Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Classic Cooley, Where in City Hall is Carmen Trutanich, ADDA Leaks


Comments aplenty on Sunday's Trutanich Disses Deputy City Attorneys piece with little support for Trutanich's position that his trial losses are due to his deputy city attorneys being "inexperienced" and guilty of "blunders."

One comment presumed that "trial losses" referred to win/loss record of Trutanich's volunteer program where law school graduates prosecute cases normally handled by deputy city attorneys. Rumors suggest that the success rate is troubling, and that the program depreciates the value of the office.


As promised, this classic Steve Cooley quote on the topic of his narrow defeat in his run for Attorney General, reported by the San Francisco Chronicle:

"I gave my college try, I paid a political price," he said. "Look at the last attorney general primary, there were two Republicans - one who wouldn't know which side of the courtroom to sit on, wouldn't know three strikes if it bit him in the ass - he spent every day hitting me ... suggesting I was soft on three strikes."

(We checked in later and he was referring to Sen. Tom Harman, R-Huntington Beach, not constitutional lawyer John Eastman.) End quote.

Cooley does have a way with words...


OK, we're shamelessly plagiarizing Rick Orlov's pity question in last week's LA Daily News, but this time the topic is on Trutanich's decision not to address the City Council on cuts to his budget.

City Watch published an op-ed by former CD4 Councilmember candidate Stephen Box on the way that city departments deal with their budgets. Box noted that "William Carter of the City Attorney’s office, standing in for Carmen Trutanich, gave a fiery performance, calling out the budget as an abdication of responsibility, rejecting the cuts and building a solid case for the value of his department."

Some might say that Trutanich's absence was an "abdication of responsibility" in and of itself. However, few would question the wisdom of whoever advised Trutanich to absent himself and defer to his Chief Deputy. Ever since Trutanich dropped the bombshell of "criminal aspects" to the Micheal Jackson Memorial in the Council Chamber, his credibility has been in question.

Trutanich's last appearance in Council Chambers did not turn out so well.
The 'criminal aspects' investigation yielded no criminal or civil charges.
(Credit: TRU Is False blog)

 Some might say that there is also the added benefit that should Chief Deputy Carter fail to convince the Council of the need to preserve the City Attorney's budget, he can throw Carter under the bus with accusations of "inexperience" and "blunders" along with the other deputy city attorneys who failed Trutanich.


Proof positive that ADDA President Hyatt Seligman reads the LA Dragnet: 

 Our recent observation that things have been a little quite in the ADDA camp yielded a comment indicating that a secret email had been sent by the ADDA to all members on the all important topic of the agency shop plan under which all DDAs in Grades I - IV will be required to pay dues to the ADDA.

It appears that the email mentioned by Anonymous 10:25PM was "unauthorized" and prompted a rare email response by Seligman:

It appears that "a small minority of ADDA Board members" sent the email attributed to Marc Debbaudt, and that there is disagreement about how and whether the ADDA should resolve its perilous finances by affiliating with AFSCME (American Federated State, Council and Municipal Employees) and proceed with the agency shop.

Seligman's email is too lengthy to repeat here, however, Seligman does not indicate how much the compulsory dues will be, perhaps a sign that it is an amount best kept secret. ADDA members who did not receive Seligman's email can request a copy by sending an email to Seligman.

Any of the recipients of the "unauthorized" email are invited to send it to the Dragnet where, in the interests of free speech and the free expression of dissenting opinions, it will be published anonymously.



Anonymous said...

Seligman's email is a testament to the "Lord of the Flies" meets "On the Waterfront" leadership model followed by the ADDA Board.

An anti-labor, anti-diversity candidate runs for AG, and the ADDA endorses him. The state Republican party targets public employee pensions, and the ADDA is silent. Trutanich disses DDAs handling Sexual Assault cases (some of the hardest working people in the DA's office), and the ADDA is silent.

But if any rank and file DDA speaks against them, they slit his or her throat. Now they're eating their own in a power struggle.

It would be be a farce, but the fact that they want us all to subsidize this comedy will mean that all rank and file DDAs will see smaller paychecks, and that's neither farce nor comedy, its tragedy.

Anonymous said...

@1:39AM is right. The ADDA Board Majority (hereinafter, "ABM") treats the rank and file members in the same way as the Politburo in the Soviet Union - they want to control the flow of information so that only the "good news" gets through.

Democracy is an anathema to the ABM, who will use whatever it takes to stifle any dissent. Of course, you are "welcome" to attend their monthly meetings which, according to Seligman's earlier message on Dragnet, makes the parking lot at the Dodgers seem like a safe place for anyone who isn't part of the ABM.

According to Seligman's response to his "ignore the unauthorized email," the ADDA is on the brink of bankruptcy because the ABM has wasted hundreds of thousands of our member dues on expensive legal fees which has accomplished nothing but the worsening of relations with the administration.

The ABM now wants an agency shop to compel all DDAs to fuel their fires. It's the worse possible scenario, empowering the ABM with close to $1M a year will make life worse for the majority of DDAs, while making the ABM the Politburo they really want to be.

Anonymous said...

1. Cooley was justified in bitch-slapping Harman, who is another phony baloney career politician like Trutanich.

2, Trutanich is AWOL more than Villariagosa and has about as much credibility. He is never missed when he's busy campaigning and his credibility will take another hit when he switches his party allegiance to democrat - widely rumored.

3. The way the ADDA Board "Majority" conducts themselves should be a warning to anyone with any sense. This is a bunch of crazies all full of their own importance who are incapable of making decisions on behalf of the majority of normal, sane DDAs.

Anonymous said...

The way those in position of power deal with CRITICS, not sycophants, but real free speech, tells you volumes about their character. Just look at the way this blog has been attacked by Trutantich supporters and ADDA shills and you learn everything you need to know about both. Those in power who need to have their asses kissed need to be replaced, immediately.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the ADDA Board Majority is that it is another one if those "we know better than you" groups. They don't trust us ignorant mere members with all the information, because they only want to present one side of the issue - their side.

I am not against the concept of having some form of representation to tackle real issues in a sensible and fair way, but everything I have seen about the way the ADDA Board Majority conducts itself makes me sure that allowing this ABM to have more power and more money will be a disaster for the rank and file.

I don't buy the argument that once everyone has been forced to pay, it will be more representative. The ABM has shown that it knows all the tricks it needs to know to hang on to power. Bottom line, I don't trust them and I don't think the majority of DDAs do either.

I am not going to vote for the agency shop, and I will cancel my dues immediately. I hope others have the courage to do the same. Perhaps that kind of action will result in a ADDA made up of sensible moderate DDAs who know how to behave like grown ups and have credibility with the County and the administration.