Thursday, June 30, 2011

DA Candidate Bobby Grace Leads the FaceBook Friend Race

With the midnight deadline for filing campaign donations fast approaching, we take another look at the candidates' FaceBook Friends Poll, and invite all readers to give their candidates a boost by friending them - just click on their names to go to their FB Pages.

First place goes to Bobby Grace with 709:

Second, but closing the gap, is Mario Trujillo with 635:

Alan Jackson is in third place with 234:

(Sharp-eyed readers will notice that we've only credited Jackson with 234, not 235 when we did a screen-shot of his FB page - that's probably because he added a friend after we had done the survey.)

Danette Meyers is in fourth place with 225:

 Close behind, fifth place goes to Jackie Lacey with 221, Lacey has also launched a FB Page with 45:

He was last to enter the race and is in last place, Steve Ipsen with 120:

We last looked at the FaceBook Friend poll two months ago, and here's our statistical analysis of the changes to the five candidates in the race at that time, (yes, it's a slow news day!):

In terms of raw numbers, Bobby Grace tops the list, but in percentage terms, Jackie Lacey leads the pack.

Of course the focus is going to be on the fundraising successes of the candidates, but it would be a mistake to underestimate the importance of social networking in electoral campaigns, especially one where voter turnout is not expected to be high.



Anonymous said...

Slow news day? What about his article!

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:37pm. Ms Betty UNPleasant is a race-baiting psycho. No wonder she likes Ipsen. Bet she was the first of his 120 FB fans, the rest are probably convicted sex offenders that he testilied for. Wait 'till Judge Otis D. Wright II orders Ipsen's personnel file to be produced. His jaw will drop so low it might hit Superman Seligman. Friends don't let friends join the Ipsen/Seligman clown house aka ADDA

Anonymous said...

Go Mario!

Anonymous said...

Ipsen must be really desperate to think that he can hide his record from a federal judge. Even more desperate to reach out to Ms. Betty Pleasant. The tide is turning and all the lies threats and chicken sh*t tactics of the Ipsen crew are coming out. AFSCME probably having buyer's remorse right about now.

Anonymous said...

ha. you mean the tide is turning the other way. pretty sure Ipsen wants his record in front of a jury. good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

1:12PM If Ipsen is so keen to get his record in front of federal judge Otis D. Wright II, then why is he hiding it from the public? As usual, you ADDA trolls make no sense at all. All that needs to happen when Ipsen takes the stand if for federal judge Otis D. Wright II to take judicial notice of what the California Supreme Court said in 2005 regarding Ipsen's prosecutorial misconduct. That will go a long way to establish his credibility, don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

Yes I do think, especially when Baxter's opinion is read. Cooley please take the stand again. This time please medicate your tourette's. We would hate for you to swear again, or call the jury "incredibly stupid". Creepy Roger Grace and stalker Berger are so deparate. Maybe Rog will endorse Cooley by accident or maybe they will give Cooley Superman gluttony hero of the year award.

Anonymous said...

More damages added into the law suit. Looks like Otis isn't to happy with Lacey and Cooley.

Anonymous said...

@4:54PM More damages added into the law suit. Nope. More damaged goods in the lawsuit. Jeremy Moore's record will speak for itself. He is not the first grade I not to make it through probation. But, of course, it can only be because he was stupid enough to think that getting in bed with a convicted sex offender's best friend and a wannabe porno star/filmmaker who called himself "Superman" was a good idea. Has Naiman joined the lawsuit yet?

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:54pm, the ruling by Judge Wright listed in your link is only a ruling to let allegations by a fired probationary DDA be heard. NOT A RULING ON THE MERITS. For crying out loud you ADDA trolls are so eager to take every yodeling of an allegation as proof.

Let's deal with facts. Like the failure of Ipsen to make his disciplinary file available, or the ABSOLUTE, FINAL FINDING of prosecutorial misconduct by Steve Ipsen.

Anonymous said...

I'm no Cooley supporter, can't wait for him to go. But we got stuck with him because those of us who worked with him failed to ask the question "has this guy shown he can be trusted with the power of being the District Attorney?" Ipsen showed he couldn't get a conviction on two blatantly guilty murderers without committing outrageous reversible prosecutorial misconduct. Question answered. Find another candidate.

Anonymous said...

11:06PM you are 100% on the money. These broken toys, or damaged goods as 5:32PM calls them, do not want to consider that there is a million mile difference between making an allegation, and then proving it. That is probably why most of them have thick rap sheets that they DO NOT want made public. When federal judge Otis D. Wright II hears what a bunch of sorry assed LOSERS they are, it will clear why most SANE DDAs do not want to have anything to do with Ipsen or Superman and their ADDA. Dragging Moore and Naiman into the lawsuit will prove the point. Friends don't let friends join up with LOSERS.