Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alan Jackson On The Airwaves

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson hit the airwaves in the 4 o'clock hour Tuesday afternoon.

Jackson was a guest of Hugh Hewitt on KRLA 870AM's afternoon rush hour talk show, talking about his candidacy and his work on behalf of victims of crime in the run up to Victims of Crime Awareness Week.

Jackson drew high praise from Hewitt who later blogged:

"April 10 marks the beginning of National Crime Victims' Rights Week.  I am talking about victims' rights in hour two of today's program with Collene Campbell, Alan Jackson and Steve Twist.

Campbell's son and brother were murdered in separate incidents years apart.

Jackson, a candidate for Los Angeles County District Attorney, prosecuted the killer of Campbell's brother.

Twist, a former prosecutor and co-author of a text of criminal procedure and victims' rights, is one of the guiding lights of the proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution to add victims' rights to the text of the Sixth Amendment.

Alan Jackson's website is here. Jackson's thoughts on "The Lost Voice" --the victim's voice-- are here.  He will make a superb District Attorney for Los Angeles County."

Expect to hear more from Jackson on the Hugh Hewitt show as the campaign rolls on.


Anonymous said...

Jackson is going to win because unlike any of the other candidates, he actually cares about victims of crime, not just getting his name in the press. Jackson for DA!

Anonymous said...

Associating with a guy like Hewitt can be toxic. If it's correct that Cooley lost the AG's race because of the party compostion of Los Angele (overwhelmingly Democratic), a Hewitt endorsement is an even worse endorsement than a Rush Limbaugh endorsement.

Anonymous said...

I heard Alan Jackson was endorsed by Long Beach City Attorney Bob Shannon. Jackson seems to have all the momentum in this race...

Anonymous said...

Hugh Hewitt rocks! All you Obama lovers are going to be crying like babies when he ends up being another figgin One Term Carter. His policy about Libya is going to define his failure as a leader, just like it did for the Peanut Farmer. Teaming up with Hewitt is a major move for Alan and shows that he has ideas and momentum. The same cannot be said for the rest, they are nice people but they don't have any idea where they are going or how to get there - just like Obama. And Jackson has Trutanich freaking out over a bombshell, a real Nicky Diaz shocker for the Clown that will make sure TRU in 12 goes down in flames. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.