Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Supervisor Michael Antonovich Endorses Alan Jackson for District Attorney

"Alan Jackson would make an outstanding District Attorney. I urge everyone to support him” - Antonovich.

Supervisor Antonovich's 5th District is Jackson's following the
popular conservative's endorsement.
Hot on the heels of Steve Cooley's announcement that he will retire from his 3rd term as Los Angeles County District Attorney and endorse Jackie Lacey's candidacy, the Jackson campaign announced that District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson has secured the endorsement of Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors' Micheal Antonovich:


Los Angeles, May 17 – Today Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich endorsed Deputy DA Alan Jackson for District Attorney.  The Supervisor’s endorsement of Jackson continues the momentum for his candidacy.

In the wake of District Attorney Steve Cooley’s decision not to seek a fourth term, Supervisor Antonovich said, “I wholeheartedly endorse Alan Jackson’s candidacy for District Attorney of Los Angeles County.  Jackson is a true crime fighter who is well-qualified to fill Steve Cooley’s shoes.  He is battle-tested in the courtroom and a prosecutor with integrity who vigorously fights to seek justice for victims and their families.  With his leadership, intelligence and unparalleled courtroom experience, he is the most qualified candidate for the office.”

“I am humbled and honored to have Supervisor Antonovich’s endorsement of my candidacy for District Attorney. His longstanding support for our community and law enforcement is unmatched. If elected, I look forward to partnering with Antonovich and the other members of the Board to create a safer Los Angeles County for us all,” stated Deputy DA Alan Jackson.

“Jackson has dedicated the majority of his life to public service both in the Air Force and as a prosecutor tackling some of the office’s most difficult cases. Alan Jackson would make an outstanding District Attorney. I urge everyone to support him,” continued Antonovich.

Deputy DA Alan Jackson has earned strong support from other elected officials such as State Senator Tony Strickland, Los Angeles City Councilmember Dennis Zine, Long Beach City Attorney Robert Shannon, former La Cañada-Flintridge Mayor and current City Councilmember Steve Del Guercio, and San Gabriel City Councilman Mario De La Torre.

For more information and a complete list of endorsements, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at

Alan Jackson has been a prosecutor in the LA County District Attorney’s office for over 16 years where he has tried nearly 60 felony cases, more than half of which have been murder trials.  Jackson spent five years prosecuting hardcore gang cases in Compton, after which he moved to the Major Crimes Division where he has led the prosecution in some of California’s highest profile cases. Prior to becoming a Deputy DA, Jackson served in the United States Air Force as a jet engine mechanic. Currently, Jackson serves as the Assistant Head Deputy of the Major Crimes Division, where he oversees the office’s most complex and high-profile cases.

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As much as this endorsement is a boost to Jackson, it represents a blow to Carmen Trutanich who will struggle to gain traction with the all-important predominantly conservative vote in Antonovich's 5th District. Rumor has it that Jackson was an easy choice for Antonovich who is no fan of Trutanich.

The other conservative candidate, Steve Ipsen, also has strong ties to Antonovich's territory and Ipsen's delay in announcing his candidacy may well have cost him a chance to vie for that endorsement. Ipsen is expected to release details of his candidacy at the weekend, most likely with the endorsement of victim's rights advocates and organized labor leaders.



Anonymous said...

Endorsements don't count for much, but it's better to have some that not to have any.

Jackson getting Antonovich's endorsement is a great start, he should also have a good chance of getting Don Knabe as well as Antonovich has probably told Knabe why Trutanich is unfit for the job.

But Jackson won't get any of the other 3 supervisors - they are all liberals. Gloria Molina is definitely going to endorse Mario Trujillo. Zev Yaroslavsky will probably go to Jackie Lacey because he's the most aligned to the democrat party. That leaves Lacey, Meyers and Grace to fight for Ridley-Thomas. But Trutanich has been working on Ridley-Thomas for some time, so there could be a surprise there.

Like I said at the beginning, endorsements aren't everything, but Jackson's showing a really professional approach by being ready to respond with a major endorsement on the day that Cooley endorsed Lacey. Very well done.

Anonymous said...

Hyatt Seligman will give the DDA's endorsement to Steve Ipsen on behalf of all DDAs as payback for losing the agency shop.

Anonymous said...

Of course Alan is going to get endorsements from Republicans like Antonovich. It's not hard for a Republican to convince another Republican to endorse them, good luck convincing the millions of Democratic voters in LA to vote for you though.

Anonymous said...

A year from now, when people are voting, non of these endorsements will mean a thing. In fact, Lacey and Jackson will probably have sputtered out by then for other reasons.

Anonymous said...

Agency shop will win because of what Cooley and Lacey did to Rob Dver, but you probably won't post this because you are afraid it will win.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Alan. Very professional and timely. Dragnet is correct, this hurts Trutanich the most.

Anonymous said...

It would be hard for Trutanich or any candidate to get a lot of the Democrat votes needed by having a staunch right wing Republican like Antonovich endorsing them.

Has anyone checked how Republicans have fared countywide lately?

Cooley didn't do too well when he ran as a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Republicans could surprise and do well in the June 2012 election as it's long after the February Presidential primary, and all the Obama voters will have lost interest or become complacent by then. A decent republican like Jackson will likely lead the primary and Trutanich can try to salvage something from what's left of his term as city attorney before Feuer or Krekorian replace him.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ipsen and the other members of the ADDA Board want to DDAs to approve affiliation with AFSCME and there are campaign shots of Ipsen with all these AFSCME affiliated organizations! That's such a coincidence!

Anonymous said...

Feuer announced he's not running for City Attorney. Said he was looking at Zev's seat in 2014.

Anonymous said...

If AFSCME in any way is working with Steve Ipsen's DA campaign, isn't there a conflict in the ADDA affiliating with AFSCME considering Ipsen's position in the ADDA?