Monday, May 16, 2011

Trutanich Says Nobody In City Attorney's Office Can Do My Job

OPINION - Carmen Trutanich recently fired another salvo at his own office during a Q&A session with the Studio City Neigborhood Council.

When asked whether he could recommend anyone in the City Attorney's Office
to take over from him if he's elected District Attorney, Trutanich basically said "No."
It seems that Trutanich's recent comments accusing his deputy city attorneys of being "inexperienced" and making "blunders" was not the first time Trutanich expressed a less than favorable opinion of those who are obliged to work for him.

On April 20, 2011, Trutanich was a guest speaker at the Studio City Neighborhood Council's monthly meeting, and was questioned about his plans for the City Attorney's Office should he be elected District Attorney; would he support someone currently in the office to run, so that the "momentum does not stop.?"

Trutanich's response seems to indicate that he does not consider anyone "inside"
the City Attorney's Office to be a "good leader." (Credit: Studio City Neighborhood Council)

The short answer appears to be "No." Trutanich does not consider anyone currently in the City Attorney's Office to necessarily be a good leader.

Insiders believe that Trutanich is likely "covering his bases" - he wants to be District Attorney, but if he loses the 2012 District Attorney election to the more qualified but less monied candidates, he does not want to encourage anyone in his office to run against him in 2013.

If indeed, Trutanich is "covering his bases" then it appears that he is far from confident of success in fulfilling his District Attorney dream.

Trutanich is known to be concerned that if he seeks re-election as City Attorney in 2013, he will likely loose to any number of Democrat candidates; State Assemblyman Mike Feuer and Councilmembers Paul Krekorian and Jose Huizar have all been tipped to oust Trutanich who, as a Republican, is vulnerable to defeat from a Democrat. Although Trutanich changed his political affiliation from Republican to "decline to state" for his City Attorney campaign, his support base was and is very obviously Republican.

Perhaps the stress of contemplating an early end to his political career is causing Trutanich to lash out at the deputy city attorneys who doubtless try their best to follow his policies, but it seems that Trutanich cannot help to belittle and insult his own office when he talks about leaving it. Trutanich's response to Barry Johnson's question could certainly be taken as Trutanich basically saying "Nobody in my Office can do my job." Statements like that, as well as the more recent "inexperienced" and "blunders" comments, cannot be helping morale.

Trutanich may be contemplating another strategy to boost his chances in the District Attorney election, or to hang on to his City Attorney job if he fails to win in 2012; yet another change of party affiliation, this time to Democrat.

Trutanich would not be the only Republican to do the party affiliation shuffle; Republican shopping mall developer Rick Caruso is rumored to have changed his party affiliation to Democrat as he contemplates a run for Los Angeles Mayor in 2013. Trutanich has also been seen "making nice" to Democrats; he was recently selected to introduce Rep. Brad Sherman [D-CA27] as the keynote speaker at a Town Hall meeting at Cal State Northridge, perhaps a way of softening up Democrats to Trutanich as he tries to shake off his "thug" image.

Trutanich's rumored change of party allegiance will not surprise anyone and raise more doubts as to his credibility. He has already demonstrated his willingness to renege on his commitment to serve as City Attorney, insult and demean those who work for him, so why not be just as insincere with his party affiliation? With Trutanich, it seems that "anything goes" if it comes to advancing his political career.  



Anonymous said...

No one cares about party affiliation in these two races. They're both non partisan.

Do some research nitwit instead of just shooting off your mouth.

Anonymous said...

@5:40PM you are right and wrong. Yes, both are non-partisan positions, however, the historically low turnout at both elections favors those who have party affiliation.

The reality is that it is virtually impossible for any Republican to win a city or county wide election with low voter turn outs.

Even if Trutanich does call himself a Democrat, he is unlikely to appeal to Democrats - his thug image as well as his attitude towards medical marijuana will be his downfall.