Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trutanich Launches Campaign For District Attorney

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich will formally announce his campaign for District Attorney following a plea from LA County Sheriff Lee Baca.

Sheriff Baca's email blast pleads with Los Angelenos to sign a petition
that can be used to persuade Trutanich to run for District Attorney.
The Los Angeles Dragnet received a mass email from Baca urging support for Trutanich and encouraging recipients to visit the website where they can sign a petition that will be used to 'persuade' Trutanich that it's 'O.K.' to renege on his signed, sworn campaign promise not to use the City Attorney's Office as a political springboard to the DA's Office.

Trutanich pledged to serve a full term as City Attorney and not to use
the Office of City Attorney as a political springboard.
 It is believed that Trutanich had hoped that Steve Cooley would play the part of 'persuader,' however, rumors of the deterioration in their relationship now seem to be true, and perhaps Sheriff Baca was swiftly drafted in to play that part.

Some readers will remember that Baca originally endorsed Jack Weiss for City Attorney, a fact like the broken promise, that will probably be used by Trutanich's ever growing number of opponents to attack the former criminal defense lawyer 's ethical suitability to be District Attorney.

Reaction from opponents has been swift. Political Pantloads has harsh criticism for Trutanich, and their depiction of what Trutanich's campaign, said to be code named 'TRU in 12,' will look like. Pantloads is also reporting that LA City Councilman Paul Krekorian is going to endorse Trutanich for DA and announce his own campaign to replace Trutanich as City Attorney, a role he has not only said he is interested in, but one to which his calm, deliberative and professional temperament is better suited than that of Trutanich.

In other news:

Steve Ipsen, of which little has been heard of lately, is rumored to be poised to announce his candidacy for District Attorney. It seems that Ipsen's believes that he can be of more assistance to Alan Jackson by having a platform from which he can attack the other candidates, and thereby avoid Jackson from having to 'go negative.'

ADDA 411
The ADDA has not issued any statement following their Debtors Examination on Monday, April 11, 2011, where they were supposed to be examined as to their finances in respect of the $160,000 or so that they lost when they ignored their own bylaws.

It is likely that the Debtors Examination did not go well, as the ADDA is never shy to brag about and exaggerate any successes, even temporary ones. Members still have no idea, whatsoever, how the ADDA spends almost $20,000 a month in members dues, and the concerns that many have is that all their money was wasted on what they believe was a fruitless and foolish lawsuit.

The actions of the ADDA board as well as the lack of information, will do little to persuade DDAs, or indeed the 200 or so current members, to support the Agency Shop. Members who currently pay monthly dues will have the opportunity to cancel their payments when the current Memorandum of Agreement expires later this year. 

Steve Cooley To Run For Record 4th Term As DA?
As we close, chances are that Steve Cooley is seriously considering abandoning his plans to retire. Cooley told the LA Times that he would only consider running again if a career politician were to enter the race. Trutanich seems to fit that description, so the ball seems to be in Cooley's court.


Anonymous said...

Cooley told Baca weeks ago that he wasn't running for a 4th term (after he originally) pledged to only run two terms.

Baca appears to think Trutanich is the best bet for the County job.

I was going to support Jackie until I received the same email.

Also, I read this:

Anonymous said...

11:39PM Baca doesn't know anything about Trutanich or what a mess he's made of the City Attorney's Office where most of the DCA's would LOVE to see their boss leave. He's made them look like fools time and time again.

Also, don't forget, Baca is such a genius that he endorsed Jack Weiss over Trutanich originally, so that shows how little value there is to Baca's judgment.

Trutanich is going to be taken apart piece by piece by the opponents and there's a ton of dirt for them to use. There are already several websites full of embarrassing material about Trutanich and it will be used to make him look like the idiot he is.

I was going to back Jackie Lacey, but I think we should start a "Draft Steve Cooley for DA" campaign and have the new ADDA people run it.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich will get endorsements from everyone in City Hall - they all want to get rid of him.

His Michael Jackson memorial 'criminal aspects' investigation earned him the nickname Carmen 'The Clown' within days of taking office, and he'll never live that humiliation down.

Former Supporter said...

I quit the City Attorney's Office after seeing how terrible Trutanich was. I can assure you that everyone at the City Attorney's Office will be glad to see Trutanich leave - he's made us look stupid in front of judges, cops and people with his bullying and grandstanding. He runs the office like it's all a PR machine for him.

I feel sorry for the people of LA County if they end up with this jerk as DA, if you think the Michael Jackson memorial investigation was a disaster and probably an ethical violation (threatening criminal proceedings to force a civil settlement), then watch out for more of the same from this loudmouthed thug.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich recovered several million dollars back for the city of L.A. from AEG and the Michael Jackson memorial promoters.

What have the other candidates done?

Anonymous said...

Is this blog part of Cooley's campaign? Did Berger take over from Joe Scot as head of the PR Dept? If not why is he swaning around in a county car? How about some answers from Dragnet instead of ragging on the ADDA?

Anonymous said...

ADDA members desperately NEED for Ipsen to run. It will provide an opportunity to publicly question him about ADDA finances.

Anonymous said...

8:44AM is David Berger. He didn't quit, he was fired for embarrassing the City Attorney's office with inflamatory comments about City elected officials.

He probably won't post this comment which proves this blog belongs to him.

Anonymous said...

8:46AM makes a very good point "Trutanich recovered several million dollars back for the city of L.A. from AEG and the Michael Jackson memorial promoters." and then states "What have the other candidates done?"

It's really interesting how the Trutanich supporter thinks he's making a point in favor of Trutanich - that Trutanich's threats caused AEG to cave in and pay the City $1M towards the costs of the police presence at the memorial.

The problem is that if things are as 8:46AM says, then Trutanich violated State Bar Rule of Professional Conduct 5-100 which prohibits a member from using the treat of criminal prosecution to force a settlement of a dispute.

That would seem to be what Trutanich did. So 8:46AM is in favor of unethical conduct by a prosecutor. That's a hell of an endorsement for Trutanich.

Fortunately, the other candidates have not committed ethical violations. OK?

Anonymous said...

You guys are missing the point on Trutanich. Its not Ace or AEG. It's the "pledge to serve." Trutanich not only signed and pushed it, he engaged in alot of sanctimonious chatter. It's out there, it's preserved, and I hope he runs. . . purely for the entertainment value of watching him grill and sizzle like a fatty steak on the barbecue. This is going to be fun.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Alan Jackson hired a right wing bigot to run his campaign?

The internet is flooded with all his anti gay, and anti minority screeds.

Is the bigot vote really that big in L.A. County?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Carmen the Clown Trutanich starts his campaign off with a lie and an ethics violation.

First the idea that Trutanich was "deluged by leaders in law enforcement," to run for DA as reported in the LA Weekly yesterday, is a lie.

The website is actually run by Jim Royer who is on the board of California Narcotics Officers Association and Gary Schram, who is Trutanich's chief investigator, is also on the board of CNOA. It's all lie to create the illusion that "leaders in law enforcement" want Trutanich to be DA, when in fact Schram got Royer to set up a website without CNOA approval, probably with the promise of a job at the DA's Office if Trutanich pulls of the lie.

Second, the website that Royer set up with Trutanich's approval does not contain the required FPPC disclosure statement that tells people who is paying for a website, mailer, radio or tv advert.

Hell of a way to kick off a campaign to be DA from a guy who says he's not a politician; a lie and an ethics violation.

Anonymous said...

I am troubled by this Baca letter. We were instructed that sworn cannot appear in political advertisements in uniform. If he isn't breaking the rules, he is breaking the spirit of the rules.

Anonymous said...

Connect the dots dummies. A few months ago I asked the question several times, "why did this blog suddenly change from supporting Carmen Trutanich to attacking him?" That question has never been answered by "Windscale" the author of this blog.

Dot 1: Numerous comments have identified "Berger" as the person who runs this blog. That fact has never been denied by Berger or "Windscale" so it is fair to assume it is correct.

Dot 2: After doing some "googling" it seems that David Berger is a deputy district attorney who worked for Trutanich as a special assistant city attorney last year.

Dot 3: Berger started blogging nasty comments about Carmen Trutanich last year.

Dot 4: Numerous comments have said Berger was fired by Trutanich for wasting time blogging, fundraising and offending elected officials. That has also never been denied by "Windscale" or Berger.

Dot 5: Berger has commented here using his real name - see February 17 comment:

So Berger cannot deny that he doesn't know the allegations about him.

Connecting the dots; Berger knew that Trutanich was going to run for DA and has been campaigning against Trutanich.

The real questions are:

1) Why? and,

2) Who are you really working for Berger?

I think your readers are entitled to an explanation.

I also bet you will not publish this comment.