Wednesday, May 18, 2011


District Attorney candidate Danette Meyers 'links' to the Los Angeles County Bar Association came under fire from the eagle-eyed Roger M. Grace, Editor-in-Chief at the Los Angeles Metropolitan News Enterprise.

Los Angeles' leading legal newspaper uncovered an improper link
from the LACBA website to Meyer's campaign as well as endorsements
from officers and employees in violation of LACBA bylaws.
In his Tuesday, May 17, 2011 "Perspectives" column "Is Danette Meyers the LACBA Candidate for District Attorney?" the venerable Roger M. Grace blasted LACBA for an improper link from the LACBA website to Meyer's campaign website as well as misleading endorsements from officers and employees suggesting that LACBA has endorsed Meyers. Grace claims this to be in violation of LACBA's policy.

Clearly Grace uncovered a serious scandal at LACBA, and LACBA's response was swift; the offending link was immediately removed according to a follow-up report by the Met. News Enterprise, suggesting that Grace was fully justified in alleging impropriety arising from the LACBA-Meyers link. 

A LACBA spokesperson nevertheless downplayed the scandal telling the Met. News Enterprise that the link 'was “an honest mistake” by a staff member who was updating the organization’s biographies of past presidents and had not realized the link led to a campaign website.'

The Met. News also reported that "Hamid Towfigh, the campaign manager for Meyers, did not return a call for comment."

We recommend that you read Grace's Perspective to fully appreciate the seriousness of the situation.


The use of questionable, unauthorized and improper endorsements will likely remind many of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys' endorsement of John Eastman, who rivaled Steve Cooley in the Republican primary election for Attorney General. Most Deputy District Attorneys were unaware of the endorsement and would never have approved of it, a fact that must have been well-known to the ADDA Board members who nevertheless voted for the endorsement without regard for those they represent. 



Anonymous said...

Windscale you forgot the most important part of your Deja Vu theme. They got away with it. John Eastman never concealed the anti-diversity, anti-labor, anti-civil servant aspects of his campaign. And the ADDA Board never tried to hide their endorsement of him. But ADDA members did nothing.

Now LACBA has been exposed for practically directing website readers to the Meyers Campaign site. Should Meyers be afraid?

Lets see, the ADDA Board is pushing affiliation with AFSCME. To no one's surprise, one member of that Board, Steve Ipsen, is a candidate for District Attorney. Check out the AFSCME organizations depicted on his site supporting him.

Ipsen was part of the Board that secured Eastman his endorsement. That endorsement served no one except those involved. And now, undeterred, they seek a new deal with AFSCME (as AFSCME apparently creeps closer to the Ipsen campaign).

Meyers should not be afraid. The bar has been set low, and everyone can see it getting lower and lower and lower and . . ..

Anonymous said...

Windscale aka David Berger will be sued for defamation by LACBA, Danette Meyers and the ADDA Board Majority for publishing this distortion of the truth.

As the LACBA spokesperson made clear, there was an innocent mistake that caused their website to link to Danette Meyers' campaign. LACBA will now have to hold a costly committee meeting to approve their support for Meyers thank to the interfering comments of Roger M. Grace, who is obviously not a supporter of Danette's.

As for the John Eastman endorsement, the ADDA Board Majority supported the endorsement, so get over it, you obviously do not understand how unions work democratically to make decsions like that.

I am sick of the way that you keep on lying about the ADDA and LACBA and Danette Meyers.

Anonymous said...

This is a huge slap in the face to LACBA and Meyers and couldn't come at a worse time for Meyers who may now struggle to raise the $500k that she said she had been pledged.

It also hurts the ADDA who did the same kind of thing with the Eastman endorsement.

Anonymous said...

You can always figure out when Berger hits the target, the trolls creep onto this message board to threaten him. Don't blame Berger because the MetNews did its homework on Meyers and LACBA.

As for the ADDA board endorsement of Eastman, it is a curious example of "unions work(ing) democratically" when the decision of a few cronies brings disgust to the sensibilities of the majority. But then again, I guess the ADDA board would know alot about union democracy, having been schooled in such during their recent rebuke by the 2nd Dist Court of Appeals.

Anonymous said...

11:59 "LACBA will now have to hold a costly committee meeting to approve their support for Meyers" - huh. and here I thought they should have done that in the first place. How quaint of me to expect an organization that I am a member of to give me (and all its other members) the opportunity to voice my opinion before speaking for me.

Anonymous said...

This looks really bad for Danette, even though she can claim it had nothing to do with her, that she had no knowledge of any impropriety, etc. etc. damage is done. The winner of the first dirty trick of the campaign award goes to Meyers.

Anonymous said...

The Met News is a troll for Cooley. They endorsed him and will do anything he wants them too including reporting twisted facts especially given that Danette is a threat to Lacey. Let the games begin and let Cooley self destruct as usual. "Go out on top." More like draging the pond substance. The Met News will be the first to endorse cooley when he kicks Lacey to the curb after the others take a lead. He will get back into the race just in the nick of time and just to avoid any dates. We all heard the last gastly mistake. "I earned it!"

Anonymous said...

100% agree with 10:10 - Met News are Republican friends of Cooley & this is his vendetta against Danette who he has been out to get ever since she refused to support him against Gil. Cooley needs to get over it already if he's really retiring. LACBA's web guy made a simple mistake big deal. What does that have to do with Danette? Sounds like a slow news day guys. Isn't Nuch up to something you can write about?! Honestly, all this negativity on your blog has made me like Nuch & Danette more and more.

Anonymous said...

10:10am & 10:24am were obviously the same person.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10:24 & 10:10. The negativity on this blog has driven me to throw my wholehearted support behind Nuch the Douch and/or Danette Meyers because I am an informed voter.

I do not want to hear about the way Meyers was a willing accomplice to LACBA's duplicity and I fully accept that it was an "innocent mistake" and not by any stretch of the imagination designed to give Meyers a boost.

It was sheer coincidence that Meyers happened to be a former President of LACBA, and the fact that she had endorsements from LACBA's current president and executive director, both of whom failed to disclose that their endorsements were personal and not given on behalf of LACBA (the members of which had not been asked for input) is just one of those things.

Similarly, please keep your so-called 'exposes' on Nuch the Douch's faux pas to yourself. It is plainly obvious that Nuch the Douch is doing a very good job of bringing his thuggish approach to law enforcement to an early end all by himself.

But as 10:24 & 10:10 so aptly put it, I will vote for them because I do not care about the truth. I also did not realize that I could vote more than once, so thanks again 10:24 & 10:10 for sharing your sagacious insight and wisdom with us.

Anonymous said...

"Nuch the Douch!" LOL! This blog deserves an award for best nicknames!

Anonymous said...

10:10 says The Met News is a troll for Cooley. Really. Why is it that the anti Cooley trolls are so horribly and conveniently ill-informed? The Met News not only successfully sued Cooley for a botched raid on their offices, but excoriated him publicly.

What Meyers and LACBA did with this shameful attempt to slip an endorsement past the members of LACBA is scandalous and speaks volumes about the ethics of all involved.

Meyers should publicly distance herself from LACBA and refuse to accept any endorsement from any LACBA member. Instead, she hides behind her spokesperson's 'No comment' statement, which itself is an admission of guilt. It reminds me of what that crook Bernie Madoff said when he was arrested "There is no innocent explanation."