Friday, May 27, 2011

ADDA Affiliation Deal Worth "A Million Dollars"

As the ADDA Board Majority urges members only to vote for affiliation with AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, "the largest public sector union in the country with over 1.4 million members" according to ADDA President Hyatt Seligman, the ADDA Board Majority has been emailing paid-up members with daily facts in support of affiliation.

Much emphasis has been placed on the amount of assistance AFSCME has already provided the ADDA Board Majority in maintaining what some might consider to be an aggressive, indeed antagonistic, stance against the County, the administration, as well as those who do not agree with the way the ADDA represents the rank and file.

In what appears to be a concession to the ADDA Board Minority, Seligman produced a "pros and cons" flyer, shedding some light on the consequences of affiliation. Comments posted on the Dragnet, presumably from those in receipt of information supplied by Seligman revealed some interesting conclusions.

One comment suggests that AFSCME keen to assist the ADDA Board Majority because the three-year affiliation deal is worth almost a million dollars

Affiliation could be worth as much as a million dollars to AFSCME
over the three-year unbreakable deal.
to AFSCME. The million dollar math appears to be based on;
  • the revelation that AFSCME will receive $35 (not $33 as a commenter stated) from each member's monthly dues, 
  • the affiliation deal will last a minimum of three years before it can be terminated, and,
  • Seligman considers affiliation to be "critical" to getting an agency shop passed, whereby all DDAs will have to pay monthly dues.
Given that the agency shop will result in as many as 800 DDAs being forced to pay ADDA membership (currently $903.60 a year for Grades III & IV, and $658.56 a year for Grades I & II), that results in a monthly payment to AFSCME of 800 x $35 = $28,000, which means $336,000 a year, for a total of $1,008,000 over the three-year unbreakable deal.

Comments also argue that Seligman believes affiliation with AFSCME is "critical" to the agency shop, because AFSCME will supply considerable support, promotional materials and other inducements to persuade a simple majority of DDAs to vote for the compulsory dues.

Other observations on the information supplied by Seligman raises concerns that affiliation will mean that DDAs will be forced to adopt "solidarity" positions with AFSCME in situations which contradict the interests of DDAs.

There is also concern that while Seligman states that affiliation will not change the current cost of ADDA membership, it is unclear whether the ADDA Board Majority will vote to increase dues after affiliation. They seem to be able to vote on anything they choose.

Seligman describes affiliation as a "trial marriage," a three year unbreakable relationship before any vote could be taken to "divorce" the relationship. Some might wonder why there is no "prenuptial" agreement to allow for an earlier termination should the trial marriage fall afoul to DDAs being forced to participate in industrial action, crossing picket lines to go to court as the oath of office demands.

A "con" statement in the "It's Decision Time" flyer makes the point that nothing in the affiliation agreement addresses the way that the ADDA Board Majority communicates with members. Indeed, the ADDA official website, which was recently on "account suspended" status, has been reinstated, however the content is so outdated that it still lists Steven Ipsen as "President" in "About Us," and states that Doug Sherrod is the Treasurer, even though he is understood to have resigned.

Some might say that the ADDA Board Majority are uncommunicative where it suits their purpose, and have hidden behind excuses such as not having the technical knowledge to communicate and being denied access to Lotus Notes. However, it appears that the ADDA Board Majority can communicate when it needs to, as witnessed by the current daily communications from Seligman.



Anonymous said...

Makes a lot of sense. Seligman gets to be a big deal with AFSCME and he signs over the farm just be be treated like a VIP union leader. $1M that could be used to do something for DDAs goes to fuel more bitterness and division.

Anonymous said...

On March 3, 2011, Hyatt Seligman said "Our most fundamental problem is communications. It is embarrassing that in this electronic age, our union is hamstrung in getting its word out, but let's not lose focus as to why, good people." ... "the main reason we can't just touch a keyboard and instantly message our deputies at this time isn't because we don't want to or are trying to hide what we are doing. It's because management won't let us use the best available tool for it."

Seems to me Hyatt, that you can find a keyboard easily enough when it matters to you.

Why no explanation as to why Doug Sherrod resigned?

Why no explanation for wasting over $300,000 suing a fellow DDA who only wanted the ADDA to follow its own rules?

What guaranty is there that once you've conned us into believing due will not go up, you will have one of your secret meetings and vote to jack up dues?

Why do you call anyone who doesn't agree with the ADDA Board Majority a 'union buster?' Is that what we can expect in an agency shop?

Answers please, now that you've re-found your keyboard skills.

Anonymous said...

Dragnet forgot the most important part. In 2008 Steve Ipsen ran a Campaign for DA that finished third. A "protest" candidate who raised no money - Albert Robles - beat him by 5 percentage points.

Ipsen learned his lesson and is put together his own political machine for 2012. After losing the ADDA    
Treasurer's race in a landslide to an unknown, he had his cronies on the Board just appoint him to a vacant spot on the board of directors. When a $160,000 judgment was levied against the ADDA because of one of his bone-headed calls, ASCME picked up the tab.

Now, as demonstrated by the "Durazo" letter, AFSCME is prepared to do Ipsen's dirty work by attacking Ipsen's 2012 competition, blocking the endorsement by the local AFL-
CIO of Jackie Lacey for DA in 2012.

So it's no surprise who Ipsen and his board cronies want us to affiliate with......

Anonymous said...

I saw Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey at the Sheriff's memorial ceremony. They were furious that the whole County Fed, Mark Ridley Thomas hoax has back-fired onto Jackie and as a result, she will not get either endorsement now.

Pity, they don't think it's going to Steve Ipsen either although he will definitely be in the running.

The smart money is on Alan Jackson. He's the only one who promises to clean house.

Anonymous said...

I hear the Ridley-Thomas endorsement is a done deal, and the County Fed of Labor endorsement is a formality, so 1:13pm's full of it.

But 1:13pm is right about Steve Ipsen. He is in the running for a majot endorsement - from John Eastman to kinda return the favor. I bet Ipsen is busting with pride to have a real union buster supporting him.

But the endorsements only count for so much. Mario is so far ahead with fundraising that even if Lacey's Thursday night Cooley event is "sold out" like everyone says, she'll still be in second place.

Hey, did anyone hear that Trutanich held a fundraiser and no one showed up?

Anonymous said...

Mark Ridley Thomas announced yesterday that he did not endorse Jackie Lacey and he had not even considered it.

The letter from the County Fed speaks for itself. They called Jackie and told her putting out phony endorsements will not help her get their endorsement. They also told Cooley they're not impressed with how she's running her campaign.

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson could clean house by getting rid of Seligman and the ADDA Board Majority.

Anonymous said...

1:58PM = Lie. "Mark Ridley Thomas announced yesterday that he did not endorse Jackie Lacey and he had not even considered it.

Google "mark ridley thomas endorsement jackie lacey" No announcement. You must have been dreaming...

Anonymous said...

The ADDA Board Majority has given notice of the affiliation election. Ballots will be sent out on May 31, 2011. This is from the email that Seligman managed to send out today:

"All members in good standing (dues paying members) on the date the ballots are due (June 20, 2011) are eligible to vote."

"In order to be a member in good standing, dues payments must not be more than 15 days in arrears."

"An applicant for membership becomes a member 30 days after submission of a signed payroll dues deduction form and withdrawal of funds via payroll deduction."

So anyone thinking of joining the ADDA to vote against affiliation is SOL, they would not become a member until after the vote has already passed.

Also, anyone thinking of joining the ADDA is insane.

Do you really want these jokers to ruin the DA's Office a day longer? Vote NO on affiliation and force a vote of confidence in the ADDA Board Majority. Maybe that way we'll get some level headed leadership from people without personal vendettas.

Anonymous said...

Great graphic Windscale. When whichever of the non-Cooley candidates wins DA and fires your lazy ass for blogging on county time, you can get a job at the Huffington Post where you will be paid what you're worth. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

11:54, I'd also love to know what prompted Doug Sherrod to resign and what his position is on agency shop. Whoever runs this blog---do some investigative reporting and find out!!

Anonymous said...

Nedra Jenkins, the Chief of Staff to Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas has confirmed that he has not endorsed Jacquelyn Lacey, and probably won't endorse anyone for District Attorney until next year.

She said any reports to the contrary are fabrications and unfortunate misrepresentations.

Anonymous said...

Did Lacey ever release her youtube video that Orlov spoke about? Let's see, she's lost both AFLCIO, MRT and wasn't able to deliver a simple youtube video as promised.

She is running quite possibly the worst campaign in LA DA history. Is it too late for her to drop out?

Anonymous said...

The story on Dragnet that all these comments are posted to is a story about the attempt to have the ADDA become an affiliate with AFSCME.

Yet it has turned into a total donnybrook about whether or not a Mark Ridley Thomas and the AFL-CIO have backed Lacey for the 2012 DA.

For crying out, it can't be any more blatant.

Its no coincidence, Steve Ipsen rolls out his 2012 campaign, AFSCME launches a jihad on Lacey, and now Ipsen and his buddies are pitching affiliation with AFSCME as being in your best interest.

Oh, and don't forget, AFSCE paid out a $160,000 judgment against the ADDA caused by Ipsens cancelling of of the board election in 2008.

All of this happening within the course of days.

This whole affiliation deal is part of a political dirty deal between AFSCME and the ADDA Board Majority: AFSCME captures the ADDA as an affiliate, in return the ADDA Board gets one of their cronies elected to DA in 2012.

If you are a DDA, your rights were bought and sold. Connect the dots.

Anonymous said...

ADDA Board Majority are crapping themselves over Lacey's endorsements. It's the end of days for them, because their ludicrous lies about Lacey being a 'union buster' are falling apart like one of Ipsen's cheap lawsuits.

If trying to help a friend from being used and abused by the Taliban-like ADDA Board Majority is union busting, then I guess Lacey, and around 500 DDAs who are not afraid of ADDA intimidation are all union busters.

And as we've seen from the ADDA Board Majority, they are only too willing to sue fellow DDAs when it suits them. All Burke did was try to make the ADDA Board Majority hold a fair election when they were supposed to. He won his argument in court, and in the court of appeal. But what does Seligman do or say about that? He pretends it never happened.

Vote 'NO' on affiliation and send a message to the Board Majority that their days of bullying and intimidation are over.

Anonymous said...

There used to be a real feeling camaraderie and esprit de corps in the DA's Office, no hard lines between managers and the rank and file. You could talk to them about anything, and get a straight honest answer.

Ever since Ipsen hijacked the ADDA and turned it into his personal campaign machine for DA, things have changed.

The topic of ADDA is a no-go area, either between fellow DDAs or with managers. We all have to watch what we say because there's a bunch of Ipsen's goons who want to lure you into saying anything that could possibly be construed as 'anti-union' or 'union busting' so that they can scream "fire" and sue you in federal court.

Forget unionization for a minute because this is not about unions or union-busting. It's about stopping a rot that is destroying the fabric of cooperation and camaraderie in our office.

Look at the secret stealthy way that the ADDA Board Majority operates. Seligman says he cannot offer email answers to critical questions because the County won't let him use his 'keyboard' at the office. But now when he's pushing something he wants, we get daily emails about affiliating.

Who, on the ADDA Board voted for affiliation? Was Ipsen one of the Board Majority? If so, should his vote be dismissed because he's running for DA? Did he delay announcing his candidacy just so he could participate in that vote? Where's the email from Seligman about that? In fact, has anyone seen any confirmation of Ipsen's Board Majority status? He was tossed out of the ADDA by the members at an election, and then the Board Majority appointed him to a vacant seat. That alone shows you what little regard the Board Majority has for the members, let alone the rank and file.

I don't trust the ADDA Board Majority, and neither should you. If they say affiliation is good thing, believe the 180 degree opposite.

The real question is Is this the kind of DA's Office you want? It's not what I want. I want the place I joined before Ipsen hijacked the ADDA and the only way to get that back is to stop this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Get a load of this! LOL