Monday, March 21, 2011

An Hour With Carmen Trutanich?

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich faces a new crisis - a growing number of disaffected voters.

Are the wheels finally coming off the Trutanich wagon?
A surprise slew of negative comments at the Ron Kaye L.A. Blog
suggests that former supporters are less than impressed with Trutanich.

Longtime Trutanich supporter, Ron Kaye, former editor of the Los Angeles Daily News, published the innocently titled article "An Hour with Carmen Trutanich: Defending, Attacking, Answering Tough Questions" over this past weekend on his Los Angeles political news blog Ron Kaye L.A.

The article offers readers the chance to watch a video recording of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich speaking to the Sherman Oaks Homeowner's Association, but the reaction from readers was largely unfavorable, suggesting that Trutanich's days of adoration are over.

Like a shark smelling blood in the water, the Political Pantloads blog picked up on the City Attorney's fall from grace with a hit-piece entitled "An Hour With Carmen Trutanich? I'd Rather Be Water Boarded!"which quotes a number of less than flattering comments from Ron Kaye L.A.'s readers.

Humorously, Political Pantloads suggests a possible use for the hour with Carmen Trutanich video: 
"He [Trutanich] could have unintentionally discovered a new interrogation technique for LAPD - they can now threaten suspects by making them watch "an hour with Carmen Trutanich" until they confess. I bet even the most hardened criminal won't last ten minutes!"

Pantloads may be on to something...


Anonymous said...

Trutanich made a promise not to use the City Attorney's Office as a political springboard to another political office, and to serve a full first term as LA's City Attorney.

It was a signed, sworn promise:

That's why people voted for him.

I think many people felt betrayed when Trutanich said he would run for DA if Steve Cooley retires. What I would have expected Trutanichh to say was "I made a promise to the voters of LA, and I am sticking to my word." But we didn't hear that. Instead we heard raw political ambition and greed.

I will never vote for Trutanich for anything - unless it's a recall.

Anonymous said...

The City Attorney's post was Nuch's first break on the big political stage. Whether you agree or disagree with his policy decisions, his style, demeanor and tone have demonstrated that he was not ready. It's a shame.

Anonymous said...

Nuch got his ass kicked hard when he made a complete fool of himself over the Michael Jackson memorial.

3 weeks into office and he's sitting in council chambers saying that there are criminal aspects to the way AEG conducted the memorial. He was either lying or bluffing. Either way, it showed he has no idea how to run a prosecutorial agency.

The criminal aspects bombshell was one of the most stupid moves he ever made, and he's never gotten over it. A year later, he dropped the investigation and accepted a bunch of Lady Gaga tickets from AEG for a show at LA Live. That should say all that needs to be said. If AEG are crooks and he cannot prove it, then he shouldn't take gifts from them. If they are not crooks, then he publicly apologize to a company that has really made a difference to downtown LA.

Anonymous said...

The wheels really are coming off the Trutanich wagon. Last week the rumor was that Trutanich and his Special Assistant Jane Usher were not getting along.

Then came the Fishbowl LA piece about the removal of the contract search tool that now has all of Trutanich's enemies examining every contract with the City Attorney's name on it, through the search tool that still exists on the City Clerk's website. They are going to find the smoking gun,

Word around City Hall is that Mike Feuer is going to run against Trutanich in 2013, and the limo lib Westsiders who held their noses and supported Trutanich in 2009 because they hated Jack Weiss, are reaching out to Feuer through a former employee who wants to be Feuer's Chief Deputy.

The press have turned their backs on Trutanich, the LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus even published Trutanich's "I am not a thug" outburst, knowing that everyone would make the Nixon connection.

Trutanich is losing the support of his own people as they have to take pay cuts through furloughs while he won't "share the sacrifice" and take the same pay cut. Of course, he pays his special "contract" employees in full.

While Trutanich brags about 'free volunteer attorneys' the rest of the office are saying he is diminishing their relevance by making it clear that a 1st year law school grad can do their jobs for nothing. What kind of loyalty does Trutanich think he's getting for showing how worthless the whole criminal division is?

The city council are likely to order the Controller to audit Trutanich's criminal division to see how much money they would save if they contract with the DA to prosecute misdemeanors.

Yup. The wheels are coming off the Trutanich wagon.

Anonymous said...

the last time I read this blog it was a booklicking asskissing propaganda page for Trutanich. Now it's done a 180 and can't say enough rotten things about him. What changed? looks like some one didn't get what they wanted or expected from the City Attorney or has some "daddy" issues. Come on guys, move on with your lives and find some real news or get jobs. y;t , u

Anonymous said...

Bro you're missing the obvious, when Trutanich emerged on the scene he was an unknown quantity. All we really knew was that he wasn't Jack Weiss and he had Cooley's unqualified endorsement. He's had 2 years to prove himself. Though he's done some good stuff, his own actions have disenchanted alot the people who went to bat for him. It's too bad.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 11:01PM, this blog has changed allegiance for some reason, and it's fairly obvious that the reason is that someone didn't get what they wanted from Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

When Trutanich went back on his word he lost the support of many who helped him, now they're using blogs like this to show the other side of things. Whatever the CLown decides to do next - run for DA or try to get reelected, they have a Nickie Diaz moment lined up for him. Just tryin' to do the right thing...