Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Briefs

Cooley Cools It With Trutanich - It's Official: Trutanich "Not Up To The Job"

Although the Dragnet first reported the breakdown in the close relationship between LA District Attorney Steve Cooley and City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, it took a little time for the mainstream media to confirm the rumor.

Rick Orlov at the Los Angeles Daily News reports that "Cooley became disenchanted with Trutanich shortly after he was sworn in."

""It was becoming clear, across the board, that (Cooley) did not believe Trutanich was up to the job," said a Cooley political adviser."

Orlov's confirmation of the bust-up of the former bffs was also picked up by Kevin Roderick at LA Observed

Both sources report that the bust-up occurred shortly after Trutanich was sworn into office. Readers will recall that Trutanich swiftly set about defining his administration as one of sound-bites and grandstanding, with Trutanich's ill-fated accusation of "criminal aspects" to Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG's) handling of the Michael Jackson Memorial. This was equally swiftly followed up with Trutanich's alleged threats to arrest Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry and a number of City employees over the granting of billboard permits at AEG's new downtown movie complex.

Sources close to Trutanich said that they were "shocked" that within 3 days of taking office, Trutanich seemed to care little for a 'head-to-toe" evaluation of the way the City Attorney's Office could be improved, and was "obsessed" with taking on AEG over the Jackson Memorial with "little or no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing."

Such internal disapproval surely found its way to Cooley, who probably also felt that Trutanich had become intoxicated with hogging the headlines instead of doing the job he was elected to do. Cooley is believed to have likened Trutanich's antics to exceed even those of his "press release a day" predecessor Rocky Delgadillo.

The straw that probably broke the camel's back is believed to have occurred in November 2010, when Cooley learned of Trutanich's intention to run for District Attorney in violation of a sworn campaign pledge not to use the City Attorney's Office as a springboard for higher office.

Apparently, Trutanich did not have the courage to reveal his intentions to Cooley, and Cooley only learned of Trutanich's treachery when a longtime political aide informed Cooley that he had been hired to work on the Trutanich DA campaign.

Although Orlov reports that "Both sides say, for the record, there is no major rift between the two," sources inform us on background that the pair "hardly speak" except when forced to appear at public events where both have been scheduled to appear.

Readers will recall that Trutanich recently made a complete fool of himself at an awards event for District Attorney candidate Mario Trujillo when he forced his way to the podium to interrupt Cooley's presentation - with hindsight, perhaps a clear sign of Trutanich's desperate need for some public face time with Cooley.

For Trutanich, maintaining the facade that he has Cooley's continued friendship is critical to his political future; either as a candidate of District Attorney, or should he fail in that endeavor and seek re-election as City Attorney. "Trutanich was only considered a credible candidate [for City Attorney] because he had Cooley's support and approval." an insider told us. "Without Cooley, Trutanich looks more like the Carmen the Clown image that the blogs have portrayed."

As Cooley's support for Jackie Lacey, the candidate Cooley believes "most qualified" to run the largest county prosecutorial agency in the nation continues to ramp up, it is likely that the rift between Cooley and Trutanich will became more obvious and apparent, likely severely limiting Trutanich's fundraising ability.

Jackie Lacey Set To Announce Major Endorsement 

According to the reports of Rick Orlov at the Daily News and Kevin Roderick's LA Observed, Jackie Lacey is set to announce a couple of major endorsements for her campaign to become District Attorney in 2012.

In addition to a very public display of support hosted by Steve Cooley at the Los Angeles City Club on June 2, 2011, Lacey is expected to announce that she has secured the endorsement of Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas as well as that of the County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.

Readers will recall that last week District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson secured the endorsement of Supervisor Antonovich, and the Dragnet speculated that Lacey would be in line for the Ridley-Thomas endorsement, so in all likelihood, Supervisor Gloria Molina's phone number is at the top of District Attorney candidate Mario Trujillo's speed dial list.

Steve Ipsen's Campaign Launched On Saturday

In case you missed it, Deputy District Attorney Steve Ipsen launched his campaign to become District Attorney in 2012 this past weekend with an event at a 90 acre winery in Agua Dulce.

The meet and greet event coincided with Ipsen's 50th birthday.

For more details, read our report here.

Significant Questions Remain Unanswered in ADDA Board Majority Affiliation Push

ADDA President Hyatt Seligman has been delivering a series of "Questions of the Day" on what is for many Deputy District Attorneys, the puzzling issue of "affiliation."

We first reported on this in our Friday Wrap Up Free For All.

The secret emails are for "members only" as those DDAs who are not currently required to pay dues to the ADDA are excluded from receiving Seligman's missives.

Perhaps some of the most obvious questions, such as "What exactly is 'Affiliation?'" and "How much will it increase monthly dues?" have not been addressed by Seligman, suggesting that there is an inconvenient truth about Affiliation that members and non-members alike, do not need to bother themselves with.

It is understood that Selgman considers "affiliation" to be critical to the success of the "agency shop," which we understands means that all affiliation will provide Seligman with the power to force through the requirement for all DDAs to pay dues, regardless of their wishes.

All DDAs who currently pay dues to the ADDA should receive a ballot to vote for affiliation. Those who believe that they should receive a ballot, but for some reason have not received it (not a rare occurrence from what we are told), are urged to contact us where attempts will be made to ensure that all votes are counted.



Anonymous said...

Hope Lacey fairs well in federal court when her union busting is exposed. It should give all unions confidence.

Anonymous said...

The County Fed is going to endorse the anti labor candidate Jaclyn Lacey? Is this April Fools days?

Anonymous said...

7:01 and 8:24 = same person. Lacey will do just fine in the federal court and the court of public opinion. The union busting tagline will soon wear thin when it is discovered that the ADDA crazies endorsed a union busting candidate for AG.

Equally, advising a friend confidentially, not to allow himself to be used and abused by bunch of bitter losers who all have their own agendas, is hardly union busting. Remember, they were the ones who threw Rob under the bus.

There's no particular problem with having a union, it's the malcontents who run it like the politburo and intimidate anyone who disagrees with their 'we know best' propaganda. That's the problem with the ADDA, and everyone knows it, apparently the County Fed did their homework.

Now keep on blogging the union busting line because the more you do it, the more everyone will get to see the real issue. BTW, aren't you violating Seligmans fatwa on commenting on Dragnet? Yup, bet he's not too happy about ADDA secrets being leaked.

Union busting? Try fraud on the rank and file.

Anonymous said...

Bet Carmen Douch Trutanich is fuming that Orlov outed the breakdown with Cooley.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Cooley doesn't think Alan Jackson or Mario Trujillo are up to the job either.

I can't wait til they team up with Trutanich and show Jackie Lacey is not really up for the job.

Anonymous said...

Not part of the union and not 8:24. You blog lies and others report the truth. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Pity there isn't a way to include canned laughter in a blog the way they do in sitcoms. Here's how it would work "Not part of the union and not 8:24." [5 secs of canned laughter] "You blog lies and others report the truth." [5 secs of canned laughter]

Anonymous said...

Is the AFL-CIO joking? How can they endorse Jackie Lacey when she is being sued for anti labor activity and has an injunction against her for union busting?!

Anonymous said...

The rank and file of this office were sold out so that Ipsen could have some support in this election (and not finish 3rd out of 3 again). It's no coincidence that we're being sold affiliation by the Board Majority at the same time he starts his campaign.

Anonymous said...

11:22 asks how the AFL-CIO can endorse Jackie Lacey when she is being sued for anti labor activity and has an injunction against her for union busting?

The answer, IMHO, is that the AFL-CIO must have discovered the truth about Lacey, instead of reading ADDA's joke sheets.

The ADDA Board Majority stuck their members with a huge legal fees bill for their last lost court case. Of course, before they lost they were bragging and boasting about winning. The ABM still cannot admit the foolishness of that case, and keep on referring to Peter Burke as a "non-member" who sued the ADDA. What the ABM doesn't say is that:

1) Peter Burke is every bit as much a member as every other DDA that they claim to represent, and every bit as much of a victim of ABM's duplicity, and will pay exactly the same amount of dues that every other DDA will be forced to pay if their Affiliation Agency Shop plot goes through.

2) Burke sued the ADDA because the ABM refused to follow their own bylaws.

The disgusting behavior of the ABM is probably the biggest reason why real unions won't buy the 'union busting' bs that the desperate ABM keeps trying to peddle. After all, it was the ABM who endorsed John Eastman for Attorney General - now Eastman really is a union-buster, and the AFL-CIO know it. Actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

The AFL-CIO has NOT endorsed Jackie, that is 100% FALSE. The AFL-CIO would never endorse an anti labor candidate and you don't get mroe anti labor than Jackie Lacey and Steve Cooley.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jackie Lacey's campaign has ended before it started. The L.A. County Fed and Supervisor Ridley-Thomas have issued statements that they have not endorsed her.

It's too bad she tried to build her campaign on falsehoods. Rookie mistake.

Anonymous said...

KFI Radio is reporting that Mark Ridley Thomas and the L.A. County Federation of Labor did not endorse Jackie.

What's going on here? What's the truth? Dragnet, can you get to the bottom of it?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else see the irony in a guy like Ipsen, who got into trouble testifying for a sex-offender roommate, kicking off his campaign on Craigslist?

Anonymous said...

It is totally true. There is a letter from Maria Elena Durazo stating that it is false. More lies from the Lacey/Cooley campaign. Major Blunder.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Ipsen! He's a weird dude but he's got heart - kinda like Ralph Nader.

Anonymous said...

Who would rely on third rate reporting from a past-his-prime hack like Rick Orlov?

He doesn't do any real reporting anymore. He's just a stenographer who cuts and pastes whatever crap he can find, and submits it to his unsuspecting editors.

He'll probably be remembered as the reporter who brought down Steve Cooley and Jackie Lacey.

No wonder the L.A. Times has been scooping him for the past several years.


Anonymous said...

Seigman will issue a statement on behalf of the ADDA Board Majority for Litigation ("ABML") announcing the intention of the ABML to propose a motion condemning the AFL-CIO/Mark Ridley-Thomas endorsement rumor of Jackie Lacey as union busting, and to authorize a duly drafted federal complaint alleging violation of the International Treaty of Human Rights, naming AFL-CIO et al as defendants with 3,000 John Does, who have conspired with Lacey, Cooley, Dragnet, Orlov and KFI to "bash onions." The $126k in legal fees for bringing this landmark lawsuit will be borne by AFSCME in return for a commitment to hand over member dues following affiliation. Although the actions of the ABML are in violation of the bylaws, the ABML will seek subsequent ratification as soon as all members are so utterly bored to death that they will not care a damn one way or the other. Another glorious victory for the brothers and sisters of the revolution against the owners of the means of production etc. etc. etc. ...

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about Lacey and the endorsements. The big story is the Trutanich-Cooley bust-up because it robs Trutanich of his biggest ally and leaves him up a creek without a paddle.

Cooley probably lured Trutanich into believing he would support a run for DA, and then pulled the rug from under him to make him look like a typical career politician so that Lacey would be able to beat him.

Nice move by Cooley. Trutanich's career is over.

Anonymous said...

11:43pm - LOL, Rock on!
As for everyone else, either Ridley Thomas and the AFL-CIO endorse Lacey or they don't. Just keep in mind, you guys have drawn the line in the sand. If the endorsement doesn't happen, Lacey has some explaining to do. If they do endorse her, well the ADDA guys have gotten so many things wrong that no one is really going to be shocked, although it will be conclusive proof that they have no credibility.

Anonymous said...

@11:43pm - sounds exactly what the official ABM or ABML attitude would be.

IMHO Rick Orlov and Kevin Roderick know more about what goes on in LA politics than the politicians themselves. Neither would publish anything that was not verified.

So, @12:23am, I guess that leaves Seligman and his gang looking very, very lacking in any credibility. The "onion bashing" thing has lasted long enough. It's total bs and everyone knows it.

Anonymous said... has a copy of the letter from Maria Elena Durazo. See it there. Lacey has some explaining to do. Orlov ends it for Jackie. Looks like the AFL-CIO isn't happy.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! Lacey has the AFL-CIO endorsement! It is high time that all the union busting nonsense is laid to rest. Everyone knows that there's a difference between trying to break a union and trying to advise a friend confidentially to stay away from a bunch of crazies, and that's what the whole issue is really about. Lacey is a hero for being the only one to break through the BS.

There's more bad news for the ADDA Board Majority - I hear that an Alternate ADDA is being set up to represent DDAs.

The way it was explained to me is that it's just like with the PD and the APD - when the PD has a conflict, the APD takes over representation.

Same thing with the ADDA - there's a huge conflict of interest between the ADDA Board and the rank and file, because the ADDA all have personal beefs with the County and the administration, unlike the rest of us who just want to get on with our jobs.

So the conflict is solved with an Alternate ADDA where there are no bitter crazies who think they are more important than the rank and file majority, and just want to do their best for the majority of members.

Anonymous said...

Maria Elana isn't happy! Union Busters caught in action. Her slap down letter tells all. Bad move for Orlov and the Daily news. Word is circulating. NO, NO, uh oh.

Anonymous said...

ONIONS SHALL NOT BE BASHED! Hyatt will swoop in like a super-hero and rescue them!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to David Berger to destroy the Jackie Lacey campaign and leave it in shambles before it even gets out of the blocks.

I guess the rumors are true that he's secretly working for the Alan Jackson campaign.

Although, at this point can anything he says ever be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the unions are going to picket and protest at Jackie Lacey's fundraisers.

It'll be interesting to see how many donors are willing to cross a picket line.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is that ADDA Board Majority had a cow over Orlov's story. The whole union bashing myth is unraveling as people start realizing what the federal lawsuit is about.

Here's an example of union bashing:

Q: I've been asked to join the ABM, do you think that's a good idea?
A: No.

Case closed. Who is going to pay the legal fess?

Anonymous said...

The "launionbuster " site is not a site set up by any legitimate organization, it is a phony front for the Ipsen campaign. Look for Ipsen's cronies to set up more instant websites.

Anonymous said...

Maria Elana at AFL-CIO is the Executive Director, right? So she's not like the president or the board, is she? I mean, she's a salaried employee, she does what the executive tells her to do. So her letter about anything is worth, what? nothing?

It's a bit like that nasty scandal at LACBA where the Exec-Dir tried to give Danette Meyers an endorsement. That was slapped down very quickly.

From what I can see, it's 12:30pm, the story is still up at the Daily News and Orlov hasn't changed a word.

The deal is done. Lacey gets the endorsement and the ADDA looks even more stupid than they usually do.

The onion bashing complaints by Seligman et al are plainly meritless, enough to get by an injuction, but when the federal case is actually heard, the truth about the ADDA crazies will come out, and maybe we'll get a union that actually represents us, and not themselves. Berger/Windscale should write an Amicus Brief when he finishes writing the tell-all book about Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

Here's the slap down. Read it for yourself. Orlov and everyone else are leaving it up so that it will have a ripple effect for bloggers.

Anonymous said...

@12:40PM = Seligman et al.

Sorry, but if Orlov was wrong, he would have retracted the statement by now. It still reads "Lacey, of Porter Ranch, also has been working to pick up Democratic support. She already has the backing of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, as well as the County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.

Anyone who thinks a distinguished reporter like Rick Orlov is "leaving it up so that it will have a ripple effect for bloggers" is plainly nuts. That's the sort of statement that I would expect to see in the ADDA's federal lawsuit - nonsense with nothing to back it up.

Seligman, unless you stop Winscale/Berger he's going to destroy all the hard work you've been doing to silence dissent and rule like a dictator. That cockney-Brit is encouraging DDAs to realize that they don't have to be afraid of ADDA intimidation and threats.

You must stop this blog before the rank and file rise up and form their own association - the Alternate ADDA sounds like it would be a hit. Get an injunction, free speech must be stopped before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is if Windscale is Berger, then why does he allow negative comments about himself to be published?

Also, Berger is a huge Nuch supporter and raised a ton of money for him. I was told Berger was sent back to the DA's Office to "pave the way" for Nuch.

So this make no sense. I think Windscale is either Alan Jackson or Mario Trujillo as there's never been a negative word said about either of them here.

Anonymous said...

I told you ONIONS SHALL NOT BE BASHED! Hyatt as swept in, cape flapping in the wind, to protect dem onions!

Anonymous said...

Err, sorry to be the bearer of bad news ADDA Board Majority trolls, but Rick Orlov updated his report today, and guess what?


Lacey probably got the endorsement via Obama and the DNC. Probably the first of many endorsements from real organized labor who are probably reading the response briefs and realizing that Seligman et al are full of crap. The John Eastman endorsement kinda says it all, doesn't it?

The ADDA Board Majority response? They will endorse Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ...

Another wondrous glorious victory for the oppressed workers who struggle against the owners of the means of production etc. etc. etc. Yech!

Anonymous said...

Orlov is a joke and updated it to say Lacey is working to get the support of AFL-CIO. From the looks of Maria Elana's letter - good luck with that Jackie. And good luck in federal court. Do they really think a jury and judge are going to reverse Judge Wright, and ERCOM officer and the employee relation's board who have already said such damning things. Can't wait for federal court. Even Orlov will have a hard time protecting Cooley and friends.

Anonymous said...

Well 3:29 if the ADDA board does as well in federal court as they did before Judge Chalfant, the Second District Court of Appeals and the California Supreme Court, Jackie should have nothing to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Obama and the DNC are going to back Steve Cooley's hand-picked candidate. Are you high? They ran him out of town in the A.G's race, and they're going to run him out of town again.

The California Democratic Party Central Committee has already decided they're not backing Jackie.

She has no chance. ...and this whole phony endorsement kick-off probably confirmed it.

Anonymous said...

Rick Orlov is just one example of why the public no longer trusts the Lame Stream Media.

Anonymous said...

@9:22pm = the typical ADDA Bored Majority response to anything negative (apart from onion busting).

Get over it. You had a good run for our money with a preliminary injunction, but now the wheels are coming off the wagon as people begin to realize that you've got nothing, that you turned on you own people, that you are full of bluster but have no substance. You should endorse Trutanich - you have a lot in common.