Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Free For All

The ADDA convinces ERCOM that the new Personnel Evaluation system is unfair - click here to see President Hyatt Seligman's email.

But ...

... The ADDA website has been "suspended" is off-line for unexplained reasons.

The latest Carmen Trutanich scandal has been picked up by the Mayor Sam blog and the LA City News blog, only a question of time before the mainstream media picks it up.

District Attorney Steve Cooley has a birthday this weekend, anyone got any suggestions for a birthday present?

Commenting is back on-line here after a temporary glitch was fixed.


Anonymous said...

ADDA website might as well stay suspended as it never had any useful information on it anyway.

As for Hyatt's victory email, it's pathetic. Who gives a f**k whether you meet expectations or exceed expectations under the new plan, or you are "outstanding' under the old plan. ADDA's attack was based solely for the purposes of causing problems for the administration. ERCOM is biased pro-labor and their ruling will fail on appeal. How much of our dues has the ADDA wasted on lawyer fees for bs? Well I guess the fact that they don't have the cash to pay for their website answers that.

The attitude of the ADDA has been hostile from the get go, and look where that kind of attitude has got us - nowhere but with a vast majority of DDAs who want nothing at all to do with the union.

So in the end, a bunch of agitators hang onto the ADDA and use our dues to fight their petty bs battles.

Agency shop after this fiasco? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this old news. Didn't the ADDA win this thing in Ercom months ago? Seems like they're recycling to try to generate positive buzz. Or maybe it's like that movie Groundhog Day.

Anonymous said...

Like it or not, this site has morphed into sort of a community forum for DDAs. But if you disagree, you can just ignore it. If you disagree and want to make your feelings heard, you can rage out a post and blast the comment section. Your call.
Considering they are our reps, the ADDA doesn't appear to care what we think. They tell us what we were allowed to think. More likely they will scream it at us. The message is always the same too.
I wish the ADDA would respect the members enough to stay current on this site. If you see a bunch of posts raging about something, maybe it's time to make an ADDA post answering those questions. Better yet, rethink your course!
It is easy to do if you care what your members think. It is easy to ignore if you dont give a crap, or if your too caught up with your own grudges and grievances.

Amazing said...

2:39PM, this blog is just a way for the administration to strike back at the ADDA's glorious victories and to marginalize their stunning successes. For all we know these posts are written by Cooley Lacey and Trujillo.

The comment made by 10:56AM is a classic example of an administration comment. The writer doesn't care that it is extremely humiliating for DDAs to be told they just "met expectations." I know, it's only words, but they are really hurtful words and DDAs have feelings too. I know several DDAs who are getting counseling because their self esteem has been basically jail raped by reading the words that makes all DDAs shudder; 'met expectations.' I felt violated when I read those words, I mean who the hell do the administration think they are to use such offensive language?

I, for one, am glad that Hyatt will not tell us how much money was spent on winning this crucial victory, because it was worth every damn cent. Now Cooley will be forced to sit at the table with Hyatt and will have to come up with words that are more acceptable; 'wonderful,' 'stunning,' 'talented,' and 'amazing' are just a few words that could be used to make DDAs feel better about their performance evaluations.

So let's all congratulate Hyatt for this monumental victory that has changed the lives and touched the hearts of so many sensitive souls.