Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ADDA Board Majority Calls For Help With Agency Shop - Proofreader Needed

It seems not so long ago ADDA President Hyatt Seligman was bemoaning his inability to communicate. However, times change and ADDA members are now receiving a virtual flood of emails regarding affiliation with AFSCME.

In his latest missive, Seligman calls for volunteers with the Agency Shop campaign; the imposition of compulsory member dues for all DDAs in Grades I through IV.

Seligman's "Call For Agency Shop Volunteers" asks those wishing to assist in the ADDA Board Majority's plan to impose compulsory dues on non members, to email him. Seligman does not specify exactly what volunteers will be required to do.

The upcoming Affiliation vote is critical to the success of an Agency Shop as it means a million dollars in dues for AFSCME over the three year deal.

One member who is voting 'NO' on affiliation, supplied the Dragnet with a copy of the ballot:

Read it carefully, as the nay-saying ADDA member did, (and as the ADDA Board Majority obviously did not) and note the typo for those who are voting 'NO.'

Perhaps Seligman believes that nobody will vote 'NO' anyway, so the typo is irrelevant, but perhaps he should seek some proofreaders as volunteers?



Anonymous said...

Hey Windbreak. The LA Times had an exclusive on a DDA who sent an email to a law firm representing witnesses in a conflict of interest case she was handling suggesting that they hire her fresh-out-of -law-school nephew who was "very interested in legal malpractice." I guess he didn't get the job and the law firm spotted the impropriety of it.,0,4776165.story

At least the ADDA Board Majority will defend the DDA from any discipline because they can probably parlay it into another union busting allegation. Then they can get AFSCME to provide a representative at her hearing like they did for the ADDA Board Majority member who resigned after the security breach scandal, and then was re-appointed to the Board, as Treasurer!!!

Re-appointing wrong-doers seems to be the ADDA Board Majority way. Ipsen resigned after the Eastman endorsement scandal, and then was re-appointed as a Board Majority director where he can pull Seligman's strings more easily.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! ADDA Board Majority manages to screw up such an important ballot. No surprise the YES portion is just fine, but what exactly does the NO portion mean? I think the ballot is invalid and they must do it over again. Just proves what a bunch of screw-ups these scandal-ridden demagogues are. Well spotted nay-sayer - you are not alone. Affiliation was a huge NO anyway, and this blunder makes it even more so. As for Agency Shop, are you kidding? AFSCME needs to take a long hard look at Ipsen/Seligman.

Anonymous said...

Proofreader needed? More like a psychiatrist needed if the ADDA Board Majority or whatever stupid name they come up with, thinks any sane DDA is going to empower these morons. Can't even get a ballot right., so it's no wonder they screwed up covering up the loss of our confidential information.

Anonymous said...

I remember having union representation in a prior job and I miss it. But for Heaven's sake does it have to be the ADDA? Good unions aren't run this way! This thing has turned into a political machine run by a bunch of thugs pushing their own political ventures.

Anonymous said...

The lack of proofreading (in - of all things - a ballot) shows that the inner workings of the union are being dominated by a small clique with no one looking over their shoulders

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but hysterical. Trutanich has told a number of his supporters that he's delaying making a decision on running for DA because his son has been injured in Iraq. His son is an AUSA, not military. Zuma Dogg says it's a sports injury!

Anonymous said...

last I checked his son was in iraq working for the department of justice. he was in the ausa's office, but went to iraq as part of a doj program

Anonymous said...

Nicholas Trutanich injured playing soccer. In Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Epic fail forecast for ADDA "Board Majority." You heard it here first.

The Ipsen/Seligaman plan to scare ddas into not voting at all, which guarantees them an easy pass on agency shop and affiliation, is going down faster than the Titanic.

Early votes cast are rumored to be 70% NO. Seems like Ipsen/Seligman's worst nightmare - something has woken up the rank and file, and it's not looking good for Ipsen/Seligman because DDAs are talking to the media about the ADDA and are NOT SCARED off their BULLSHIT lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, everyone I know is voting "HELL NO" on affiliation, but even so, I haven't stopped calling to people to tell them to vote NO (most people's first reaction is to bring up the Hyatt emails, the next is the whole "Ipsen for DA" thing). Keep making your calls and for crying out loud send your ballots in!

Anonymous said...

NOT JUST NO, HELL NO!!! In the past few days the ADDA has been shown to be utterly inept.

First there's the whole laptop security breach cover up. Apparently the ADDA goon did not think it was important to tell DA Investigators that he had DDAs personal checks scanned into his laptop. Seligman is having a cow about being "out of the loop" and Ipsen is in meltdown wondering which one of his enemies leaked the story - he thought he had it under control.

Second, we find out about Ipsen and Seligman's rap sheets and have to wonder why these assholes are DDAs and not defendants, and,

Third, the dynamic duo screw up the ballot! I mean SCREW UP THE FREAKIN' BALLOT!

Do I need to tell anyone to vote NO?

Anonymous said...

Re: ADDA Security Breach. Don't bury this story. If you do a PRA you will find that the stolen laptop was NOT a county laptop, but a personal one - No verifiable encryption. Also, look to see if the ADDA goon who lost the data bothered to report that those scanned checks were on the laptop. Apparently he only admitted having work-related files on the laptop and personal stuff.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Windscale say it had been confirmed by a commenter that it was a work laptop because that commenter was in the know (even though they wouldn't admit it). What is your source of info?

Anonymous said...

I have just received my ballot for the affiliation vote, and I am proudly voting NO.

I cannot imagine a more ridiculous situation for us, than to be represented by AFSCME - our interests and concerns are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

I also think the ADDA under Ipsen and Seligman have lied to us repeatedly, and I will not reward their treachery any more. The security breach was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I will now be resigning from the ADDA and will not participate in anything to do with the ADDA until the entire Board Majority resigns on condition that they will not be conveniently re-appointed when nobody is looking.

Anonymous said...

@10:22am. I'm with you. Voted "NO" and loved doing it. BTW, Met News had a piece on the ADDA yesterday, and Seligman did not return the reporter's call for a statement. I think that says it all. Someone told me they heard Berger on NPR this morning - said the ADDA is as much like a union as Gadaffi regieme is like a democracy, and kept on and on about the Eastman endorsement. This vote is going down faster than the Titanic.