Monday, May 2, 2011

Good News, Bad News

Alan Jackson got some good news Monday afternoon.

Phil Spector's conviction was upheld by a unanimous decision of the Court of Appeal, according to the LA Times. In a statement released by the Alan Jackson for DA campaign, Jackson said: "The Court's stongly-worded ruling today affirms what we at the District Attorney's office have known since 2009: Mr. Spector received a fair trial and his murder conviction was proper. I am proud to have represented the People in the fight to get justice for Lana Clarkson. This is a great day for Lana, the Clarkson family and for Los Angeles. Phil Spector is exactly where he should be--behind bars."

That's bad news for Spector.

If looks could kill ... Phil Spector does not look happy.
(Credit: Los Angeles Times)

Good news for Carmen Trutanich.

Rick Orlov at the Daily News all but accused Trutanich of "grandstanding"
in an op-ed criticizing Trutanich for exaggerating his role regarding DNA Rape Kits.
The good news? He got his name in the press, again.

Bad news for Trutanich is that he got his name in the press for making false claims. The Daily News article explained that Trutanich had not been invited to LAPD Chief Beck's press call on the clearing of the Rape Kit backlog.

But despite not being invited to the presser, Orlov reported that Trutanich nevertheless issued this statement,"we as prosecutors are successfully using these kits and other evidence to prosecute criminals."

Trutanich's statement was questioned by Orlov, who reported that an aide told him (on background) that "The city attorney was not involved and his office is unlikely to use the evidence kit because they prosecute misdemeanor crimes." 

 It seems that the unnamed aide, Chief Beck and Orlov all understand that the city attorney prosecutes misdemeanor crimes, while felonies, such as rape (as in "Rape Kits") are not prosecuted by Trutanich, making his statement basically false.

It probably has not escaped Orlov's attention, as well as the attention of many others, that as Trutanich ramps up his bid to become District Attorney, he is increasingly trying to make himself relevant to criminal issues that really are not in his purview, just to get some ink.

Examples of "grandstanding" by Trutanich are not hard to find.

The Daily Breeze was one of many local media outlets covering
the successful take down of the infamous RSP Gang.
Last week many media outlets picked up on the "massive gang sweep" that netted members of the notorious Rancho San Pedro gang. Carmen Trutanich was front and center in most reports of the action by federal agents and local law enforcement. All those arrested will face felony charges for illegal firearms and narcotics sales and possession, charges that will be prosecuted by the District Attorney, not Trutanich. So what was Trutanich's connection apart from hailing from San Pedro? An injunction. A useful tool, but in comparison to the actual news, rather peripheral in the opinion of some.

It appears that Trutanich may have been so misleading as to his actual role in this gang sweep, that reporters got entirely the wrong impression about Trutanich.

ABC7's Darsha Philips thinks Trutanich is the District Attorney.
ABC7's Darsha Philips's report describes the podium grabbing Trutanich as "L.A. District Attorney Carmen Trutanich." 

Orlov deferentially entitled his op-ed "Trutanich may try to raise his profile soon," however, Orlov seems to be saying that Trutanich is all too willing to make false claims about his relevance to criminal issues in order to raise that profile.


Anonymous said...

I agree about Trutanich, he really had no place at the DNA Rape Kit press conference, and issuing the statement just proves the point that he is grandstanding. Rocky used to do the same stuff and made himself and his office look stupid.

Anonymous said...

I love Trutanich. He is the best thing in the city of L.A. If he runs, he's got my vote.

This blog seems like a lot of sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

How is it sour grapes to point out that Trutanich consistently misrepresents himself and his resume to the public?

I'm not reading sour grapes. I'm reading a careful and comprehensive reporting of the facts, connecting dots that print journalists are too lazy or harried to do themselves.

Bravo Dragnet!

Anonymous said...

I hate Trutanich. He's the worst thing in the city of L.A. If he runs he will be thrown out of office faster than any other politician in recent history.

This blog is one of the few places where people can discover what a pathetic self-promoting pantload this Trutanich guy is. He lies about prosecuting misdemeanors with DNA Rape Kits, tries to make himself relevant to a federal gang takedown, and lies about his pledge not to use the CA's office to advance his career.

I guess there are some people who 'love' him for doing that, but by the time Alan Jackson finishes frying Trutanich like a fatty steak, there won't be many like 8:10 am to make Trutanich feel good.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You see alot of comments posted in this section that either attack the moderator or question his motives. But generally, almost all of those nasty remarks get made after a critical story is posted about the ADDA or Trutanich. Interesting to note who is interested in shutting down the free speech and open forum for discussion. It's one thing to disagree, it's another thing to disagree and have thin skin, or even worse, disagree and have an ugly, mean, vindictive streak about it. The latter does not deserve trust, support or authority.

Windscale said...

10:34am - sorry had to delete your comment. Please, keep it clean and avoid defamatory remarks, you'll get your comment published that way.

Anonymous said...

More bad news for Trutanich, What Would Reagan Do?, a right wing blog has just blasted him for lying about his campaign promise. There's a whole press release from Alan Jackson too.

I think the end is near for Trutanich once the Tea Party folks read this.

Anonymous said...

Eric Holder is endorsing Trutanich for District Attorney. Game over.

Anonymous said...

If Eric Holder were to endorse any of the candidates, he's not going to endorse a republican, so that rules out Trutanich and Jackson. But it's academic anyway, as the US AG is unlikely to endorse anyone.

Trutanich is history in Los Angeles politics - he's made too many enemies. The Trutanich bloggers can knock themselves out, trying to keep the wheels on his wagon, but these days there is scarcely a community left that will support him.

Anonymous said...

This blog reminds me of recent comments by Sarah Palin. She figures if she just gives credit to Bush and not Obama, maybe it'll be true.

Nobody buys her nonsense and nobody is buying the falsehoods spewed by this blog.

Anonymous said...

3:26pm what "falsehoods" are you talking about? So far I've seen nothing here that isn't true. I know it's a little biased against Trutanich but you have to admit Trutanich has made this whole thing an issue because he wants to be DA. He should never have made all those promises when he wanted to be City Attorney because now it puts his credibility in issue. If he lied about that, what else is he lying about?

I don't understand your point about Palin, there's no analogy at all.

Anonymous said...

sorry orlov and others writing for this blog who are constantly misstating the facts. the city attorney does prosecute rape cases declined by the das office because they are too hard for county prosecutors to handle. who do you think handles those rejected cases when the das are afraid to find justice for the victims? get your facts straight and stop following the lemmings.

Anonymous said...

What would Reagan do? LOL. Reagan would take a nap like he always did.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 9:41pm, but I'm ROFLOL at your comment "the city attorney does prosecute rape cases declined by the das office..."

That's a typical Trutanich trick, a statement that is half true. Yup, as they say, the best lies always have a grain of truth in them.

Of course the city attorney prosecutes cases rejected as felonies by the DA because they are more properly misdemeanors.

But Rape, Penal Code 261, is a straight felony, it cannot be prosecuted as a misdemeanor.

How many rapes has the City Attorney prosecuted? ZERO.

Of course, the city attorney might prosecute a sexual battery instead of rape, where the elements of rape cannot be established, but that's because the conduct fails to meet the legal criteria of rape.

Your statement is just as misleading as Trutanich's, I guess the rot on the eighth floor trickles down.

It's a pity that the city attorney still does not have an honorable leader, but a self-aggrandizing braggart who isn't satisfied with being the city attorney and wants a better job. There still must be a little of Rocky's DNA on the eighth floor.

Anonymous said...

9:41pm wrote - "the city attorney does prosecute rape cases declined by the das office because they are too hard for county prosecutors to handle."

You trutanich trolls are so delusional you're pathetic. Although an avalanche of sarcastic replies come to mind, I can't bring myself to type any of them. Why? Because I know many of the prosecutors in the DA's Sexcrimes Division. They are some of finest lawyers I have ever met. And when I think of the excruciating amount of time they put in their cases and the incredible amount of stress they operate under, well let's face it. No one should dignify remarks. You are obviously a political operative with no real grasp of the facts. And the rotten things you type to advance your goals are a testament to what you really are.

Anonymous said...

Folks - a rape by any other name is still a rape. Just because the DAs are afraid to prosecute the case does not makes it any less a rape to the violated person. Whether you call it a rape or a sexual assault the city attorneys use rape kits to prosecute the rapist day in a day out. Deal with it. Come by sometime and watch how to try a hard case.