Sunday, May 22, 2011

Steve Ipsen Launches Campaign for District Attorney - Runs As Democrat

As previously reported, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Steve Ipsen has launched his campaign to become District Attorney in 2012.

Ipsen's campaign website,, went live just in advance of Ipsen's launch on Saturday May 21, 2011 with an event at a 90 acre winery called "A Day in Agua Dulce," which apparently coincided with Ipsen's 50th birthday.

As expected, Ipsen focuses on his union activities and his support for victims' rights. Ipsen, an early adopter of the power of the internet, used Craigslist to freely publicize his launch event, underlining our earlier prediction that Ipsen's would be a "grass roots" campaign.

A Craigslist posting advertised Ipsen's campaign kick-off event.

Politically, Ipsen is considered by many to be a right-wing republican given his views on illegal immigration urging for the repeal of LAPD's Special Order 40 and support for Jamiel's Law that would give the police more rights in the interrogation, detention and ultimately deportation of illegal aliens.

It was, therefore, rather surprising that Ipsen's Craigslist campaign kick-off event announcement, states that "Steve Ipsen is a registered Democrat and has been a criminal prosecutor in the Los Angeles District Attorney's office for 25 years."

Although the Craigslist ad does not contain the required disclosure statement indicating that the advert comes from Ipsen's campaign, it certainly appears that it is a campaign communication, and it would be reasonable to conclude that Ipsen's political affiliation is correct.

That, perhaps, makes it all the more surprising that Ipsen's official campaign website's "About Steve" information does not include any mention of Ipsen's political affiliation.

Ipsen's candidacy now brings the total number of candidates for District Attorney to seven, with Alan Jackson and Carmen Trutanich apparently being the only republicans. Should Trutanich shift party allegiance to the democrat party as rumored, this could leave Jackson in the enviable position of being the only republican in the race, a position that could assure him a place in the inevitable run-off election, given that the democrat vote will be so heavily divided by the other six candidates.

Observers believe that the District Attorney campaign could be one of the most interesting political campaigns in recent history, however, the ability of the candidates to make themselves known outside the close knit legal community will be heavily dependent on their ability to raise substantial funds for their campaigns.

It is rumored that Mario Trujillo will lead in terms of fundraising when the campaigns report their initial results, with Alan Jackson in close contention, and Jackie Lacey expected to close the gap now that Steve Cooley has given her his endorsement and will be hosting a fundraiser for her at the City Club on June 2, 2011.

There still remains some doubt whether the election will be on February 25 together with the Presidential primary, or June 5, 2012. Our sources indicate that the DA election will be June 5, a date that will make party affiliation less relevant to this non-partisan race.



Anonymous said...

Ipsen screwed up the ADDA to the point where nobody wants to join it and he had to resign. Sorry, but Steve Ipsen's campaign is hardly newsworthy, although his attempt to run as a democrat is an indication of a desperate candidate.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm, Ipsen has announced at the exact same time that he, Hyatt and the ADDA Board Majority are trying to ram AFSCME affiliation down our throats.

As President of the ADDA, Steve Ipsen arranged for a “special relationship” with AFSCME, that included access to AFSCME offices and resources. It's rumored that Ipsen even arranged for aid in fighting Burke's suit (which would have forced Ipsen to stand for re-election as ADDA president. . . .shortly after he came in third in the 2008 DA race with 15% of the vote).

As other posters have researched, AFSCME stands to profit greatly from Agency Shop, possibly sucking out $110 a month from each DDA and gaining the ability to claim that they run the DA union in Los Angeles.

And Now, Steve Ipsen has re-emerged as a ringleader of the ADDA Board Majority supporting AFSCME affiliation AND he has been able to resurrect his political aspirations and announce as a candidate for DA in 2012, with the support of AFSCME organizations.

SO, Hyatt’s emails should address the following: has a “special arrangement” been made with the ADDA, AFSCME and “Ipsen for DA”, or is the affiliation vote and the miraculous resurrection of “Ipsen for DA” just one of those amazing “coincidences”?

Anonymous said...

Who are the "observers" who believe this race for D.A. will be "one of the most interesting races in history."

So far it's all been one big snooze.

Anonymous said...

Wasted energy. Even the Met News has already written Ipsen off as a who is a perpetual candidate.

Anonymous said...

I have known Steve Ipsen for 25 years. He most certainly isn't a Republican. May want to check out his page. Pretty obvious that you are blogging up the wrong tree. But what can you expect from this blog who has zero credibility for getting out the truth.

Anonymous said...

7:04am Ipsen = DINO (Democrat In Name Only)

Anonymous said...

This is about the DA's office. Has anyone actually observed Steve in action? I work with the courts and I can say that he's been taking a fresh approach to solving problems that other DA's won't touch especially those who want to be PC. As far as making a difference, helping people change their lives and improving society I don't see anything like that from anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Ipsen is awesome! Your trash rag is supported by bunch of Cooley cronies;corrupt, unethical, union busting, backstabbers, who care noting about DDAs.
Ipsen cares bout the line deputies and not about his own ego, like Cooley. Remember the night of the AG election, "My highly paid advisors have asked me not to do this but I'm going to do it anyway" because I'm an arrogant and narcissistic,"I'm declaring victory", to wake up and find out he lost. Couldn't happen to better person. He's a piece of work with federal injunction against him.

Anonymous said...

I have seen Steve Ipsen in action a few times and am impressed. I will vote for him.