Thursday, April 28, 2011

DA Candidates - The First Poll

After yesterday's Carmen Trutanich scandal, we thought something less serious would be appropriate today.
With the June 5, 2012 primary election still a fair way off, and campaign finance reports not due until June 30, 2011, we were wondering how the candidates are doing. We thought that a poll might be interesting but as we're too mean to pay anyone for anything, we thought could use the number of friends each candidate has on FaceBook to give you a snapshot of how the candidates rank.

Bobby Grace
Bobby Grace is in first place with 511 FaceBook friends. If you want to boost Booby's lead, go to his website: and click the Facebook button. Bobby will friend you if he can take a break from winning back to back trials.

Mario Trujillo
Second place goes to Mario Trujillo (aka the Million Dollar Man) with 448 FaceBook friends. You can close the gap and maybe even put Mario in the lead by clicking the FaceBook button at his website: Mario will friend you if he can take a break from counting money, making calls and campaigning like an old hand.

Alan Jackson
In third place Alan Jackson has 179 FaceBook friends. Alan's got some work to do to close the gap, so go to his website: and show your support. Alan will friend you if he can take a break from calling on Sheriff Baca to withdraw his support for Carmen Trutanich's fake campaign website.

Danette Meyers
Forth placed Danette Meyers has 171 FaceBook friends and you can help her by going to her website: and clicking on her FaceBook button. Danette will gladly friend you if she can take a break from, yes, you guessed it, the never-ending Lindsay Lohan case!

Jackie Lacey
Fifth placed Jackie Lacey has a lot of catching up to do. You could go to her website: but as she hasn't got a FaceBook button there (yet), go straight to her FaceBook page and ask to be her friend. Jackie will friend you if she can take a break from wondering when Steve Cooley is going to endorse her!

Carmen Trutanich
Last place goes to Carmen. He has no friends, well actually he has no FaceBook button on his fake website:  But considering that he also does not have the required Fair Political Practices Commission disclosure statement there either, perhaps he doesn't need any fake friends. If and when Carmen goes legit with the website, he'll have a FaceBook friend button you can click, and Carmen will leap right out of your laptop, grab you in a bear hug, and friend you in an instant.

So congratulations Bobby Grace on leading the FaceBook Friend Polls for now, we'll revisit this next time it's a slow news day.

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