Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kevin James to run for Mayor of Los Angeles

Kevin James Announces His Campaign for Mayor 2013

 Kevin James took to the steps of City Hall to announce
 his candidacy for Mayor of Los Angeles today.
(Photo credit: David Berger on Los Angeles)
An outsider today joined the growing list of candidates to replace the Mayor of Failure, Antonio Villaraigosa. Kevin James, a former Assistant US Attorney and current host of a late night radio talk show, announced a business-friendly agenda for Los Angeles and a willingness to tackle the difficult issues that the current crop of "insider" candidates are likely to avoid, given their track record.

Los Angles District Attorney Steve Cooley joined James and a small crowd on the steps of City Hall to cheer James in his bid to become the next Mayor of LA. James said he expects to raise up to $3M in his campaign and already has commitments of "over a hundred thousand dollars" since announcing his candidacy yesterday. James's campaign is managed by John Thomas of Thomas Partners Strategies, who previously worked on City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's successful 'outsider' campaign.

Thomas did a creditable job in rustling up most of LA's media for his announcement, with the event widely reported at the Daily News, LA Times, LA Weekly, Street-Hassle's scribe par excellence Mulholland Terrace, Ron Kaye LA, the ubiquitous Mayor Sam Blog, The City Maven, and last but by no means least, the LA Downtown News.

James already has a campaign website up and running at, and for more on today's announcement, click here.

Troubled Times for Trutanich?

As if rumors of a rift with his Senior Special Assistant Jane Usher were not enough, rumors of the breakdown in the City Attorney's relationship with District Attorney Steve Cooley seemed to gain credence with Trutanich's absence from the DA's side at Kevin James's announcement today. The announcement was on the steps of the south lawn at City Hall, a stone's throw from Trutanich's executive suite, and Trutanich previously enjoyed the support of Kevin James during his campaign, yet the City Attorney stayed away.

Speculation amongst the many 'gentlemen of the press' on Trutanich's absence ranged from theories that after his disastrous "I'm not a thug!" interview with the LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus, Trutanich is keeping a lower profile, to suggestions that Trutanich is deeply troubled by growing talk that Assemblyman Mike Feuer will successfully oust him in 2013.  Feuer is termed out of Sacramento in 2012, and rumored have wide support for a return to the City where he served as a Councilmember and was narrowly defeated by Rocky Delgadillo for City Attorney in 2001.

Another reason why Trutanich may have been feeling less inclined to face the Press at James's event, might be to avoid awkward questions raised in Fishbowl LA yesterday, that "when LA City Attorney Carmen Trutanich took office, his staff removed a handy search tool from the city attorney’s website that allowed the public to search through various city contracts." The City Attorney's website itself seems not to have been updated for some considerable time, and largely devoid of current information apart from Trutanich's photo-ops.

Troubled times indeed.


Anonymous said...

what time was the press event and why was david berger taking photos and not at his job in the da's office? someone should review his timesheets and check for fraud.

Anonymous said...

10:56pm - The press event was at 10:00am. As for the timesheet fraud allegation, do you think Berger's allowed to take an early lunch hour?

You wouldn't be trying to suppress a first amendment right would you? Be very, very careful because there's a DA union that will sue you if you do.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dragnet. Why no mention of the ADDA ruling in the Daily Journal and the Metropolitan News yesterday.

Here's a link:

The ADDA really screwed up and got $100,000 in costs awarded against them, and that's on top of the $60,000 they already owe from the original case that was about the ADDA not holding an election and illegally changing its bylaws.

They've vilified Peter Burke mercilessly ever since he pointed out that the ADDA was acting unlawfully, and tried to ruin him financially by forcing him to fight their pointless appeal. Well the ADDA really f'ed up didn't they?

The ADDA have wasted $160,000 of members dues plus at least the same amount for their own legal fees. It's not just shocking but insane that any organization would behave so recklessly. It just shows what happens when you let a bunch of lunatics have control over someone else's money.

Agency shop? Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

10:56 - you sound like one of the union crazies. Don't think anyone is going to vote for your agency shop when you behave towards your own like this.