Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trutanich's DA Campaign Accused of Lying & Ethics Violation

OPINION: City Attorney Carmen Truanich's campaign to become Los Angeles District Attorney got off to a shaky start with accusations of lies and ethical violations as well as an advert from Alan Jackson's campaign casting doubts on Trutanich's motives and credibility.

In addition to the advert, Jackson's campaign has a website,, listing the numerous statements made by Trutanich indicating that he is not a politician and that he will fulfill his sworn campaign promise not to use the City Attorney's Office as a political springboard to higher office, specifically, not to run for District Attorney, all apparently lies in the light of Trutanich's decision to abandon the pledge he made to those who supported him.

As one comment to yesterday's announcement pointed out, it's a "Hell of a way to kick off a campaign to be DA from a guy who says he's not a politician; a lie and an ethics violation."

The lie complained of appears to be the failure of Trutanich to disclose that the email plea from Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca and the website to which Baca's message directs recipients, is in fact an elaborate ruse designed by his campaign to create the impression that Trutanich has been "deluged by leaders in law enforcement," to run for DA.

The reality, however, appears to be quite different.

The email plea from Sheriff Baca and the accompanying website are designed to create the impression that
Trutanich is being deluged with requests from law enforcement to run for DA. That's a lie according to some.

Records show that the website,, was set up by Jim Royer, a lieutenant at  Hawthorne Police Department.

Royer told LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus that he was "asked to provide a service [the website] and I did it." But what Royer did not tell Maddaus was who asked him to provide that "service."

Records also show that Royer has served on the board of the California Narcotics Officer's Association, and that Trutanich's chief investigator, Gary Schram, also serves on the board of that association, raising the suspicion that Trutanich is actually behind the request for that "service."

The connection between Trutanich and the anonymous "coalition of law enforcement officers"
was not disclosed by Trutanich - a deception at best, a lie according to some.
That Trutanich started his campaign by allegedly trying to deceive voters into believing that he has no connection between what has been called a "shambolic attempt" at pretending there was "a deluge of requests from leaders in law enforcement," seems highly likely if not a certainty.

Not only is the connection between Trutanich and Royer firmly established, but sharp-eyed readers will also note that the RSVP address given on this CNOA event is in fact, Trutanich's event coordinator.

CNOA members wanting to attend the luncheon
were directed to call or email Trutanich's event coordinator

Whether or not voters approve of what some might say is a crass attempt by Trutanich to create the illusion that law enforcement, or indeed anyone but his "All about me" ego, wants him to be District Attorney, remains to be seen.

There is no doubt, however, that the alleged deception practiced by Trutanich's campaign on the very day that he announces his candidacy will be used his opponents without limitation, perhaps rightly so.

It has also been pointed out that Sheriff Baca's email and Trutanich's website,, which Royer claims to be "separate from the Trutanich campaign," does not contain a disclosure statement indicating who has paid for the promotion of a candidate.

That is, perhaps, in violation of campaign ethics laws that require the public to be informed as to who has paid for the particular promotion, whether it's an email, tv or radio advert, website or a billboard. Whether or not Baca, Trutanich and Royer's actions constitute ethical violations will also, doubtless, be heralded by Trutanich's opponents as further proof of Trutanich's unsuitability for the position of District Attorney.

Trutanich took office as City Attorney less than two years ago after a lengthy and lucrative career as a criminal defense attorney.  In his 2009 campaign, Sheriff Baca had endorsed Trutanich's then opponent, Jack Weiss. Baca later withdrew that endorsement after allegations of campaign finance misconduct were made public in a call for an investigation. As yet there has been no call for an investigation into Trutanich's alleged deception, however, given the rapid response from the Jackson campaign, Alan Jackson could boost his name recognition by calling for just such an investigation.

All of this must make Sheriff Baca wonder whether it would be prudent to quickly disassociate himself from Trutanich's campaign after this shaky start.

"A helluva a way to kick of a campaign...."


Anonymous said...

I don't see anything wrong with what you claim are lies and ethics violations. There is no proof here that Nuch knew anything at all about the way the website was set up.

Even if what you say is true, it looks to me like Trutanich's supporters did all of this without Nuch's knowledge.

Hundreds of cops and citizens are fed up with the way the law is abused to protect gangmembers, drug dealers and illegal aliens. Nuch has shown that he has the guts to turn the tables on the sleazy defense attorneys who defend these wretches by abusing the system for OUR benefit.

If Nuch has to cut a few corners or break a few rules to clean up our state, then I could care less. It's time for a DA who is prepared to do the right thing and tell it the way it is. Political correctness has ruined America for Americans and made it a heaven for illegals. Go Nuch 2012!

Anonymous said...

Was Nuch a Republican before running for City Attorney. He ran as "declined to state", but his people are denying that he was a Republican in the past. This is all manipulation by him to try to find his way into the race. Is Baca turning on Cooley? That in and of itsself is news. Baca will kiss the ring of anyone who he thinks will win or lose his job in the next election. It is all a power scam and they are all corrupt, Nuch, Cooley and Baca.

Anonymous said...

This makes me sick. We were sold a bill of goods. Members of law enforcement need to be trustworthy. Trutanich = EPIC FAIL

Anonymous said...

Shaky start? Trutanich starts his campaign with a not very clever deception (a lie) about being "drafted" and you call that "shaky?" WTF it's a LIE!!!

Everything about this creep is phony. He looks like a pit boss in a sleazy Vegas casino with his sharkskin suits, and thinks he the Godfather. Wake up LA, this asswad is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Trutanich followed the Mayor's trick of releasing embarrassing information on a Friday afternoon when everyone's asleep at the wheel.

He obviously did not want anyone to realize that he had "started his campaign with a lie" and kudos to Dragnet for debunking his trail of deception.

How can you tell when Trutanich is telling the truth? His lips don't move.

Anonymous said...

7:26pm - of course Trutanich was a republican. He switched to decline to state when he ran for city attorney but was endorsed by the republican party as their candidate.

Anonymous said...

Nuch, you have let us all down. It makes me sick when I think of the support you asked us to give you because you promised to be different. You lied to us, and you are no different from the rest. In fact, you are worse, at least we can see the politicians for the phony balonies that they are, but you, you are a con man, a liar, a cheat, 'f' you Nuch. Don't ever ask me for anything again.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why the hell is Baca in UNIFORM? We were instructed that sworn can't do this in political ads! For crying out loud doesn't anyone care?

Anonymous said...

Hey Nuch! You trolls are always posting on this message board making personal attacks and innuendos about Berger? So where's the anti-Jackson shitstorm? CHICKEN?

Anonymous said...

They're calling Nuch "Turdsandwich" over at Mayor Sam Blog. Crash and burn Nuch, enjoy your few moments of fame because there's already talk of a recall campaign.

Anonymous said...

Lies, broken promises, and ego, no wonder a republican can't get elected in this state. Trutanich lowers the bar when it comes to ethics and his name recognition will be more associated with republicans like Nixon than Reagan.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 8:39pm. This blog has has become important resource. Most fellow DDAs I know check it AT LEAST once a day, if not more frequently. It's one one of the few places where we can get unfiltered information about events in the law enforcement legal community and our own union. To the best of my knowledge, the comments section is the only forum where DDAs can sound sound off without either an administration goon or a union thug waiting to retaliate.

Yet with every post, it seems that pro-Trutanich trolls have consistently bashed both this blog and its moderator. And now, it seems obvious that Alan Jackson and his supporters have lined up against Trutanich and his phoney-baloney campaign to have himself "drafted" as a DA candidate. So where's the response from the Trutanich trolls? The simple fact is that these bullies will go after a blog moderator but they won't dare mess with a well-oiled, sophisticated and prepared machine.


Anonymous said...

Connect the dots dummies. A few months ago I asked the question several times, "why did this blog suddenly change from supporting Carmen Trutanich to attacking him?" That question has never been answered by "Windscale" the author of this blog.

Dot 1: Numerous comments have identified "Berger" as the person who runs this blog. That fact has never been denied by Berger or "Windscale" so it is fair to assume it is correct.

Dot 2: After doing some "googling" it seems that David Berger is a deputy district attorney who worked for Trutanich as a special assistant city attorney last year.

Dot 3: Berger started blogging nasty comments about Carmen Trutanich last year.

Dot 4: Numerous comments have said Berger was fired by Trutanich for wasting time blogging, fundraising and offending elected officials. That has also never been denied by "Windscale" or Berger.

Dot 5: Berger has commented here using his real name - see February 17 comment:

So Berger cannot deny that he doesn't know the allegations about him.

Connecting the dots; Berger knew that Trutanich was going to run for DA and has been campaigning against Trutanich.

The real questions are:

1) Why? and,

2) Who are you really working for Berger?

I think your readers are entitled to an explanation.

I also bet you will not publish this comment.

Updated: More proof that Berger is "Windscale" - who else would have been able to make the connection between Gary Schram, Jim Royer, and Trutanich?

Anonymous said...

6:26am - who cares who Windscale is or why he has the dirt on Carmen the Clown?

Trutanich is a lying sack and everyone knows it now. He must think we're all morons to believe that out of the blue Sheriff Baca thinks it might be a good idea to 'Draft Turdsandwich to be DA.' That is so plainly a setup by Turdsandwich that it's not even funny.

I would vote for anyone but Turdsandwich, so knock yourself out with your dots.

Anonymous said...

6:26am - you just don't GET IT! Berger is only a blogger, and apparently not the only one who will run a negative story on Trutanich. So what are you going to do? Trash the other blogs? The Jackson campaign is still out there and, apparently ready to bitch slap you into the next century. This "shoot the messenger" crap may have been tolerable in private practice, but it's antithetical to public service. Go back to your firm.

Anonymous said...

"No proof that Nuch knew!!"?!! WOW, he is the mastermind behind this entire deceit - he made a HUGE mistake to announce so early, and let his ego get to him because now all the other candidates have an entire year to rip him a new one!

Anonymous said...

I don't think they taught ethics at the unaccredited law school Trutanich attended: "South Bay University College of Law". I didn't even know that school existed wow. I think that alone should disqualify him.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please make a YouTube Video about this SHAM "Drafting" of Trutanich. I really hope the good people of LA are not stuck with this terd as the next DA.