Monday, March 7, 2011

DA Candidates In The News

Chief Deputy Jackie Lacey - Promotion Boosts Campaign

Lacey's promotion to the number 2 slot at the DA's Office received the nod of approval from Rick Orlov at the Daily News today.

We were unable to report on Lacey's kickoff fundraiser as our roving reporter (who happens to be a Deputy District Attorney) was unable to purchase a ticket. No, it's not a reflection on the limited financial resources of our informant, but rather a policy that Lacey has adopted. "Jackie said that she will not accept donations from DDAs because she is in a position to influence promotions. She does not want the appearance of impropriety that might result from DDAs contributing, neither does she want DDAs to feel obliged to make contributions." our reporter said.

Lacey's policy reflects that of DA Steve Cooley who has declined to accept donations from DDAs when he ran for re-election in 2004 and 2008, as well as in his bid to become Attorney General.  Cooley did accept donations from DDAs in his original bid to become DA in 2000, but that was before he was in a position to influence promotions.

Lacey's ethical position is laudable even if it does limit her fundraising ability. It is also likely one of many reasons why Cooley promoted her, he "wants to be sure he will be succeeded by someone whom he believes will continue his policies." according to Orlov, and this would be one of his policies.

Other candidates probably will not adopt that policy as they are more akin to Cooley's position back in 2000; they are not in a position to influence promotions so no issue arises.

Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson - A Prosecutor's Thoughts

Jackson shares his thoughts on his website,, but don't strain your eyes to read the small print, it says "United States Supreme Court Justice George Sutherland once said that in a criminal prosecution, the prosecutor's role is not that he or she shall win a case, but that justice shall be done." 

Another laudable maxim, and one we hope is held by all candidates.

Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo - Website Changes Afoot?

We were unable to access Trujillio's website, instead getting the message above. A sure sign that Trujillo's website is undergoing a major revision in anticipation of his kickoff fundraiser on Friday, March 18, 2011.

News of Trujillo's progress and his kickoff event can be found on his FaceBook page:

Trujillo has 248 followers on his FaceBook page, and is aiming for 1,000, so go on, click the link and give Trujillo a thumbs up.

Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers - Making the rounds

News of Meyers' campaign progress can be found on her FaceBook page as well as her website.

According to her FaceBook page, she attended the Domestic Violence Project's 25th Anniversary Celebration at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles last week, as she continues to build support for her campaign.

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich - Called a "Chicken" and Has Some 'Splainin To Do

Former Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Walter Moore called Trutanich a "chicken" on his website

Moore criticized Trutanich from backing down on his treat to throw political protesters in jail after months of bragging and bloviating of an "aggressive stance" on political protesters. On Friday evening the stealth candidate gave an interview to KFI AM640's John & Ken Show, where he apparently tried to explain that he used the threat of criminal proceedings to teach the protesters a lesson.

Perhaps Trutanich should check out Alan Jackson's website for some tips on the role of a prosecutor, and most would agree that threatening to prosecute and then backing down would seem to be abusive of the process. We should expect more, but don't when it comes to a City Attorney who can now add the epithet "Chicken" to the other one; "Clown."

But being called a "Chicken" or a "Clown" may be the least of Trutanich's worries.

Walter Moore also followed up his "Chicken" piece with the potentially disturbing news that Trutanich had accepted a donation from AEG.  Readers will recall that Trutanich had launched an investigation into 'criminal aspects' of AEG's handling of the Michael Jackson memorial. That investigation appears to have been dropped shortly before Trutanich's Officeholder Committee accepted a donation of Lady Gaga tickets from AEG.

Trutanich might like to do a little research on the appearance of impropriety. He could, ask his "buddy" Steve Cooley, however, we understand that the pair are no longer on speaking terms with reports suggesting that apart from meeting at unavoidable public events, Cooley and Trutanich have not spoken privately since December 2010.

We will have more on Trutanich's Ticketgate in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Kudos to you Jackie, for your position on taking donations. Is there some other way that DDAs who believe in you can help?

Can we 'friend' you on FaceBook?

Anonymous said...

Steve Cooley indicated he is not endorsing any candidate right now. That hurts all the candidates right now.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Trutanich. You are paid a lot of money to be the city's attorney. You are not paid to be a teacher.

How dare you abuse the criminal justice system just to "teach them a lesson?" Just who the hell do you think you are?

Either these people committed a crime and should be prosecuted or, or they did nothing wrong. In either case you should keep your big mouth shut.

I wonder how much you have cost the taxpayers of Los Angeles by wasting court time and attorney time so you can have your "teachable moment?" Maybe you should ask AEG if they'd like to cover that cost too?

You have turned out to be a major disappointment and as Los Angeles goes to the polls tomorrow to elect new councilmembers, you should be the poster child for everything that's wrong with politics in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Hey disreputable lawyers... the crook boss can't possibly have a beef now. What a shining example and legacy to leave behind. No endorsement is actually helping the candidates who should run the opposite direction. Would you Charge your mother if you had evidence against her? What's the matter Berger? Your silence is deafening....

Anonymous said...

David Berger aka 'Windscale,' nobody reads your shitty blog because it is so biased towards all your DA buddies. What's the deal - you get a promotion and get to be a 'special ass istant" for whoever wins, and then do nothing but blog all day and do fundraising on taxpayer time like you did for Nuch? You're gonna be sorry when Nuch wins and he kicks you out of your window office to Pomona. Get ready for some of that freeway therapy.

Anonymous said...

I saw that story on KTLA about Steve Cooley and his buddy Robert Philibosian working together to ignore the illegal activity in the City of Cudahy because the Cudahy city council hired Philibosian to defend them.

It seems like a big conflict of interest to me, especially since they own a house in Lake Arrowhead together.

Smells real fishy. Something for L.A. Dragnet to investigate.

Anonymous said...

When's the D.A's office going to do something about Mayor Villaraigosa's ticketgate scandal? He personally received a hundred thousand dollars of tickets from AEG whom he has given millions of city dolllars to.

They've had the info for over a year now.

Trutanich supposedly raffled off those Lady GaGa tickets at his office picnic where Steve Cooley was present.

Anonymous said...

1:23PM Thanks for the info about the Lady Gaga tickets, I assumed it was another one of Berger's lies, but I guess it's true that he took a donation from the people he was investigating.

I bet a lot of people who supported Trutanich will be disappointed to hear that. It just looks so bad. It looks like he dropped the investigation and took a bunch of free tickets to a Lady Gaga concert as a reward or payoff. Do you think Trutanich also gets donations from medical marijuana dispensaries? Nah, he would never do that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous 1:23 - what's the crime with Villaraigosa accepting tickets from AEG? It's not like Villaraigosa agreed to drop a criminal aspects investigation into AEG to get his tickets, is it. I mean, Villaraigosa doesn't have the power to investigate anything, so what's the crime?

Anonymous said...

"Trutanich supposedly raffled off those Lady GaGa tickets at his office picnic where Steve Cooley was present."

Really. The arrogance of that man. I bet he joked about it, saying something like "Here's the payoff I got from AEG for dropping the investigation!" and I bet all the little shrimps who follow him laughed. Because that's what you have to do to keep your job when you're around a tyrant like Noooch.

Anonymous said...

How nice, Trutanich raffled the tickets at the office picnic. Was Tutanich wearing his clown suit?

Anonymous said...

What????...Nuch selling out for some pithy Lady Gaga tickets....somebody must be smoking crack to believe something so obviously stupid

Anonymous said...

Me thinks Lady Burger doth protest too much....i think he lives in a tea cup...