Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday?

Danette Meyers - Lohan Case Rumored to be Reduced to Misdemeanor reports that a reduction to a misdemeanor could
result from today's preliminary hearing.
Celebrity gossip blog is reporting that "Lindsay Lohan is bound to have a spring in her step with the news that Judge Stephanie Sautner is likely to reduce the Mean Girls star’s felony theft charge down to a misdemeanor in court today."

An apparently well-connected source told RadarOnline that "Judge Sautner has indicated to the DA and Lindsay's attorney that there is a very good chance that at the conclusion of the preliminary hearing she will reduce the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor.”

If indeed, the grand theft charge is reduced to a misdemeanor, it raises the question as to whether the District Attorney's Office and Danette Meyers will continue to be able to prosecute the case. The Venice Beach area where the crime allegedly occurred is in the City of Los Angeles, and as the City Attorney has fairly exclusive jurisdiction prosecute misdemeanor crimes, the case may have to be transferred to the City Attorney's Office.
Alan Jackson Gains Endorsement from San Gabriel City Councilmember

According to Jackson's website, "San Gabriel City Councilmember Mario De La Torre has added his name to the list of those who support Deputy DA Alan Jackson for District Attorney. The Councilmember’s endorsement highlights Jackson’s strength and willingness to work with the numerous communities within Los Angeles County.

Jackson claimed, “Mario De La Torre knows what it is to serve our community, and all of us benefit from his tireless service. I am honored to have earned his support, and I look forward to working together to keep our streets secure and ensure future generations a safer place to live.”

Councilmember Mario De La Torre stated, "Alan Jackson has been fighting crime and seeking justice for victims in our community for nearly two decades. He is a true defender of the community and all of us are lucky have him working hard to keep us secure. Because of the job Alan Jackson does every day, we are all better off. Alan has my full support in his bid to become District Attorney. When he is elected, I look forward to partnering with Alan Jackson to make our community even safer."

Deputy DA Alan Jackson has earned strong support from other elected officials such as State Senator Tony Strickland, Los Angeles City Councilmember Dennis Zine, Long Beach City Attorney Robert Shannon, and former La CaƱada-Flintridge Mayor and current City Councilmember Steve Del Guercio."


Anonymous said...

Supposedly Jackson is also getting the endorsement of the Birthers.

Anonymous said...

Lohan case just reduced to misdemeanor.

Anonymous said...

Cooley, Lacey and Danette Meyers didn't know that the necklace was only worth $850?

duh, Incompetence!

Anonymous said...

Hah! Meyers got the last laugh. Found Lohan in violation of probation and sent her to jail for 120 days. Way to go Danette!

Anonymous said...

This is why Danette rocks! OK, she suffered a setback with the prelim, but she didn't give up. She argued aggressively and intelligently and that was enough to convince the judge to throw Lohan in jail for 120 days.

Danette's fighting spirit will be an inspiration to all DDAs who don't have high profile cases, but have similar issues. That's why she's the most qualified to lead the office - she doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk.

The comment at 4:49pm is pathetic and shows how little the writer cares about the truth and how little he knows. The judge didn't reduce the felony to a misdemeanor just because of questions over the cost of the necklace.

Trying to turn this into a issue involving Cooley or Lacey is a desperate move by one of the candidates who sees the race slipping away because they aren't getting the great press that Danette gets. Losers.

Anonymous said...

4:59PM - Nice spin.

Just admit it. They over-charged the case without doing a proper investigation. Cooley did the same thing with Bell. *also claimed victory for AG when he didn't have enough votes.

Now they're claiming victory because the Judge violated her parole. Pretty weak.

Alan Jackson would've never allowed this to happen.

Anonymous said...

Wake up dumb dumbs, Meyers has totally blown it. Yes, she over filed the case in the first place because it wasn't even a crime but a civil dispute, and now because it is a misdemeanor that occurred in the City of LA, the DA's office no longer has jurisdiction. Now the case will go to Trutanich who will agree to drop the charges in return for a civil compromise.

This totally screws things for the DA candidates because they will look like crazy over-zealous prosecutors and Carmen the Clown will be Hollywood's hero for being reasonable and dropping this stupid case. Thanks Danette for nothing.

Anonymous said...

The Lohan case should never have been filed. The facts, as they came out in the prelim, clearly showed that Lohan walked out with the necklace with some form of permission from the store, unlike the time she was about to leave with earrings, and was told to return them.

If there was some form of permission to take or borrow or use the necklace, even for a short time, then that negates criminality and makes it a civil dispute.

Also, there's a huge problem with intent. We used to lose car theft cases because the intent to permanently deprive could not be established, That's why Vehicle Code section 10851 is typically charged for people who 'joydride' cars and there's no intent to permanently deprive. The Lohan case is really more like a 10851 than a grand theft.

Trutanich will no doubt fight to take this case and milk it for all the publicity he can get out of it - just like with Paris Hilton when Rocky Delgadillo was the City Attorney.

Trutanich is such a pantload, it's a pity that the judge didn't have the guts to dismiss the case completely as now Carmen the Clown will make it seem like a capital murder case.

Anonymous said...

The L.A. Times is reporting that the Prosecutors (Danette Meyers) are pissed. "The judge abused her discretion in this case," Meyers said. "It was a felony filing because the defendant was on probation.... She has violated on numerous occasions ... the evidence was incredibly strong.]

That's what every losing party says. Face it, she blew this one big time and now has egg all over her face.

Anonymous said...

"6:53pm" You do raise a good point, but I think it misses the big picture. Those of us who have been in the trenches know that nailing the defendant on the PV and while letting the open case go is a common, useful and (often) necessary strategy.

BUT, in a case like this, it just looks vindictive to Joe and Jane Six-pack. I've seen this happen so many times before. We use a bare knuckle tactic in a high profile case and the next thing you know the courts and/or the legislature take that tool away from us because of the public outcry. I hope we don't end up paying for Dannette's well intentioned, but clumsy maneuver.