Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DA Candidates In The News & The Rumor Mill

Mario Trujillo Targets MegaBucks

Mario Trujillo says he's not a millionaire, but his campaign may be ...
We're hearing rumors that Mario Trujillo could be the surprise front runner when all campaigns report their fundraising activities at the end of June. Trujillo originally set himself a six-figure target for his first six months and if what we hear is true, he's already exceeded that target.

Alan Jackson On Victim's Rights

Convicted murderer Phil Spector's appeal ironically coincided with Victim's Rights Week
giving Jackson an opportunity to share his thoughts on 'The Unnamed Victims'
Alan Jackson got some good press this week with the influential FlashReport and Fox and Hounds reprinting Jackson's moving account of his thoughts at the Phil Spector appeal. Entitled 'The Unnamed Victims,' Jackson's essay reminds us that the category 'victims of crime' is not limited to those who suffer at the hands of their assailants, but extends to the families of those who must somehow survive the loss of a loved one. Read Alan's thoughts on 'The Unnamed Victims' on his website, or at FlashReport and Fox and Hounds.

Trutanich's Campaign for DA Roundly Condemned

Rumors continue to indicate that many of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's grass roots supporters are moving on to greener pastures following their shocked disbelief at Trutanich's willingness to abandon his signed sworn pledge and numerous campaign promises not to use his position as City Attorney as a political springboard to higher office.

One source informs us that Trutanich planned to run for District Attorney the moment he heard that Steve Cooley was running for AG, and that the well documented rumor that Trutanich and Cooley are not on speaking terms (except at public appearances where Trutanich traps Cooley for a photo op), started after Cooley politely but firmly reminded Trutanich of his pledge to voters as well as his lack of experience. 

It is understood that Trutanich has been told that he has little chance at being re-elected as City Attorney in 2013 as his popularity was already wearing thin both within his office and amongst the many communities that originally supported him, either based on now failed promises, or the mere fact that he was marginally less detestable than his then opponent, Jack Weiss. However, rumors now suggest that the increasingly popular Los Angeles Councilmember Paul Krekorian will run for City Attorney in 2013, and that Trutanich will not stand a chance.

Trutanich, it seems, has nothing to loss but his reputation...


Anonymous said...

Mario will be the top fundraiser when the results come out. He has been campaigning like a pro ever since he announced. As for Trutanich, he raised a ton of money and support through the Latino community - he won't have that to count on, not only because Mario is their candidate, but because he lied about his commitment to them. Go Mario!

Anonymous said...

Hey, since they are already intervening in one comically tragic downward spiral, can Bud Selig and Major League Baseball take over the City Attorney's office too? Nah, come to think of it even the Dodgers aren't as screwed up as that place!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone take this blog seriously?

Anonymous said...

This is great news about Mario. When is his next fund raiser? Or who can we contact about donating money? I checked his website and there's nothing there about who to contact to donate.

Also, what's happening with Jackie? Is she still in the race? I noticed you left her out.

Anonymous said...

11:57am go to and donate some dineros amigo.

Anonymous said...

To whoever said "Does anyone take this blog seriously?" I don't think anyone takes it any more or any less seriously than any other raw source.

Certainly the ADDA whackos gets all hot and sweaty anytime anything negative is said about them - like how they screwed up over paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to their lawyer to try to avoid holding an election, and then when they lost, they wasted even more of our money with an appeal that also lost that.

Maybe someone should be asking questions about who selected the lawyer for the ADDA? I heard it was one of their buddies who screwed it up, but that he got paid well for losing.

Agency shop anyone?

Anonymous said...

"12:59pm" - Which lawyer are you referring to? The ADDA appears to have done several shuffles of lawyers.

Anonymous said...

The ADDA board let some former DDA do the work, he was also a malcontent so they had something in common - losers. Can't remember his name, but I'm sure the ADDA people know it. Anyway, misery likes company so they took his advice and now they expect DDAs to pay for their mistake in flushing around $300k down the drain over a lawsuit that was a loser from the get go. The Agency Shop dues will cover the losses and fund more dumb lawsuits.