving for the past two years.

Once again, President Seligman, we offer you a viable solution to your inability to issue emails or update the ADDA website, and invite you to email your explanation, statement or comments here, as you have done before.

"Those that accuse the ADDA Board of trying to hide or do things in secret are off the mark.  We are desperately trying to get our message out on all of the issues of concern to every deputy.  We want every deputy to know what we are trying to do and why so we can do a better job of serving everyone.  That's the simple truth."

Hyatt Seligman
President, ADDA
March 3, 2011 

It really does seem that you do not want members to know;
(a) why the Treasurer resigned?
(b) who has been appointed to replace him? and
(c) what has been done with members' dues?

That's not to much to ask is it?
Remember, the truth will set you free, so how about it?


Anonymous said...

The answer to your questions, in fact any question whatsoever, can be easily found by showing up at the monthly union meetings which are always at 6pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, at AFSCME, 514 Shatto Place, Los Angeles, CA 90020. All members in good standing are welcome.

If you don't attend ADDA meetings then you only have yourself to blame for not knowing what is going on in YOUR union. Neither the President, nor any other officer or board member is there to be a baby sitter for DDAs who are too lazy to get involved and they are NOT a public information service. It's YOUR union so show up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Telling people that they have to clear their schedules once a month to trek to a congested area of LA during rush hour so they spend several aggravating hours locking horns with gaggle of board members who are notorious for launching into profanities and hysterics whenever anyone asks the the most basic questions is unacceptable. They have an obligation to the members, the members have a right to demand accountability from them.

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:22am- I don't want to be a "member in good standing," I don't want to join, and I want your paws off my paycheck. If your coming after slice of my pay for compulsory dues, you sure as hell better make your case before you take a stinking dime. If you only want to give answers to your members, leave the rest of us the hell alone.

Anonymous said...

4:09 & 4:15 are probably the same person. Typical looser who only takes but cannot even give a few moments of his (or her) precious time to attend meetings. You people make me sick expecting others to do the hard work so that you can take a morning off to see your doctor without having to take time off, or that you have cheaper healthcare now. Ungrateful doesn't even say it all. Wise up and join in the union activity and you won't need emails or websites.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should notice how quick the union guys are with name calling and how slow they are with explanations

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the union meeting is a very unfriendly place for anyone who is not an Ipsen/Seligman koolaide drinker.

They don't want ddas to come the meeting and say something they don't want to hear - like what have you done with $600,000 in members dues? If you asked that question you would probably be screamed at and accused of be a management spy.

What they want is to keep everything secret and as hostile as possible so that regular ddas won't interfere.

If, as Seligman says, the union is getting around $20,000 a month, that means there are about 285 members. My guess is that there won't be more than 50 once the truth about the way members' dues have been spent gets out.

Anonymous said...

No answers from Seligman. What a surprise.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. Hyatt obviously reads this blog - he wouldn't have emailed his remarks otherwise, so what does he think he is accomplishing by ignoring the reasonable requests for information?

The union It's not a secret society - even if that's the way it seems to be run. And please don't repeat that "show up or shut up" remark, it does not help the situation.

We live in an electronic age and trying to insist on 700 DDAs attending monthly meetings is an insult. Hyatt, If you cannot organize your website, and cannot email members, at least use this medium to reach the members.

What would be the harm in publishing the minutes of the February meeting - they were approved at the March meeting weren't they? They are basically public record, so what are you so afraid of?

You started this debate by sending an email to the Dragnet which was faithfully reproduced (if it wasn't I'm sure you would have said something, or sued) so it's not like you don't have the ability to follow up. That you chose not to reply is very telling.

By staying silent, you are just proving everything that has been said about all that is so very wrong with the way the union conducts itself.

Last night we watched the President of the United States take 20 minutes to explain a very awkward and troubling situation to his constituents. I'm sure that was not easy, and he probably did not appreciate all the negative comments that followed. But that is a democracy, and by refusing to impart information through a medium that you know is read by most ddas, you are not inspiring any confidence whatsoever.

Now how about some answers?

Anonymous said...

Attend a board meeting? Why yes of course. I'm certain critics will be greeted with open arms and open minds. Their comments will be carefully considered. And the board will respond to their concerns with polite, erudite and cheerful answers. Why, just look at what they post on this blog.

If the ADDA Board wants you to attend a meeting, it's because they want to know who you are and/or they want an opportunity to coerce you. No one on the board is going to change his or her mind because you pointed out to them what they already (should) know.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain what's a Debtors Examination? Like most DDAs, I don't get involved in civil law procedures, but it sounds like it's a procedure that is used when someone cannot pay their debts. Is that the situation with the ADDA? Is that why everyone is asking about all the members dues money? Is that why the Treasurer resigned?

Anonymous said...

Why did Sherrod resign as treasurer right after beating Ipsen in the election? Now Ipsen's the treasurer? Sheesh . . .

Anonymous said...

Still no word from Seligman. Anyone surprised?

Anonymous said...

1 - His resignation did not state the reason

2 - Loren Neimnan was appointed

3 - Funded litigation against the administration for their unfair treatment of DDA's and union busting activities.

Anonymous said...

So all the ADDA money has been spend on "litigation against the administration for their unfair treatment of DDA's and union busting activities." Does that mean there's no money left to pay the legal fees awarded against the ADDA for LOSING the case where they illegally did not follow their own bylaws?

No wonder the ADDA needs that agency shop. Do you plan on LOSING anymore cases that we will have to pay for just so you can carry on a personal vendetta against Cooley?

Stop wasting our money on your pathetic battles and maybe some DDAs will take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

So my copy of 'The Verdict,' the official publication of the ADDA, arrived on Friday, yeah, April Fools Day - how apt!

Finally we get a message from Presidente Seligman who must think we are all fools. How much of our money was wasted on this 8-page piece of propaganda that does not answer any questions.

There is no mention of Doug Sherrod's resignation, but I do see on the back page that Loren Naiman is suddenly the acting treasurer. No explanation, just the usual ADDA 'trust us, you don't need to know the details' attitude.

The rest of "The Verdict" looks like it was written for 4th graders. They even have the nerve to announce that that their next meeting of the Joint Labor-Management Committee is on April 1 so send comments and concerns to any member of the Labor Team.

But they don't give any contact information for the team.

That is apart from the fact that The Verdict arrived too late for anyone to even try to express a comment or concern.

Oh, I didn't mention that despite not giving contact information for the Labor Team, you can send a message to Hyatt Seligman so that he can see what you have to say, and then be the filter of whether the Labor Team gets it.

We are professionals and expect a much, much higher standard than this. The irony is it probably took the ADDA three months to agree on the content of The Verdict and even then they couldn't get it right.

I could go on, but you get the idea. The Verdict on The Verdict is AMATEURSVILLE ON STEROIDS at best, and an insult to the intellect of all DDAs at worst.