Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Assistant District Attorney Jackie Lacey Gets Cooley's Approval

Anyone following the District Attorney campaigns through "Google Alerts" must have been surprised that Radar Online had the news of Assistant District Attorney Jackie Lacey's promotion to Chief Deputy well before anyone else.

Radar had the news of Jackie Lacey's promotion to Chief Deputy District Attorney
at 8:05AM - well before the midday announcement from District Attorney Steve Cooley
The promotion is a major boost to Lacey's campaign, as noted by LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus who said: "The promotion to chief deputy helps Lacey in at least two ways as she mounts a campaign for district attorney in 2012. First, it gives her greater management responsibility and more experience that would allow her to argue -- as Hillary Clinton used to say -- that she'll be ready on Day One. And second, it gives her a ballot title -- "Chief Deputy" -- that should be an advantage with low-information voters."

While Maddaus has a point about being ready to hit the ground running, his choice of ballot designation, "Chief Deputy," may not be the strongest Lacey can now legitimately use; how about "Chief Criminal Prosecutor?"

Lacey's choice of ballot designation will probably be the result of some skilled and careful consideration from whoever is managing her campaign. Lacey has yet to publicly disclose the identity of her choice for campaign manager, but whoever it is obviously had the savvy and connections to give Radar Online the exclusive.

Ballot designations are critical as perhaps as many as 10% of voters are guided by ballot designation alone. It is for this reason that misleading ballot designations are often the subject medial criticism as well as litigation. During District Attorney Steve Cooley's primary election campaign, he successfully challenged misleading ballot designations by his opponents.

 City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who will most likely now have to formally announce his candidacy for District Attorney so as not to lose out on fundraising, is no stranger to using misleading ballot designations - during his campaign for City Attorney, he called himself an "Environmental Attorney." His chief opponent did not challenge that designation, a mistake he probably still regrets as Trutanich's true occupation at that time, "Criminal Defense Attorney," likely would not have appealed to voters.

Indeed, when Deputy City Attorney Tom Griego ran for election as Superior Court Judge for Office #117, Trutanich transferred Griego to the Criminal Division of the City Attorney's Office for the sole reason that Griego could then use the ballot designation "Criminal Prosecutor" in his failed bid to become a Judge.

Trutanich apparently saw nothing wrong with what many believe to be the use of deceptive practices in electioneering, either for himself or for Griego, a strategy he may well believe to be summed up as "nothing personal, it's just business."

The mind boggles at Trutanich's choice of ballot designation for his campaign to become District Attorney in 2012. A few come to mind, but perhaps we'll let you comment as you think fit. Please keep it clean.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, Windscale. You must really be worried about a Trutanich campaign since all you do is try to knock him with baseless speculation, false innuendo, and misleading information.

Jackie Lacey is a nice woman but her so-called campaign is shaping up to be a complete yawn.

After two months, she's raised practically nothing, she can't find a reputable strategist to run her campaign, and she can't even get Steve Cooley to publically endorse her.

Your blog postings are always nice to her, but in the long run won't help her much.

She needs to get Steve Cooley to endorse her. Until that happens, most of the community will follow his lead, and stay non-comittal.

In the meantime, it looks like Alan Jackson is building all the momentum.

Anonymous said...

Jackie doesn't want Cooley's endorsement. She's told him to keep his distance. Her confidants have told her, after the AG fiasco, an association with Cooley will not be helpful.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Windscale's worried about Trutanich's campaign for DA, I think he's setting Trutanich up for a run in 2013 for City Attorney. All this bad publicity will hurt Trutanich more then, than now.

As for endorsements, gimme a break. Being promoted to Chief Deputy is a de facto endorsement as well as a very clever strategy. If Cooley resigns or retires 9 months before the election, Lacey becomes District Attorney automatically for the last 9 months of his term. Now, how about a ballot designation of "District Attorney" for Lacey? Who needs a freekin endorsement then?

I like Alan Jackson and he is building a following, but if you look at the way LA abandoned Republicans in November, it will take a miracle to overcome the anti-R factor to give Jackson anything but a close second place. And that's not considering that Trutanich will take some votes away from Alan, unless of course Trutanich decides to stay at home and try to get re-elected as City Attorney. Then Trutanich could even the playing field by endorsing Jackson.

Trutanich is history in LA. He's got at least 3 opponents for 2013, all dems. His chances of hanging on to a political career look slimmer and slimmer every time he opens his mouth and puts his foot in it. Nothing personal ...

Anonymous said...

10:06PM - something tells me that you are less than sincere in your "advice" to Jackie Lacey.

As a previous comment noted, a promotion to Chief Deputy is a de facto endorsement, and it allows Cooley to give the de jure at a later stage in the campaign when it will have the maximum impact.

There also the interesting speculation as to what would happen if Cooley resigns/retires before the election. If that's true, it's a game changer.

As for your critique of Trutanich bashing, I think it's great that someone has the guts to stand up to the bully braggart. He made a complete ass of himself when he party-crashed Mario Trujillo's award with his incomprehensible rambling and cheesy certificates. When will someone draw the more realistic analogy to Gadaffi, than Stalin or Mubarak?

Anonymous said...

As one who wears a badge in the City Of Angeles, I appreciate the fact that City Attorney Trutanich is fighting for the citizens of LA. I hope he runs for DA. We need him to fight for the county now!