Friday, April 1, 2011

The Week In Review

Carmen Trutanich Subject of BS Threat Alert System

Political Pantloads today announced their deployment of BSTAS - the Bullshit Threat Alert System. BSTAS will initially only monitor City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and the threat level has been set to 'Severe,' which is perhaps understandably the default setting.

More ADDA 411

ADDA President Hyatt Seligman is expected to announce his endorsement of Steve Cooley for DA in 2012. "The decision to endorse my good friend Steve Cooley was not taken lightly, and in line with past ADDA procedures, no other members were consulted as they cannot agree on anything anyway." Seligman said.

Seligman was also expected to release a response to recent criticism concerning a lack of communications with members, however, we understand that the dog ate his laptop and this will cause a slight delay.

Transition Team Members Now Available

Former District Attorney Gil Garcetti, defense attorneys Larry Longo, Robert Shapiro and Mark Geragos, and former ADDA President Steve Ipsen have all announced their availability to serve on the Transition Team for the next DA of Los Angeles.

Perry Mason Blows the Whistle

In an email sent to all Los Angeles City Councilmembers this week, Perry Mason warned the Spring Street Gang of the dangers of granting City Attorney Carmen Trutanich enhanced powers under his proposed "ACE" Program. In a four hour rambling speech, Trutanich said he denied the allegations that his ACE Program was a power-grab and cash-stash, and reminded anyone still awake, that he was "just trying to do the right thing."

Richard Alarcon is Running

In an effort to avoid prosecution arising from the true location of his residence, Los Angeles Councilmember Richard Alarcon is moving to a fixer-up in Council District 1, where nobody pays attention to politics anyway.

Check your calendar for today's date!


Anonymous said...

HA! Thanks David, this is one to print up and put on the fridge!

Anonymous said...

Seligman must have choked on his latte when he saw his endorsement of Cooley. Bet he hadn't realized it was an April Fools Day joke until his lawyer told him he couldn't sue.

Like the BS alert system, you should do one for all the candidates.

Anonymous said...

Steve Cooley is a first class BULLSHITTER!

First he pledges to only run two terms, then he runs three terms.

He said he'd arrest his mother if he thought she committed a crime. Then he lets Randy Adams off the hook.

Then he declares victory in the AG's race, and comes in 2nd.

He is beyond Trutanich and off the charts.

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:50 - Cooley may be a bullshitter, but Truantich has him beat by a country mile.

First, Cooley never "pledged" anything - he just said that 2 terms was enough regarding Garcetti. Besides, the voters reelected Cooley by a landslide in the primary. Trutanich, on the other hand, signed a sworn promise to serve a full 1st term at CA and not use the CA's office as a springboard to DA, AG or Mayor. He's gone back on a promise - big difference and it's in writing.

As for the Bell Police Chief, unlike Trutanich who is a micro-managing control freak, Cooley lets his Head Deputies decide if there's enough evidence to prove a case BRD. Now Trutanich, well he goes on national tv and accuses AEG of 'criminal aspects' to the Michael Jackson memorial, then a year later he drops the case and accepts a bunch of Lady GaGa tix from AEG. Not even close.

Declaring victory in the AG race was a mistake, no question, but no way does it make Cooley a bullshitter of Trutanic proportions.

Anonymous said...

Cooley went on LIVE national television and declared Victory when his advisors told him not to.

He was put on notice that he didn't win, yet he declared victory anyway.

That's not a National Bullshitter?

Trutanich signed a form that was offered to Jack Weiss to sign as well.

Jack Weiss never signed it. You need two parties to sign a contract.

One party signing a contract does not make a contract.

Sorry, but Trutanich doesn't even come close to Cooley in the bullshitting department.

Anonymous said...

Cooley deserves top of the political bullshit threat billing because HE was the one who forced so many people to support Truanich in the first place.

Everyone I know basically said "I don't like that Trutanich guy, there's something really sleazy about him -like a Vegas pit boss, but if Cooley says he's alright, then he must be."

Cooley has finally found out that Trutanich is a piece of crap, and that's why Cooley did so badly in the AG race - because Los Angelenos associated Cooley with Trutanich. Can't wait for AJ to spill the beans on Trutanich, he'll rip him a new one and be a hero for taking him out of the race.

Anonymous said...

Cooley should have realized what an asswad Trutanich was, but I guess we shouldn't blame him too much because Philibosian was the one who told Cooley that Trutanich was an ok guy.

Trutanich is a snake make no mistake. He does all the "buddy buddy" crap and makes you think you're his "best buddy bff" when he doesn't even know who you are. It's a great con, this guy Nuch is slick and it's real easy to be taken in because he so good at taking you feel like he's your bff, the guy who's in your corner, he's got your back, etc. etc.

Then, like Cooley discovered, you talk to a few people and if you're bright enough, you realize you've been conned. They all tell you the same story. They didn't know this guy from Adam, and suddenly his your best buddy. Freaking conman!

Keep that Trutnich Bullshit Threat Alert at Severe, in fact create a higher category if possible. This guy is toxic.

Anonymous said...

Where does Jackie Lacey's lying under oath fall on the charts?

She's way beyond all these asswads.

Anonymous said...

9:50am - pathetic - you sound like one of the ADDA trolls who haven't got the guts to come clean about how you've screwed up so monumentally that nobody in the DA's Office wants anything to do with you.

How's that Agency Shop thing going for you? Do you think you'll be able to get enough votes if all the DDAs actually get to vote? Or will you have a few inconvenient problems making sure that all DDAs get their ballots in time to vote. And will there be a critical few late ballots that don't get counted so the Agency Shop passes by one vote?

Nah, nothing like that could happen could it. Or should I say, nothing like that could happen AGAIN!!!

All you are doing by your inane comments about Cooley, Lacey, Trujillo, Berger and Jackson is proving how you cannot be trusted with an Agency Shop, so keep the vitriol flowing and bust a gut. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the Trutanich BS Alert is f'ing hysterical. Big hit at City Hall where it's was viral.