Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama Bin Laden DEAD!

Justice has been served.

Our heartfelt thanks to the brave men and women of our armed forces and the intelligence community for finding the needle in the haystack, and taking him out.


Anonymous said...

And let's her it for President Obama, who reprioritized the hunt for Bin Laden and redirected resources towards that effort (all without landing on aircraft under a "mission accomplished" banner). What did the previous guy tell a TV crew? Oh yeah, he said he "didn't care" and "didn't think about him." Than God we finally got a president who did care.

Anymore of this "3am phone call" baloney?

Reality Check said...

I kinda agree with you 5:46, I think Obama has gone up in everyone's opinion and has answered his critics in the best possible way.

But let's not forget where the blame for 9/11 and the failure to catch and kill Bin Ladin really lies.

It starts with Clinton who refused to capture Bin Ladin because it was "illegal." Let's celebrate the fact that Obama showed no hesitation in violating international law and using armed forces to take military action in a sovereign state.

Clinton also dismantled the CIA's networks in favor of electronic espionage and eviscerated the military's special ops because they were so out of place in the politically correct liberal democrat world he lived in.

So when Bush stole the election in 2000, he inherited the gawdawful mess Clinton left behind in terms of security. When Bin Ladin emerged as the architect of the worst foreign attack on US soil in history since Pearl Harbor, there was no current intelligence on where he was, and no networks to gather intel. Thank you Bill Clinton for not just removing the 'W' keys from all the keyboards in the White House, but for allowing Bin Ladin to kill over 3,000 innocent on 9/11. I hope you really feel their pain.

So Bush had to rebuild the networks, capture enemy combatants either in the field or by rendition to eastern European detention centers where they were tortured for any information they might have, before being sent to Gitmo.

All the while, the Democrats squealed like stuck pigs and launched movements like Code Pink to shame and embarrass the Bush administration. There had to be a better way, Gitmo must close, we must withdraw from Iraq, no more torture etc etc.

But there wasn't a better way. Bush knew that an stood his ground against the most bitter and cynical criticism from the left wing. Criticism which probably encouraged and empowered our enemies. Judging by Obama's tone last night, he understands that too, and props to him for doing the right thing.

It now appears that the "thread" that Obama talked about last night which led to Bin Ladin, started 4 years ago in Gitmo. It started with intel water-boarded out of an enemy combatant.

The Bush revitalized CIA followed that thread to the point where Obama could gave the green light to kill or capture Bin Ladin - a green light that Clinton would never have given.

So by all means congratulate Obama for being a president who can make the hard decisions that Clinton couldn't. Like Bush, Obama has shown he is not afraid of being criticized or condemned in the defense of our way of life. Gitmo is open for business, we're still in Iraq, and the CIA is better than ever. Obama has my vote in 2012 for being a President, not a nice guy.

Anonymous said...

This Bin Laden event has made all other news irrelevant. I am glad that you posted it up here because it really puts in perspective the silly, childish & deceptive antics of local politicians who I refuse to name because again, it's all irrelevant.
I think every day we will be receiving new developments and info about how all this went down. Curious to see how long the Bin Laden story will be hot!

Anonymous said...

I bet Hyatt Seligman, the embattled ADDA President, is delighted that Bin Ladin's execution might take the heat of the monumental 'f' up he as made of the ADDA.

Winning a bullshit ERCOM ruling about performance reviews drained the funds of the ADDA to the point where they can't even pay for their website.

Anonymous said...

8:45pm, while you point out some of the shortcomings of Clinton (yes there are many) you also forget about Bush's fumbled summer of 2001 (He ignored the warnings of Counter-terrorism bulldog Richard Clarke, who all admit was roaming the Washington in the summer of 2001 with his "hair on fire." Then, in August of 2001, a CIA agent went to Crawford Texas and brought him a memo titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US...", Bush told him "okay son, you covered your ass, no go.").

Then, after the attacks occurred, Bin Laden was cornered at Tora Bora. According to Gary Bernsensons tell all, "Jawbreaker," American Special Forces were even able to hear Bin Laden screaming desperate orders on his radio, but Bush let him go. Iraq, a nation that had nothing to do with 9-11, was a greater priority.

But your right, Obama resisted the Clinton mistake of sending in cruise missiles. He went with helos, they got their target, and scooped up alot of data and intel.

P.S. - The "W" on the keyboard urban legend has been debunked. See Al Franken's "Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them."