Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day of Shame for Trutanich - Campaign Lies Outed By Political Pantloads Blog

For most of us Memorial Day is the day to remember those who have paid the ultimate price in the defense of our freedom. The Political Pantloads Blog chose instead to remind us to remember the apparently false campaign promises of City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich.

In addition to it's sharply worded critique of Trutanich, Political Pantloads has produced a YouTube video piecing together statements made by Trutanich, both before, during and after his campaign. Those statements now seem not only laughable, but reflective of Trutanich's utter lack of credibility and trustworthiness.

In those statements Trutanich repeatedly (and with hindsight, ironically) states on numerous occasions that "I am not a politician," that "it's been a long time since the office has not been occupied by someone looking to make the next run," and that "My greatest legacy when I've completed my eight years as City Attorney" Trutanich says, is for  someone to "amend the City Charter to give me four more years." 

Perhaps best of all, in terms of ultimate irony, is Trutanich's "I don't want to see my name in the press" statement, a reference to another campaign promise Trutanich used to make to the effect that he wanted "the hard working lawyers of the City Attorney's Office to get the credit for their work." That promise didn't last long, and recently Trutanich has taken to denigrating those very same lawyers as "inexperienced" and accused them of making "blunders."

The video references Trutanich's bogus campaign website, recently outed by the  Dragnet as a complete fabrication designed to mislead people into thinking that Trutanich is being besieged by law enforcement officials to run for District Attorney, in violation of his numerous statements, promises and pledges, all of which now appear to be utterly worthless.

You can use the YouTube link above to view Political Pantloads' video, or watch it in the embedded player here.

The Political Pantloads video concludes with a statement claiming that the video was "independently produced" and that "No candidate or campaign for Los Angeles County District Attorney in 2012 has been involved in or contributed to the production of this video."

We do note that part of the opening sequence appears to have been copied from a video produced by the Alan Jackson campaign entitled "Trutanich Let Us Down," however, we also note that Political Pantloads states that is has used content that might be subject to copyright under the "fair use doctrine."

Both the Alan Jackson and Political Pantloads YouTube videos represent a change in the way that voters can become better informed about their choice of candidates, and we expect to see more of them as the campaigns develop.

While Trutanich's opponents in the race for District Attorney all have differing campaign platforms, we doubt that any of them will disagree that Trutanich's biggest weakness is the promises he made which can be so demonstrably shown to be false - "How can you possibly trust Trutanich?" will likely become a unifying theme.



Anonymous said...

Trutanich will not be pleased! BTW Windscale, theres a blog ripping off your ripping off of Pantloads - Politics Without Mercy Check it out.

Anonymous said...

I love this guy Trutanich. He's got my vote. He kicks ass.

The video looks like it was put together by some Republican hacks.

Probably the same bunch who support Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman.

Anonymous said...

Where was this blogger when Steve Cooley reneged on his pledge to only run two terms? It's right there on his wikipeda page, and was widely reported. Where was the feigned indignation then?

C'mon nutjobs, get your bullshit straight!

Anonymous said...

This cowardly attack is an outrage reminiscent of Pearl Harbor. It is disgraceful that any candidate should attack an opponent in this way. It shows weakness and desperation in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Cooley's remarks that "2 terms is enough to get the job done" is in any way comparable to the statements and promises that Trutanich made. With that said, I do think that using Memorial Day to attack Trutanich is cowardly and the Dragnet should be ashamed of itself for stooping so low.

Trutanich was at a memorial bbq for law enforcement when he was told of the hit piece, and he was visibly shaken that his opponents have resorted to taking cheap shots against him. You people should all take a fresh look at the way this campaign is moving - negativity is not a winning strategy.

Anonymous said...

Cooley promised to only run two terms when he ran for D.A. the first time.

Circumstances changed and he decided to run a third time.

It's no different with Trutanich. Cooley promised Trutanich that he would remain as D.A. as long as Trutanich was City Attorney.

Six months after Trutanich took office, Cooley reneged again and ran for Attorney General.

Now Cooley is retiring. Circumstances have changed and Trutanich should be allowed to make a run for District Attorney if he beleives he can do a good job.

People should be allowed to make adjustments in their lives as circumstances change.

Only the public can decide whether Trutanich should run for District Attorney, not some anonymous blogger with an obvious bias towards another candidate.

Anonymous said...

11:09 is Nuch or someone he's paying to blog for him. It really is pathetic that he's trying to sell a lie that Cooley and Nuch had a deal that Nuch would stay City Attorney as long as Cooley was DA. That sort of thing is typical of the crap that you get from Nuch.

A deal like that would be illegal, but then as it is Nuch who's trying to sell it, it's no surprise. You know, I was kinda buying the changed circumstances argument until I re-read the comment and picked up the lie.

The only circumstance that has changed is that Nuch sees a better job for himself. You can't compare that to Cooley who was true to his colors and the people who voted for him. With Nuch everyone knows it's basically his blind ambition that makes him so wiling to renege on his promises. That and the fact that he will be thrown out of the City Attorney's Office in 2013.

Pity Nuch's Memorial Day BBQ was ruined, someone should have stuck a big fatty steak on the grill and called it 'Nuch' cause that's what's going to happen when the gloves come off in this campaign.

Anonymous said...

Excellent video editing. Trutanich looks like a cheap crook with his shifty glances left and right. Total freakin liar.