Saturday, March 26, 2011

DA Candidates In The News

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, and Deputy District Attorneys Danette Meyers and Bobby Grace made the news with a questions over transparency, a brewing high-profile trial, and an outstanding murder verdict respectively.

ContractGate Scandal Reveals Other Trutanich Removals

TRU is False created the photo montage above using an allegedly deleted photo (left)
to contrast Trutanich's campaign pledge not to run for District Attorney
(Credit: TRU is False)
TRU is False, the blog that apparently exists for the sole purpose of trashing City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, picked up on the brewing ContractGate scandal revealed by FishBowl LA. TRU is False alleges that in addition to the removal of the 'contract search tool' disclosed by FishBowl LA, Trutanich also recently removed a photograph of him taking his oath of office. TRU is False has what they claim to be the original photo, and suggest that the removal was designed to deflect criticism about Trutanich reneging on a campaign promise not to use the City Attorney's Office as a political springboard to higher office.

Although Trutanich has not officially announced his candidacy for the 2012 election to replace District Attorney Steve Cooley, Trutanich told the LA Times that he did not consider himself bound by his 2008 promise. Perhaps the picture of Trutanich taking an oath was removed to prevent it being used by rival campaigns, however, it seems that TRU is False has a copy.

Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers To Go To Trial in Lindsay Lohan Necklace Case

No shortage of headlines for DA hopeful Danette Meyers as Radar OnLine broke the news that troubled Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan was rejecting a plea bargain that involved spending time behind bars to settle the dispute over Lohan's appropriation of a necklace. The case will now proceed to a preliminary hearing where even more news coverage is likely.

That preliminary hearing is set for April 21, 2011 in Judge Stephanie Sauntner's court. Radar OnLine is also reporting that they have inside information on how Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Holley, plans on keeping Lohan out of jail when (notice we don't say 'if') Lohan is held to answer after the preliminary hearing, and found to be in violation of probation. More speculation on the defense strategy at Radar OnLine.

Meyers gave a clue to her strategy when, according to the Disney InfoNet,  it was revealed that the prosecution could include evidence of prior bad acts by Lohan. Apparently there are some questions Meyers wants answered regarding a $35k gold Rolex watch that Lohan was slow to return to its rightful owner. More here.

Deputy District Attorney Bobby Grace Wins Major Murder Trial

LA Times NOW broke the story of a great trial success.

While the Lindsay Lohan case made news everywhere for Meyers, Deputy District Attorney Bobby Grace got his fair share of headlines at the conclusion of long and difficult murder trial of a former fire captain. We previously reported that Grace has successfully prosecuted 60 murder trials, I guess we can now revise that to 61. Congratulations on a well deserved victory for justice.


Anonymous said...

I really think you are scrapping the bottom of the barrel if the best you've got is a story about another blog's story. Trutanich is an asswad and everyone knows it, and he's done far worse than buried the evidence of his contracts and hidden is stinking oath picture. So how about some real news?

Anonymous said...

I am sick of hearing about Carmen Trutabich. He has not announced that he is running for DA, and probably has no intention of doing so; he's just enjoying the free publicity. The other candidates are really below the radar with the exception of Danette Meyers who has the Lohan case to keep her name in the public eye. But that case will be over soon and probably with a not guilty or a no jail time deal. Then what? How are any of these people going to become known to the voters?

Anonymous said...

The Lohan case doesn't sound very strong if the Radar story is true. First, it's well known that celebrities often are given jewelry and fashion clothes to promote the sellers business. Second, for someone like Lohan who grew up as a celebrity where this way of life was 'normal,' how can you prove she intended to permanently deprive anyone of their property. This is a vindictive prosecution and for once a celebrity is the victim. Sending Lohan to jail will not accomplish anything but waste more taxpayer dollars on a publicity stunt by the DAs office. It is shameful that justice seems to be ruled by political agendas.

Anonymous said...

This blog is boring. No one cares about these candidates, and all your comments about Trutanich come off as speculation and sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the reporting on Trutanich! Today's TRU Is False has a great piece on how Trutanich is now claiming to be responsible for getting AEG to pay $1M for the Jackson memorial. Why don't you link to it?

And 7:32PM, what's an 'asswad?'

Anonymous said...

The FishBowl article says it was one of Nuch's staffers who removed the contract search tool, not Nuch. So obviously it was something Berger did as he was the one doing all the blogging and fundraising on the City's dime - wasn't that why he was fired? Why don't you ask him what it was that he was covering up? It doesn't sound like he's exactly batting for Nuch these days, as all these comments look like they were written by him.

Anonymous said...

9:31am-you sound like the same hater who is always trashing the content "this blog is boring . . ." Then for crying out loud, DON'T READ IT. Go read something else!

Anonymous said...

Hey 'Windscale' - don't be put off by Trutanich Trolls, they are very bitter about the looser they work for because they will soon need real jobs. The wheels really are coming of the Trutanich wagon at City Hall and most of the 'electeds' read your blog and I don't think it's because it's boring. Most everyone wants to see Trutanich out of the city, including a lot of his own people. He has made a laughing stock out of the criminal division with his freebie 'reserves'. Talk about undermining the value of the CA's office!

Anyway, thought you would like to know that Trutanich was at the 14th Annual Los Angeles Political Roast on Thursday night at the Beverly Hills Hilton, bragging to anyone who would listen that he IS running for DA.

This morning on KABC 790, Peter Tilden (who was the emcee at the roast) also said that Trutanich IS running for DA.

I understand that tickets to the roast cost $1k. Who paid for Trutanich to be there? I guess maybe he gets in free because he's a clown and people laugh at him?