Wednesday, April 27, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: The 3 'D's of Draft Trutanich 4 DA - Deception, Deceit & Duplicity

Deception, Deceit and Duplicity likely surrounds Carmen Trutanich's bid to become District Attorney, according to records examined by Los Angeles Dragnet showing advance planning and photographs secretly supplied by Trutanich to the creator of the so-called anonymous law enforcement campaign website; DraftTrutanich4DA.

Sheriff Baca's email message of April 14, 2011 was not a sudden or spontaneous
call for support, but an attempt to mislead planned well in advance.
Los Angeles Dragnet can reveal that the email sent in the name of Sheriff Lee Baca was not a spontaneous call to "persuade" (sic) Trutanich to run for Los Angeles District Attorney, but probably a trick or ruse which was the final part of a 'TRU" deception.

It was a deception that apparently started well before Sheriff Baca became the hapless instrument of Trutanich's plot. As the evidence will show, it was a plot which could only have occurred with the duplicity and complicity of Trutanich himself.

Records obtained from shows that the DraftTrutanich4DA website was registered three months before Sheriff Baca's email was sent out to unsuspecting victims. records obtained by LA Dragnet shows that Trutanich's misleading website
was created three months before Trutanich released Baca's email on unsuspecting victims.

As previously revealed, the website's registrant, Jim Royer, is a close associate of Trutanich's chief investigator. This makes it highly unlikely that Royer came up with the idea to "draft Trutanich" alone, but rather more likely that it was at the behest of Trutanich himself.

However, the evidence of Trutanich's duplicity goes beyond circumstantial evidence linking Royer to Trutanich's January 14, 2011 website.

Photographs used on that website were secretly made available to the website creator on January 17, 2011, using a file sharing service called  "Flickr."

Trutanich used a secret Flickr account called "TrutanichC" to share photos from his 2009
City Attorney campaign with the creator of his current campaign website.
(Click on the image for a more detailed view.)
 The Flickr account was probably named "trutanichc" in order that it could not be found by anyone searching for "trutanich."

The photographs themselves cannot be found on Flickr without the secret link
Without the secret link to the photographs, it is highly unlikely that anyone but the person Trutanich wanted to have access to these photographs, could find them.

Los Angeles Dragnet obtained the following secret link to access Trutanich's secret files on Flickr:

Armed with the secret link, the DraftTrutanich4DA website creator was able to use three photographs on the bogus DraftTrutanich4DA website.

Three photographs from Trutanich's secret Flickr account were used on the website, suggesting that Trutanich shared his secret
access link with the website creator.

When Los Angeles Dragnet accessed Trutanich's secret photographs, we we able to see that the photographs used on the website had only been viewed once or twice. By the time this exclusive goes live, the numbers of views will likely increase as shocked readers verify the details for themselves.

EXIF data for the photographs reveals digital information that is stored within the images, and when viewed, can reveal very specific information about the photograph. In the case of the photograph showing Trutanich at the Green Meadows Park, it shows that the photograph was taken at 3:46pm on March 31, 2009. It is a staged photograph taken Trutanich's campaign for City Attorney.
EXIF data shows very precise details of the date and time the photograph was taken
as well as technical details of the exposure, camera make and model, and lens used
 Given that, without the secret link, these photographs were to all intents and purposes invisible to the general public, it is reasonable to conclude that Trutanich arranged this elaborate ruse to make the photographs that were only in his possession, available only to the person or persons he charged with creating his bogus website.

 Furthermore, now that Truanich's connection to his deceitful website is beyond a reasonable doubt, serious issues arise over the continuing failure of Trutanich to place the required notice on his website indicating who is paying for the service that he is receiving. The idea that it is some anonymous group of law enforcement supporters seems untenable in the light of the evidence that Trutanich orchestrated the entire deception to give himself a defense to charges that he has reneged on his contract with the people of Los Angeles.

Some might say that it's time for Trutanich to come clean with Los Angelenos and admit his serious misjudgment in allowing his political ambition to overcome the other promise he made countless times; transparency.

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Anonymous said...

3 D's of Trutanich? How about Dumb, Dumb and Dumber for the electorate who voted for this phony in the first place and the media who are totally asleep at the wheel?

Anonymous said...

What's happening with Jackie Lacey? I heard she's dropped out. Haven't heard anything about her campaign lately.

Anonymous said...


The L.A. Times is about to break a story about political smear campaings being orchestrated out of the District Attorneys office.

My friend over there said it's going to be explosive, and could likely lead to Cooley stepping down early, and several other personnel changes.

L.A. Dragnet, can you look into this?

Anonymous said...

I really have to applaud whoever is doing this investigation: GREAT JOB! Wow you guys are truly amazing for doing this investigation and informing the voters of LA of this SHAM SCAM by Trutanich. He is so stupid he really thinks in this day and age with so much information readily available people will not know the truth of what is going on. Keep up the great job dragnet!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I live in a country and in an era where corrupt politicians can be exposed immediately. It's sad to think that Trutanich and his posse believed this would never be exposed and that the voters are stupid. Shame on Trutanich, Royer and Baca.

Anonymous said...

8:49AM - looks like Jackie's perjury issue, and Cooley's non endorsement have ended her campaign.

It'll probably be a Trutanich-Bobby Grace runoff.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich has come across as such a phony there's no way he'll have any credibility from this point forward.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is loathed and hated at the CA's Office. He makes Rocky look like the best CA we've ever had. Good luck with your phony campaign Nuch, the rest of the candidates will grill you like a fatty steak over your record of failure. You can't even organize a stealth campaign without being exposed as a fake. Yeah, "Draft Trutanich 4" was a real piece of genius. You must think we're all stupid. What you've done is an insult to the integrity of the system. Resign before you are recalled and go back to what you do best - lying for scumbags. You are a disgrace to both sides of the legal profession.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a well argued case. The evidence is overwhelming, Trutanich set this pathetic lie of a website up well in advance. I would support any of the candidates over Trutanich in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this blog is getting alot of buzz! You can always tell when this blog is the talk of the civic center folks. The union trolls grab onto it like blood ticks so they can leech off the traffic.

Anonymous said...

1:06pm "The union trolls grab onto it like blood ticks " So true, so true. The nasty remarks about Jackie proves that the ADDA whakos are busy peddling their poison. Like someone said the other day, what's worse Trutanich or the ADDA Board?

Anonymous said...

It's a numbers game, even Hyatt's emails acknowledge that their site has issues and therefore doesn't get much traffic. The Dragnet site is hit & miss, but when Berger hits a home run, he really knocks it out of the park (and he cleared the plates today). Everyone snickers and chats about it down the hallways. So the trolls can't resist this site, there's so much traffic and theirs is a ghost town.

Anonymous said...

Has a complaing been filed against Trutanich with the FPPC?! Or is that the next step.

Thief On The Cross said...
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