Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Carmen Trutanich District Attorney Campaign Challenged By Alan Jackson

Carmen Trutanich's District Attorney campaign has been challenged by Alan Jackson to abide by his contract with voters to pay $100,000 of personal funds to the Best Afterschool Program for Kids and place a full-page ad in every major daily paper with a picture of himself and text stating "I AM A LIAR."

The conservative blog "What Would Reagan Do?" published
Alan Jackson's challenge, together with their suggestion for
an newspaper advertisement Trutanich is obliged to publish.

On Tuesday, May 3, 2011, the Alan Jackson campaign released the following statement:

The Alan Jackson Campaign calls upon Carmen Trutanich to finally tell voters whether he will honor the penalty for breaking his pledge.

Los Angeles, May 3nd – It has been over two weeks since Carmen Trutanich has broken his promise and a widely circulated pledge he signed to the voters by announcing his intentions to run for District Attorney. Trutanich has remained silent on whether he will honor the penalty for breaking his pledge. The Jackson campaign is calling upon Mr. Trutanich to address this important issue and let the voters know whether or not they can count on him to honor his sworn promise.

The pledge stipulates that if Trutanich breaks his promise to serve two terms as City Attorney and not seek higher office, he must pay $100,000 of personal funds to the Best Afterschool Program for Kids and place a full-page ad in every major daily paper with a picture of himself and text stating ‘I AM A LIAR’.

The Jackson campaign has launched a timer counting the hours that Carmen Trutanich has left the question of honoring his word unanswered. Visit www.thetrufacts.comto watch the time tick by. The campaign has also listed contact information for the advertising departments of several major newspapers to facilitate Mr. Trutanich’s taking out the “I AM A LIAR” ads.

“Will Carmen Trutanich honor the penalty for breaking his pledge or not? We deserve our next DA to be a man of his word, not another career politician who will say or sign anything to get elected,” stated political consultant John S. Thomas.

“Voters deserve to have elected officials with integrity. Until Mr. Trutanich responds to voters that he will keep his promise, his integrity remains in question,” Thomas added.

Over two weeks ago the Jackson campaign launched a web video highlighting Carmen Trutanich’s “Pledge to Serve” and multiple public statements in which Trutanich swore during his campaign for City Attorney he would not seek higher office, specifically District Attorney. Please see to view the video.

Click below to view Carmen Trutanich’s original “Pledge to Serve.”

Alan Jackson has been a prosecutor in the LA County District Attorney’s office for over 16 years where he has tried nearly 60 felony cases, more than half of which have been murder trials.  He spent five years prosecuting hardcore gang cases in Compton, after which he moved to the Major Crimes Division where he has led the prosecution in some of California’s highest profile cases. Prior to becoming a Deputy DA, Jackson served in the United States Air Force as a Jet mechanic. Currently, Jackson serves as the Assistant Head Deputy of the Major Crimes Division where he oversees the office’s most complex and high-profile cases.

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Anonymous said...

Props to Alan for taking the fight to this phony career politician. I don't care about his signed pledge, I just remember the numerous times Nuch stated that he just wanted to be City Attorney for 8 years and that he hoped there would be a charter amendment so that he could serve a 3rd term. He said that before, during and after his campaign.

Nuch lied to us. He says there are "changed circumstances" and from where I stand, the only things that have changed are his commitment to the people of LA, and that his ego and power-grabbing mentality has surfaced.

Nuch, you are a fake. You are everything you said you were not. Well done Alan, by taking this stand you have shown you are a leader. Where are the other candidates on this? Too scared to say anything - that says it all for me. Jackson for DA in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Who's Alan Jackson again? The country star running for D.A.?

Anonymous said...

These campaigns are going to need more than just negative attacks if they expect to win.

As one Republican strategist said on the news this morning, "If Republicans expect to win any races next year, rather than attack the President or whoever they're running against, they need to tell the public what they're about and why they should elect them. Negative attacks aren't going to generate any votes."

Whoever is running Allen Jackson's campgaign seems to be falling into the same old bad habits. Why not tell us what Allen's about and why we should vote for him?

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how none of the press is printing this story. Is it because they don't think Alan is a viable candidate? Probably but who are they to make the decision for the voters? Why not print this challenge and let the voters make up their own minds about Alan. I'm sure if Cooley made the challenge they would print it. There is no real freedom of the press, makes me sad. They selectively choose what they want to publish and that's not fair for the public.

Anonymous said...

I applaud Alan for his efforts - he is spending a lot of time and money discrediting Carmen Trutanich; however I don't think he has the wide ranging appeal to be DA. Chris Kelly spent $10 million of his own money to run for AG and didn't make it past the primary. Unfortunately these days you need something more to get mass voter appeal and it's beyond money. LA has 11 million residents and Alan is not resonating with them. Alan has sent 10000 mailers to LA voters and he still has less than 200 Facebook followers, that should say something about voter interest in him. I think he would make a competent DA even though his trial experience is far less than all the other candidates but I doubt he has a chance or will get much of a following beyond ultra conservative Republicans. I do hope one of the DDAs running wins though because we can't have Carmen Trutanich the clown & liar as the next DA.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't someone SUE Carmen Trutanich under B&P 17500 & the Lanham Act for False Advertisement regarding his fake pledge. The statute clearly covers his claim and any member of the public has standing to sue. If Alan is the great lawyer he claims to be that is what he should be doing not just making websites saying "boohoo you're a liar" - take him to COURT!

Anonymous said...

11:09am KFI640AM had a piece on Nuch's embarrassing lie this morning at the height of drive time

The rest of the press are probably waiting until nearer the election when it will do the most damage to Nuch, who the press hates more than Rocky.

John Shallman must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

This whole pledge thing the (one person) Alan Jackson campaign is pedeling, is just a cheap campaign gimmick. Just like the pledge itself was a cheap campaign gimmick. Who's behind both of these cheap campaign gimmicks? Republican operative John Thomas. He's using one campign gimmick to challenge another campaign gimmick. His name is on both of them.

Perhaps he too has figured out that Alan Jackson really has nothing unique and qualified about him to get elected D.A.

Alan should be careful. One day John may use this campaign gimmick against him.

Anonymous said...

Like 8:12am says, the signed pledge is not the big deal with Trutanich. It's the fact that he told so many people that he was only interested in ending his career as our city attorney. Now, after less than 2 years, he wants a better job. There's a great video on YouTube showing all the times Trutanich lied. It will sink him.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree, Alan needs to be careful with his advisor. The only winners these days are the high price political advisors. Carmen Trutanich is not shooting back at Alan because he does not believe Alan is a real threat, and he's probably right: Trutanich is his own biggest enemy!

Anonymous said...

Can we all agree that Danette is finished? After bumbling and fumbling the Lindsey Lohan case, how can she expect anyone to think she could administrate the entire D.A. office.

Anonymous said...

When are we going to demand to see Trutanich's birth certificate? I heard he was born in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Lie-Tanich seems to be having one bad day after the next. Kudos to Jackson for having the guts to stand up to this clown.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha 2:12, that is soooo funny. Trouble is Trutanich could have been born in Kenya - you don't have to be "a citizen born of these United States" serve a city attorney - that's why that loudmouthed cockney Brit Berger who runs this blog was able to run against Trutanich in 2009.

Rack up another stupid comment for the Trutanich tolls. Of course, the document we'd all like to see is Trutanich's law school transcripts. His legal reasoning and failure to understand basic constitutional law principles make me wonder if he ever actually studied at law school. How about those transcripts Nuch?

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is ignoring Alan because he hasn't got an answer. He is dead in the water lying to voters and Jackson is going to be a hero for having the guts to expose Nuch for being a fraud.

Anonymous said...

The Alan Jackson campaign looks desperate.

Anonymous said...

AJ 4 DA 2012!!!!!!!!!!

This man is the real deal. There is NO BETTER PUBLIC PROSECUTOR than Alan Jackson. He prosecutes gangsters, murderers, celebrities, rapists, thieves ... you name it, he has put them behind bars. He is smart, savvy, and he is going to win. Bravo, Alan! And Bravo Dragnet for covering this race so carefully.

Anonymous said...

I disagree 5:58 - I think Carmen Trutanich can attack Alan on a lot of areas, not the least of which is Alan's inexperience: Alan has the lowest number of felony trials (60) of all the candidates and the lowest number of murder trials of all the candidates and is one of the most junior candidates as well. Sure Carmen is a scumbag but he's done a lot more trials than Alan. I'm just sayin'!
I do think Alan and Carmen are similar in some ways: they are both their own biggest fans and have a huge ego. No seasoned political strategist would start attacking Carmen so early on in the race. You are spending a lot of money and energy on something that only a few DDAs in the office will pick up on and the press has completely ignored. The other candidates are wiser by staying quiet for now. Alan's consultant is definitely working for his money but I'm not so sure his advice is in Alan's best interest.

Anonymous said...

8:35Pm I think you make a good point in that the election is a ways off, and coming out of the box taking swings at Trutanich and calling him unethical and a liar, are a little premature.

On the other hand, nobody in the media much likes Trutanich and they will want to hit him hard right before the primary - a sort of Nicky Diaz moment on steroids. There is a huge advantage for the media to have so much negative stuff out there about Trutanich, because that way it won't look like the media is just making things up. Jackson will be front and center as the guy who has been openly attacking Trutanich from the get go, so he will get the credit, and more importantly the exposure right before the primary.

It's also good that all the DDAs who read this blog, share the information. Come election time, a lot of people ask DDAs who they recommend for DA, and this way there are a lot of well informed influential people who do not want to work for Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

8:35 PM is obviously Nuch's overworked press officer. "Sure Carmen is a scumbag but he's done a lot more trials than Alan." That is a typical Trutanich lie. First, Trutanich hasn't tried a case as a prosecutor for 21 years - he quit the office in 1990. You wanna boast and brag about the number and type trials he has done since then? Err, not so much. And in actual numbers of trials, Nuch isn't even close to the average Grade III.

We gave him a pass on being on the criminal's side for the majority of his career, but that issue will be revisited with interest, and this time most of the criminal defense bar will not be standing by Nuch. He pissed off on of the higher ups in the LA Criminal Defense Bar with his $1M bail for a billboard businessman, and they now fear he will be even worse if he's DA.

Then there's also the BS about him being an "environmental attorney." Yeah, that one's going to be microscopically examined to show he was nothing but a shake down artist plaintiff's attorney, and the way he is now abusing 17200 lawsuits proves that point only too well.

Whatever money is being spent by Jackson to expose Nuch for being unsuitable for the position of DA is money well spent. It will encourage all his ever-growing list of enemies to support Jackson, and send Nuch back where he came from with more shame and disgrace than any other politician in history.

Anonymous said...

If Jackson wants to be seen as a credible candidate he must list the number of death penalty cases he has tried and his supervisory positions. If he has neither, he is not a credible candidate to run an office the size of the LA DA. Can we see that information soon?

Anonymous said...

I agree 11:05: if he is a true conservative republican then he will list them. But I think Alan Jackson has only done 1 death penalty trial. Then again Cooley has only done one. That's pretty pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The number of cases a candidate has tried (death penalty or otherwise), has never been a factor in electing a DA. Reiner, Garcetti and Cooley all had minimal trial records. What they had, and what mattered, was the ability to manage and through being an effective manager, they had valuable contacts who in turn endorsed and supported their campaigns.

All this talk about who has tried the most cases is really academic. Trutanich is the weakest candidate when it comes to trial numbers, but strongest when it comes to experience. The only way to defeat Trutancih is to attack his record, and that's why what Jackson is doing is so important.

Anonymous said...

ummm wasn't jackson the one who tried phil spector, mickey thompson and lily burke? Jackson should put his trial record up against trutanich's trial attorney record...Nuch defends polluters and people who murder seals. Jackson prosecutes the worst criminals around in a division called MAJOR CRIMES.

Anonymous said...

I disagree: it will never come down to Alan and Carmen because Alan can't draw a bigger crown than hardcore Republicans-but assuming it did, Carmen will ABSOLUTELY rail Alan on his inexperience as a trial attorney. Of course there's a whole lot everyone can throw back at Carmen but one of Alan's biggest weaknesses is his incredibly low trial numbers and Carmen is certain to attack that as are all the other candidates who, except for Jackie Lacey, have much greater experience trying cases. The public does not care about managers who sit in an office and tell others what to do - they want to see someone with experience in the courtroom.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it will never come down to a choice between Trutanich and any of the other candidates, all of whom have more qualifications in their pinky than Trutanich has in his big fat mouth.

I hope the 5 'real' candidates will band together against Trutanich. Sure, they have their differences, but they can agree on one thing - Trutanich would make a terrible DA.

It's ironic because they need to do what Trutanich and the "good guys" did to keep Jack Weiss out of the City Attorney's Office. They all kept on reminding voters of his awful record, and to vote for anyone but Weiss.

The good 5, Trujillo, Lacey, Jackson, Meyers and Grace, need to do the same thing to Trutanich. His 'name recognition' needs to be overcome by the tons of negative stuff there is about him - breaking his campaign promise is just the tip of the iceberg.

So come on you guys, right now only Jackson's doing the heavy lifting. How about a little support for Jackson's good work in outing Trutanich as nothing but a worthless untrustworthy career politician?

Anonymous said...

The people on this blog know nothing about campaigns. The public doesn't care about these side shows. Nor do they care about how many trials somebody has under their belt. How many trials did Steve Cooley, or Ira Reiner or Robert Philabosian have?

Races are won on name i.d.

I read about Trutanich on the front page of today's paper. Yesterday I saw him on three different TV stations. I also heard him quoted on KFI radio news.

Until the other so-called candidates can get that kind of visability, they're just wasting their time.

blow away dum dums........

Anonymous said...

Carmen may have some name ID and I say some because he has been in office less than 2 years but it is all bad name ID. He is an extremely vulnerable candidate, more vulnerable than anyone I know in local politics, and it is all his own doing.
I respectfully disagree with 6:11 - we are in a new era with lots of information readily available on the internet. Eventually the voters will make the right decision based on real information. It is too early now but come June 2012 they will know about Carmen Trutanich's lies and reject him and pick a candidate who is experienced and respected. Cooley won in 2000 not based on being qualified or a good candidate, it was a rejection of Gil vote. Cooley remained in office all this time ONLY because he was an incumbent with no real challengers. This is the first DAs race where the power of mass internet based information is really going to matter. And it will lead to the best candidate winning (and that certainly will not be Cooley or Carmen).

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson is a nice guy but he's so darn stiff. Needs to loosen up a little but I don't think he can.

Anonymous said...

6:11PM the "people on this blog" as you put it, are mostly DDAs CAs and campaign people, like you. It's way to early in this race for a wider audience here or anywhere else for that matter. Most of the bloggers are reporting similar stories about Trutanich; Street-Hassle, Mayor Sam, Walter Moore Says, and Ron Kaye LA being the leading ones. There will be more.

The blogs themselves can only do so much. However, a large number of the media are following the blogs - that's where their stories start. Orlov at the Daily News, Maddaus at LA Weekly and Zahniser at the LA Times all know what a piece of slime Trutanich is, and they're not afraid to say so. They will help to speed the word about how little we can trust Trutanich.

10:25PM is 100% on the money. This election will be won by whichever candidate harnesses the internet to overcome the inevitable flood of misleading tv and radio ads, as well as the flood of mailers that uninformed voters historically rely on. That approach was a big part of Jack Weiss's defeat. He was the one with the 'name recognition' that you are saying is so all important.
He had 8 years in city hall.
He had tv ads and mailers.
He had the Mayor and the freakin' Chief of Police endorsing him.

He lost by 12 points to someone with no name recognition, but with the support of the blogs and the media.

Right now any one of the 5 real qualified candidates would be a better choice than Trutanich. The media will find their 'darling' and it won't be Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

@11:04 good point. This election will be interesting to watch how to media treats Trutanich. He'll probably learn how it feels to be Jack Weiss.