Thursday, April 7, 2011

Palisades Gives Trutanich's ACE The Thumbs Down

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's 'ACE' Program came under further attack with the filing of a detailed opposition to his radical plan to have his own judges and courts decide penalties for Municipal Code violations.

In a 20-page detailed report filed with the Budget and Finance Committee, the Palisades Preservation Association, defect after defect in Trutanich's ACE were pointed out to the Committee, with the overwhelming message; do not vote for ACE.

The Pacific Preservation Association becomes the first public group to voice their opposition to what has been called "Trutanich's power grab and cash-stash" and the PPA joins stealth activist Perry Mason in urging the City Council not to allow Trutanich to play the ACE card.

Other Neighborhood Councils may soon join the opposition to Trutanich's ACE when they realize that passage of the radical ordinance would mean that homeowners and landlords would suddenly become easy pickings for prosecution by Trutanich for minor code violations like having a yard fence too high or failing to pull a permit for a new water heater. As Mason put it, it's "the functional equivalent of putting the fox in charge of the hen house."

Trutanich is said to have been advised to keep his mouth shut while the ordinance proceeds from Budget and Finance to the Council for consideration. However, Trutanich may not be able to resist the temptation to lash out as he, perhaps, foolishly did over the AEG 'criminal aspects' debacle and attack any challenge to his radical ACE plan and lay himself open to awkward questioning about just how "target rich" homeowners are to his plan to raise money for his Office at their expense. 

Trutanich's candidacy for re-election is also coming under fire. Yesterday's interview of Councilmember Paul Krekorian in The City Maven revealed that Krekorian now has his eyes on Trutanich's City Attorney job, as Trutanich flubs about his plans to run for District Attorney.


Anonymous said...

The more Trutanich talks about his ACE the more people realize what a terrible mistake it would be if he were allowed to rape homeowners and small businesses over minor petty code violations.

Trutanich is a bully who wants to turn LA into a police state where he is the Chief Goon. Ever wonder he like The Godfather so much? It's probably all he studied in that fly by night law school he went to.

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask Trutanich what exactly he means by a "Target Rich Environment" because they would be shocked to find out where the richest pickin's is. East LA? Sure, there's plenty of muni code violations there, almost every home is in violation of something. But the problem for Trutanich is that there may be plenty of violations he can get $400 a pop for "like shooting fish in a barrel" but there's no money in ELA to pay him. No Trutanich's "Target Rich Environment" is LA's Wealthy-Westside where Trutanich can score big. Wouldn't it be interesting to see the way Noooch has got the city all mapped out with dollar signs.