Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trutanich - No Special Deal for Lindsay Lohan

Troubled Hollywood celebrity Linday Lohan will get a taste of Carmen Trutanich's even-handed approach to criminal cases with a "no special deal" slap on the wrist from an unnamed deputy city attorney, according to Radar OnLine.


After the case was reduced to a misdemeanor, rumor has it that the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office sent a snippy message to the District Attorney's Office demanding that the Lohan case be handed over to them.

Today, Lohan is not expected to appear in court and will allow her attorney to enter a "no contest" plea on her behalf for a sentence to be served using electronic monitoring at Lohan's home.

In other news, it seems that Trutanich took heed of our "Where in City Hall is Carmen Trutanich?" admonition for bailing out of the City Council hearings on the proposed budget cuts for his office. Trutanich made a "rare" personal appearance and won a $2.7M increase in his budget, for the time being.



Anonymous said...

Coolie blew that AG race pretty bad. The only one bitch slapped was him and it was by Kalmala Harris.

Anonymous said...

@8.52AM is so obviously an ADDA troll. The ADDA Board are so bitter that they think rank and file are impressed with their pathetic attempts to fight Cooley.

They are free to fight Cooley, Lacey and Trujillo as much as they like, ours is free society (unlike the Politburo ADDA Board Majority) but the vast majority of line deputies don't complain about their commute, assignment or lack of "glamor." They just get on with the job. That's why the ADDA is history - they don't represent the needs, wishes or feelings of the rank and file.

The Agency Shop vote will be a resounding rejection of ABM lunacy, and if there are more than 20 dues paying members by the time it's all over, that will be another "Glorious Victory" for Seligman and the luny-tunes.

Anonymous said...

This is supposed to be about Trutanich's duplicity and deception, not Cooley or the ADDA. The administrator should delete the previous two comments, although the ADDA is fair game - they're as nuts as Nuch.

Anonymous said...

Be fair. Cooley and Danette Meyers blew the Lyndsey Lohan case pretty bad. They should've checked the price of the necklace before they went on TV and tried to use poor Lyndsey to further their careers.

How does Danette convnice anyone that she's worthy of running the whole D.A. office when she can't get a simple case like this right?

I think it's unfair to blame this fiasco on Trutanich. All he's doing is cleaning up their mess.

Anonymous said...

This is kind of a Lohan related story, I heard that at the LACBA Awards Dinner last night DPD Nan Whitfield gave Danette Meyers's 2012 District Attorney Campaign an endorsement. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

Yes 1:21pm it's true.

Anonymous said...

Neither Cooley nor Danette blew the Lohan case, it was the judge who decided to reduce it to a misdemeanor from a felony over the DAs strenuous objection, it had nothing to do with the price of the necklace - the judge wanted to give Lindsay a break, not the DAs office.

Anonymous said...

@10:20am = ADDA troll. Has to be an ADDA Board Majorty person because they are so consumed with hatred and so ignorant that they don't realize that if the value of the necklace was below the new $950 threshold for Grand Theft, the result would be a Petty Theft. That finding was not made.

You want to trust these bozos with $100 a month out of your paycheck? Yup. Dues will be higher with affiliation with AFSCME. Another thing that Seligman didn't tell you about in his Politburo email.

Anonymous said...

The information of the content of the message between the CA's and the DA's offices is incorrect. I saw it. You should check your sources more carefully.

Anonymous said...

5:25PM The information of the content of the message between the CA's and the DA's offices is incorrect. I saw it."

If you did see "it" perhaps you could tell us what was said instead of trying to cast doubts.

Nuch better hope that none of Lohan's friends or her lawyer's associates make donations to his DA campaign.

That would look really bad, especially with that funny business about Nuch dropping the AEG 'criminal aspects' investigation and accepting a bunch of free Lady Gaga tickets from AEG.