Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DA Candidates In The News


According to LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus, playwright David Mamet  went to bat for bewigged murderer Phil Spector, perhaps to pimp an upcoming movie about the gun-toting seducer who will spend the rest of his miserable life behind bars thanks to Jackson:

"I don't think he's guilty. I definitely think there is reasonable doubt," Mamet says... "They should never have sent him away. Whether he did it or not, we'll never know but if he'd just been a regular citizen, they never would have indicted him."

"Really? Is L.A. known for its unduly harsh treatment of celebrity killers? Hadn't heard that," Maddaus opines.

DA Candidate Alan Jackson, who successfully prosecuted Spector, responded succinctly "When presented with all the facts, an objective and unbiased jury found Mr. Spector guilty of Lana Clarkson's murder. Subsequently, a panel of appellate justices determined that Mr. Spector's conviction was just and proper, citing "overwhelming evidence" of his guilt. I respect the jury's verdict and the process by which that verdict was arrived. The true injustice was suffered by Lana Clarkson, and continues to be suffered by her family and those who love and miss her."Jackson said.

Maddaus concludes his reportage noting that "Jackson is running for D.A., and is planning to use the Spector trial to burnish his crime-fighting image. He will also be a character in Mamet's movie, which should be interesting."


DA Candidate Danette Meyers clearly made a good impression with celebrity gossip moguls during her handling of the Lindsay Lohan case; they've asked Meyer to offer her opinion on the Casey Anthony murder case which is attracting national media attention.

The veteran prosecutor says the defendant must take the stand in her defense, and that she believes a first degree murder conviction is unlikely. "That is going to be a very difficult call for the jury, whether to convict Casey of first or second degree murder,” Meyers says.

Whether Meyers is courting a career in the media as a commentator, or was simply contacted by RadarOnline because of the coverage of the Lohan case, is unclear. What is clear is that those who thought Meyers would recede from the limelight after the Lohan case were wrong.


The conviction of Omar Armando Loera, a 34 year old transient, was widely reported as DA candidate Bobby Grace brought some closure for the victim's family in this disturbing case. Loera killed  bride-to-be of Cheree Osmanhodzic in her home after she returned home from shopping for a wedding dress with her mother. He stabbed Cheree and then set fire to her home.

The case horrified local residents in the quiet Valley Village neighborhood. City Councilman Paul Krekorian issued a statement saying Osmanhodzic's life "was tragically cut short by a senseless act of violence.''

"Today, we can say with complete certainty that Loera will never again see the light of day and no longer presents a danger to society,'' Krekorian said. Krekorian is widely expected to challenge  Carmen Trutanich for City Attorney in 2013.

Outside court, the victim's mother said she was thankful that the case had been resolved so quickly.

OK, it's hard to keep track of the number of high-profile murder cases that Bobby Grace has successfully prosecuted since announcing his candidacy, what is this, number four, five or six?


 Our TRU-Lies op-ed yesterday prompted this comment from someone purporting to be "MC" at the City Attorney's Office"

"Hey David Berger, we all know this is your blog. Instead of slamming the City Attorney's participation in local-federal task forces, why don't you pick up your phone and call the assigned prosecutors? Call me at 213-978-4099, and I will explain the work of our deputy city attorneys who file nuisance abatement actions to remove the bases of operations for these gang members. I think you should also talk to our law enforcement partners who respect our work and the additional legal remedies utilized by the LA City Attorney's Office. And perhaps you would like to talk to residents who are relieved and grateful that these gang members are removed from their neighborhoods. You act like you're a clever investigative journalist. To me, your blog in many instances comes across as the whining of a big baby."

 Whether or not the comment is genuinely from the City Attorney's is unclear, however, "MC" in any event fails to answer the questions that we posed regarding Sheriff Baca's false claim that "Trutanich busted the notorious 38th Street Gang— confiscating an arsenal of 80 firearms and removing 57 long time gang members from the streets."

  • How many criminal charges were filed by the City Attorney's Office against the 57 gangmembers "removed" by Trutanich? 
  • Did Trutanich, or even the City Attorney's Office, file any criminal charges in respect of those 80 weapons Trutanich "confiscated?" 

We believe the answers are, "Zero" and "No," and that's because Trutanich does not have jurisdiction to prosecute felony crimes, any more than he or Baca has the right to make the ridiculously false claims about the level of his involvement in this matter.


DA Candidates responded to the final question posed by the Met News in their commendable coverage of the six declared candidates: "What Makes You the Best Suited, Among the Present Candidates, to Be DA?"

Read the candidates' responses at the Met News Enterprise.


Sometime snarky bloggers Mulholland Terrace and Zuma Dogg had reported that City Attorney Trutanich was heard to say that he was delaying making a decision on whether to run for District Attorney because his son had been injured in Iraq.

Some had speculated was that Trutanich's son, who is not in the Military, but is an Assistant US Attorney and was believed to be in Iraq on a Dept. of Justice assignment, suffered a sports injury.

Political Pantloads have the audio of Trutanich's statement on their website and on YouTube:

The statement was made on Kevin James' radio show at KRLA 870AM on Sunday morning, June 5, 2011. The full audio can be streamed from KRLA 870AM in case anyone suggests that Trutanich's statement is being taken out of context.

Whether or not Trutanich Snr. was deliberately misleading listeners into thinking that his son was an injured war veteran to curry some sympathy and boost his flagging credibility over claims that he is not actively running for DA, or that he simply blurted something out without thinking (hard to imagine, not), I'm sure we all wish Trutanich Jnr. a speedy recovery.

Publication of our usual "Friday Free For All" has been delayed while we investigate the comment posted at 12:15AM this morning.
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Anonymous said...

Whether MC is actually from the City Attorney's office is unclear? Come on Dave, he left his phone number for you. All you had to do was dial.

Anonymous said...

@8:58AM posted his or her (your?) comment at 9:58PM and gave an office number. Are you on crack? Besides, the comment by "MC" regarding filing bits of paper kinda supports Berger re: it being a lie that Trutanich busted the gang, so maybe MC isn't a dca? Why don't you waste your dime and let us know.

Anonymous said...

Berger gets so defensive when anyone questions his phony agenda.
What a dork!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! How low can you go Nuch. Son injured in Iraq? Next thing Nuch will be claiming that he busted Bin Ladin.

Anonymous said...

FYI the spiders web graphic is a big hit in city hall. Seen it printed out in color in several CMs offices.

Anonymous said...

Really sick of hearing about Trutanich lying. That is not news to anyone. There were at least 3 interesting pieces on the candidates today, and all you people are interested in is that a**hole?

Anonymous said...

Ipsen wrote a freakin novel about why he thinks he would make the best DA. he must think he can bore voters into supporting him. Epic fail Ipsen.

Anonymous said...

@9:33 / Dave
Its not like you could have waited a couple hours to call during office hours before posting half-truths. I get it. that is too hard.

Or could out be that you are more interested in posting before actually knowing or researching the truth?

Since you are the one publishing stories on this blog you would think you might actually drop the dime rather than acting like fact checking is beneath you

Anonymous said...

Jealous? Ipsen is writing laws and helping victims and you are blogging in your bedroom in your underoos at 1am like a little teenage girl.

Lacey, Jackson, Trujillo = Cooley and more of the same, released murderers and rapists are on the way.

Meyers vs Lacey in a debate... can't wait.

Anonymous said...

1:38pm Jealous of Ipsen? Yeah right. I wish the Supreme Court had said the same things about me as they said about Ipsen In re Sakarias, (2005) 35 Cal.4th 140, Ipsen “violated [Sakarias’] due process rights by intentionally and without good faith justification arguing inconsistent and irreconcilable factual theories in the two trials, attributing to [Sakarias and co-defendant Tauno Waidla] in turn culpable acts that could have been committed by only one person.”

Anonymous said...

U.S. District Court Judge Otis D. Wright II of the Central District of California issued a preliminary injunction last March finding the ADDA “established a course of explicit retaliation” by Cooley and his administration that was “both striking and rampant”

Anonymous said...

@8:47PM Yes, Judge Otis D. Wright II issued a preliminary injunction last March. It was a preliminary injunction, and that is all it was.

The evidence presented to meet the very low threshold of proof for a preliminary injunction is not that different from the kind of evidence that is needed to hold a defendant to answer at a prelim, but come trial time, things will be very different.

Not so long ago, Steve Ipsen fell apart on the stand when he tried to argue that he was a victim. He had to withdraw his claim under cross examination about his past before even more inconvenient truths about Ipsen came into evidence.

You could see the jaw of the ERCOM hearing officer dropping as more and more details of Ipsen's past came out. Zero credibility.

Just wait until the federal court starts to hear the facts about Ipsen and Seligman, it won't take long for the court to realize that these two losers have a lot in common, and it's not good.

Add into the mix the horrible way that Ipsen/Seligman have tried to cover up the very real threat of revealing the personal details of DDAs bank account numbers, home addresses, spouses names, and phone numbers to criminals from the laptop that was stolen from ADDA Treasurer Loren Naiman's car, and it gets even worse.

What better proof is there that Ipsen/Seligman are not truly victims of union busting, than very real evidence that they cared nothing for the risks their cover up posed to fellow DDAs.

Lacey was 100% right to advise Rob Dver to have nothing to do with them, they are toxic.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe Ipsen wants the testimony to come out in Federal court where it is public record to show how rediculous Cooley's arguments are. Cooley can attack Ipsen all he wants, but the bottom line is that Cooley hasn't ever even done a murder case, has everyone write his letters for him, has someone to drive him to work, and likely someone to wipe him when he is sheets three sheets to the wind. You can cut an paste the same BS on every blog you have time to create, but when the jury looks at it and it becomes public record, they will likely do what Otis T. Wright did and what the ERCOM officer did and what the three panel ERCOM board did, which was to say that Cooley and Lacey are LA's notrious union busters. Did you pass the bar Berger, I mean seriously. Why do you think the lawyers who frequently sue the county and win are taking their case. For the good of humanity? No, because Cooley is going to go down so fast in federal court Lacey will wish she had checked her blood surgar. I guess if you were any kind of trial attorney you would know that thrice the evidence has been reviewed and thrice condemned. If Cooley wants to save any reputation he has left which is ZERO he would try to settle ASAP so he doesn't destroy Lacey's career any further. I hope Ipsen takes this evidence all the way to the end and I am sure the lawyers will thank him too. Then, we can thank the Jones Day attorneys for their $1000/hr bull shit defense that is worth zero. Cooley hired you to blog be cause he isn't smart enough to run the office in a legal fashion, now he's been caught and now he can't buy of Otis T. Wright because jugdge Wright owes Cooley nothing!

Anonymous said...

1:38: Meyers vs ANYONE in a debate cant wait!!

Anonymous said...

@9:30am must be Ipsen - can't say anything, so just rambles on and on and on. Leave Berger out of this, there are many more DDAs who think you are a completely self-interested egomaniac, and that your leadership of the ADDA is wholly unrepresentative of the majority of DDAs.

Your legal strategy is awesome. My my, what a wealth of legal talent you bring to the table. I guess committing prosecutorial misconduct is the measure of a trial lawyer in your book. And you have Seligman on board too, impressive. He certainly knows how to tell a war story, but when he testifies his arrogance will be his undoing.

But you have so much more. You have ERCOM on your side, Well isn't that a surprise that a pro-labor organization sides with you? Mind you, it didn't look like it was going too well when you were on the stand at the ERCOM hearing that you dropped when it all started doing south.

And isn't it amazing that your lawyers think you have a winning case! Same lawyers as in the Peter Burke litigation? No, probably not. Of course, your lawyers must be doing the case on a contingency basis because you could't be so stupid to waste ADDA members dues on hopeless litigation, again.

And do please get that agency shop vote underway with as many bells and whistles as AFSCME can be conned into giving you. This will be a referendum on the way you have used ADDA to serve your own interests.

Anonymous said...

Not Ipsen, but you are Berger and btw are your underroos spiderman? You have no legal talent that is your problemo, so you have to blog like a 13 year old girl because your buddy Cooley is going into the gutter and taking Lacey with him. Have you no life but your bedroom and your computer. When Trutanich is your boss your resume will read. My name is Berger and the only talent I have is setting up a bunch of blogs, making a bunch of videos and acting like a little teenage girl.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have this blog for the DAs race where people can express their opinions. I did wish that the Dragnet was more neutral as it seems they are on the side of the status quo administration candidates mostly (Jackson, Lacey and Trujillo) but in fairness the Dragnet has never claimed to be unbiased either. Either way it's still a nice forum with interesting updates and obviously growing very rapidly as far as readership is concerned.

Anonymous said...

2:26pm - I don't care whether you think 1:14pm is Berger, I totally agree with the points he made - your response is so childish and I don't know why the moderator allows it.

You are obviously one of the ADDA Board Majority obsessed with trying to find out the identity of those who do or don't agree with you. It matches your obsession with keeping files on everyone. It's creepy - a bit like the way J. Edgar Hoover kept files on everyone, friends and enemies.

It is a shame that the ADDA Treasurer, Loren Naiman, didn't do a very good job of keeping member details safe and secure. Last year Naiman had them on his personal laptop along with many files from the Auto Insurance Fraud Division where he worked. We all now know that the laptop was stolen from his car, he reported the theft, and was interviewed by the DA's Office Bureau of Investigation about which files were on his laptop.

As a result of Naiman's conduct, the Auto Insurance Fraud Division had to send out hundreds of warning letters to people whose personal details were lost. Because Naiman had files concerning ongoing investigations, open cases and closed cases, suspects had to be notified; criminals who had no idea whatsoever that they were being investigated were tipped off, potentially compromising investigations and prosecutions. But it wasn't just suspects, there were witnesses too, as well as previously convicted defendants. All of them had to be notified of the loss of their data. That is the law.

But the ADDA did not notify any members of the loss of their personal information. Naiman had scanned images of $30 checks paid by non-dues paying DDAs so that they could vote in last year's election, together with other data about members. DDA's home addresses, phone numbers, spouse's names and bank details delivered straight into the hands of criminals.

It is ironic that when Peter Burke was freely given a list of the names of ADDA members which he turned over to the administration, the ADDA "had a cow" about it claiming it was a violation of privacy. Had Burke allowed that list to be stolen from his car, I guess you would have no beef. What a bunch of hypocrites!

This story is at least two weeks old. There still hasn't been any denial, nor has there been any notice to DDAs put at risk first by Naiman, and then again by Ipsen and Seligman who did not follow the law and seem to think this problem is going to go away.

Previous comments have defended the ADDA by claiming that the data was encrypted. However, the actions of the Auto Insurance Fraud Division would appear to indicate that the data was not encrypted.

Seligman is busy pumping out AFSCME paid for emails on a daily basis urging us to vote for affiliation with AFSCME who appear to be his paymasters. You would think he could find the time to put this matter to rest and act responsibly towards members, wouldn't you? But instead he probably just follows Ipsen's lead on this; it would harm the reputation of his ADDA to be shown to be so incompetent.

Res Ipsa Loquitur.

Anonymous said...

You guys are missing the point. Ipsen lost the 2008 DA's race, coming in 3rd to a Cooley and a guy with a toxic name ("Albert Robles") who didn't even campaign. The current agency shop campaign is about paying back the group that paid off the 160k legal liability from Ipsen's monkeying with the ADDA's bylaws (AFSCME). The agency shop effort in the ADDA is about rewarding this same group for its plans to bankroll Ipsen's effort to get himself elected DA in 2012. What else would you expect from THE ONLY CANDIDATE WHO THE SUPREME COURT OF CALIFORNIA HAS REVERSED a conviction FOR PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT.