Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday's Rumor Mill

Upset in Trutanich Administration?

'Mulholland Terrace' cites a City Attorney Observer
as the source for a rumor of a split at the CA's Offic
Psuedonominous blogger, 'Mulholland Terrace' of Street-Hassle, posted a rumor this morning that all may not be well between Senior Special Assistant City Attorney Jane Usher and her boss, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. No reason is given for the upset, which will doubtless give rise to speculation.

Usher is known to be a hard-liner on billboards, and perhaps is perplexed that Trutanich might consider throwing his support behind the Wilshire-Grand Sign District. The City Attorney had previously opined that any new billboards in the City could undermine the validity of his citywide ban and lead to another billboard bonanza.

Trutanich may nevertheless be inclined to support the Wilshire Grand project in order to curry support from the Mayor's Office and others for his ACE Program, which was the subject of harsh criticism over the weekend. Purely coincidentally, the long dormant City Clerk file on the ACE Program (File 10-0085) was the subject of activity last week when it received a "Thumb's Up" report from the City's Chief Administrative Officer Miguel Santana, who reports to the Mayor's Office ...

Trutanich, it seems, may be learning that you have to "get along to get on" after all, and finally shed the mirage of being an outsider.

Alan Jackson - Steve Ipsen Partnership?

Pure speculation, but the rumor is that Steve Ipsen will not run for District Attorney as previously reported here, and instead support Alan Jackson's candidacy.

ADDA Officer Resignation?

Comments received here over the weekend suggest a senior officer of the ADDA has resigned. Despite attempts to confirm or deny the rumor with ADDA President Hyatt Seligman, Los Angeles Dragnet has not received any confirmation or denial from Seligman.


Anonymous said...

Jackson must be worried to partner up with Ipsen, but if the rumors about Lacey being appointed as DA are true, he doesn't have anything to lose.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. You say there's a rumor, but you don't give the details that are already posted? The ADDA Treasurer-Douglas Sherrod- resigned like two months after being elected in a landslide over Ipsen. He supposedly didn't see himself as "anti-administration." The chances of any younger DDA's voting for agency shop just dropped to zero..

Anonymous said...

Sherrod is a reasonable guy- if he resigned, there must be a good reason.

Anonymous said...

Sickening to see how quickly Trutanich has turned into part of the "business as usual brigade." So now he's ignoring his promise on billboards and supporting the Wilshire Grand billboards project, and his buddy the Mayor is coincidentally supporting his insane ACE Program - you scratch my back and I'll stick a knife in yours.

Anonymous said...

Jackson would be smart to make a deal with Ipsen because Ipsen carries the whole weight of the DA's union and can endorse Jackson without having to ask the members if they want to pick sides.

Anonymous said...

This Ipsen/Jackson alliance has the potential to be a marriage made in hell. Anyone see the LA Times over the weekend? The state Republicans are being pushed into a position where they oppose any tax or fee increase in favor of "pension reform"(reform = slash & burn). Jackson has already rushed to identify himself as THE Republican in the race. That means he is on a collision course with all the pension promises Ipsen has made running the ADDA.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole for DA!!

Anonymous said...

I thought this blog was suppose to be about the City Council.

All you write about are all these D.A. stooges and nobody cares about them.

None of them are going to win and its sort of a joke to watch them run.

It reminds me of all those jokers who ran against Villaraigosa a couple years ago. They made a lot of noise but went nowhere.

Please write about the city council like you used to do. Those jerks provide plenty of fodder and they're actually in office instead of just a bunch of wannabees.