Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DA Candidates In The News

Jackie Lacey Scoops Scott for Campaign

According to Kevin Roderick's LA Observed blog and Rick Orlov's "Tipoff" in the LA Daily News, Los Angeles District Attorney's Office Director of Communications Joe Scott has retired.

That might be news to Scott and the DA's Office, as according to today's press release concerning Deputy District Attorney Bobby Grace's latest trial victory, Scott is still working for the DA's Office.

Despite retirement rumors, Joe Scott is still listed as
Director of Communications for the DA's Office.

According to Orlov, "Joe Scott has been involved in local politics for longer than he cares to count. First as a political reporter and columnist for the Herald-Examiner, later as publisher of a newsletter, "The Political Animal," and then as an adviser to former Mayor Richard Riordan and District Attorney Steve Cooley.

Scott, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday, recently announced his retirement from Cooley's office.

But he is not giving up. He said he will help Chief Assistant District Attorney Jackie Lacey if she decides to run for district attorney next year." Orlov reported.

There's not much 'if' about Lacey's campaign, so it looks like Lacey has Joe Scott on board.

Bobby Grace Convicts Gangmember in Death Penalty Triple Murder Case

Who says we can't use the same graphic twice?
Deputy District Attorney Bobby Grace again graces the headlines with the news of another major victory in a difficult triple murder case.

According to press release on the DA's website

"Deputy District Attorney Bobby Grace said jurors found Ryan T. Moore guilty of three counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of David Marcial, 10; his 22-year-old uncle, Larry Marcial; and a neighbor, Luis Cervantes, 17. Moore also was convicted of the first-degree attempted murder of Sergio Marcial Jr., 12, who was wounded but survived, and one count of conspiracy to commit.

Jurors, who deliberated two days before returning the verdicts read this morning, also found true the special circumstances of multiple murders and murders to benefit a street gang.

On June 30, 2006, Moore and co-defendant Charles Ray Smith, members of the Rolling 30 Pirus gang, were looking for rival gang members when they shot up a neighborhood in the 1100 block of East 49th Street. The two emerged from a vehicle and opened fire with two AK-47 assault rifles, spraying nearly 40 rounds at the victims. David and Sergio Marcial were riding their bicycles when they were shot down. Larry Marcial and Luis Cervantes were listening to music.
Jurors return Wednesday to begin the penalty phase. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the case."

It seems like only yesterday that we reported on Grace's success in the "Fire Captain kills Girl" case, but it was in fact less than a month ago. Even Grace's opponents must be wondering how Grace has the energy to successfully prosecute back to back murder cases. Grace's latest victory brings his total of successfully prosecuted murder cases to 62. Impressive. Very impressive.

Danette Meyers to Put Victim On The Stand in Lohan Necklace Case

Meyers has an impressive record of murder case successes herself, but it's the media's obsession with the Lindsay Lohan necklace case that continues to make headlines for Meyers.

(Credit: RadarOnLine.con)

Today's Radar OnLine reports "exclusively" that Meyers has been warning her witnesses "to expect "grueling cross examination by defense attorney Shawn Holley" during their preliminary hearing testimony, currently scheduled for April 22. 2011.

Radar OnLine reports that "The preliminary hearing is expected to last two to three days, and at the conclusion, Judge Stephanie Sautner will determine if there is enough evidence for the case to go to trial. If she does, our source tells us, 'Meyers will ask that Lindsay be remanded into custody immediately for the probation violation.'"

Trutanich Hunts For Studio City Storefront For DA Campaign Headquarters


Stealth candidate City Attorney Carmen Trutanich told Studio City Patch editor Mike Syzmanski that he is "already looking for a local storefront for an office to run his district attorney campaign."

Trutanich, speaking at a Studio City Chamber of Commerce lunch event, said that he "is already making plans to run for Los Angeles County District Attorney  position in 2012 and is looking for an office to run his campaign on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. He said things are not strained between him and present district attorney Steve Cooley." According to Syzmanski.

Cooley was not present at the luncheon to support Trutanich's assertion that all's well with his former BFF, lending credence to rumors that the split between Trutanich and Cooley is so deep that Cooley actively avoids contact with Trutanich and that the pair are only seen together when Cooley cannot escape advances from the criminal defense attorney turned career politician.

Trutanich will likely be relieved to hear that one potential challenger for Los Angeles District Attorney (or his City Attorney seat?) is looking elsewhere. State Assemblyman Mike Feuer is believed to be considering running for a seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.


Anonymous said...

I guess if Joe Scott is retiring then he and Berger will trade jobs. Berger might as well work in the press office as all he does is blogging for Lacey and the other anti-union Cooley people anyway.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is such a sack - he says he's "looking" for a storefront, but the fat guy standing next to him in the picture is Mort Allen who let Trutanich use his place for the City Attorney campaign, and still has the signs up there. Who is he kidding? Does he think we're all stupid.

Trutanich wants to be DA more than anything else. He will devastate the current contenders, although I'd like to see Danette Meyers face him in a debate. She would rip him a new one!

Anonymous said...

What happened with the ADDA 411?

Thought the ADDA was in for a debtors exam to find out where all the member's money has gone.

How about some news Dragnet?

Anonymous said...

". . . all he does is blogging for Lacey and the other anti-union people. . . "
The union shills have become so obsessed with the knee-jerk strangling of any rank & file dissent that they missed the glowing praise that one of their own board members, Bobby Grace has received on this blog on a number of occasions. And they wonder why their hemorrhaging credibility.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich doesn't need a 'storefront' to win as DA - he's got a real record of achievement in Los Angeles that will demolish all the Cooley Clones - Jackson, Lacey. Trujillo, Grace and Meyers, and they'll all be begging Nuch not to transfer them to oblivion.

As for Windbag or Windscale, he better buy a Prius and a GPS for all the freeway therapy he got in the future.

This week Nuch scored two huge victories that voters will remember come election time - he outed the LAPD's illegal traffic ticket quota system, and he got the ACE program past his enemies in Budget and Finance. When ACE goes into effect, it's Nuch who will get the credit for saving the city, and noone will remember or care who put Lindsay Lohan and Phil Spector in jail.

Read 'em and weep losers, it's TRU in 12!