Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Free For All - TRU Lies & Real DA Candidates Interviewed


City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's bogus campaign sent out an email blast purporting to come from Sheriff Lee Baca, but actually sent from the campaign's Gmail account.

The email appears to come from Sheriff Baca, but was sent from a GMAIL account
The "Urgent Message from Sheriff Baca" implores the reader to sign a petition that will no doubt be used by Trutanich to try to weasel his way out of his sworn promise not to do what he is currently doing; using the City Attorney's Office as a springboard to higher office.

No campaign donations are being sought, raising questions about how much money is being spent on this bogus campaign, and by whom. Doubtless all genuine candidates will be examining Trutanich's campaign statement carefully once it becomes available at the end of the month.

Beyond the questionable financing of this bogus campaign is the content of the email itself. Although attributed to Sheriff Baca, some may question whether the Sheriff actually wrote it, or even read it, because it appears to contain a lie. "Trutanich busted the notorious 38th Street Gang— confiscating an arsenal of 80 firearms and removing 57 long time gang members from the streets."

Trutanich's involvement with the arrest of 57 notorious 38th Street Gangmembers was so peripheral that it did not even rate a mention in the Los Angeles Times article about the take-down, published on February 1, 2011.

According to the Times "During the pre-dawn raids Tuesday, LAPD officers and special agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives arrested 37 defendants on federal indictments; 20 more people were taken into custody on state weapons and narcotics charges. Federal prosecutors already had 14 defendants named in the federal cases in custody. Seven fugitives remained at large."

No mention of Trutanich or the City Attorney's Office, and that's because, despite Trutanich's odd relationship with the truth, the fact remains that he does not have the power to arrest or "bust" gang members charged with felonies, federal felonies in this case.

The blatant falsity of this statement is surprising even by Trutanich's low standards for self-aggrandizing and shameless self-promotion. But to attribute a lie to Sheriff Baca, must now put into serious doubt whether Baca will continue to endorse Trutanich, or throw him under the bus like Steve Cooley did.

The sheer audacity of Trutanich's lie eclipses the rather humorous, but equally ridiculous story doing the rounds of the blogs, that Trutanich has to delay his decision on running for District Attorney because his son has been injured in Iraq. The, reality, according to Street-Hassle's Mulholland Terrace, is that Trutanich's son, an Assistant US Attorney, was injured during a soccer match while working for the Dept. of Justice in Iraq. Credit to the original report from Zuma Dogg at L.A. City


All six candidates for Los Angeles District Attorney submitted their answers to a series of questions posed by the Metropolitan News Enterprise.

Unfortunately for Steve Ipsen, his responses were received too late to be published. Sources indicate that Ipsen initially declined to respond and even cancelled an appointment to be photographed. A late change of heart, perhaps, convinced Ipsen that declining the opportunity to get some ink was not a good idea after all.

Read all the candidates' responses at the Metropolitan News Enterprise.

Enjoy the weekend.



mulholland terrace said...

Note: while I did say that I had heard Nick Trutanich had been injured on a soccer field, I did not say how he had been injured, or even if he was injured playing soccer. While an Achilles injury may suggest that, I have not heard anything regarding the way he was injured.

Anonymous said...

Baca is definately backing Trutanich. I heard him say it. Sorry Dragnet, but Baca and Cooley are at odds and Baca is out there campaigning for Trutanich like gang busters.

Anonymous said...

7:54AM - Baca won't like being called a liar, and there's no way in hell he can support the statement attributed to him. He may stop short of withdrawing his endorsement, but I expect the pressure is now on Baca to clarify his statement, and that will be seen as validation of the "lie" accusation. Nicely caught Windface!

Anonymous said...

What? You mean Windscale / Berger misquoted and distorted the truth?

Anonymous said...

Steve Ipsen has good reason to not want to talk to the Met News. They are one of the few sources of information about Ipsen that could be very damaging to his campaign.

The Met News still has the report where about Ipsen testifying as a defense witness for a twice convicted sex offender who he described as "one of my closest friends." That's gotta hurt Ipsen if his campaign ever gets off the ground.

Then there's the Met News report about Ipsen's excoriation by the Supreme Court In re Sakarias, (2005) 35 Cal.4th 140, where the Met News reported that Ipsen “violated [Sakarias’] due process rights by intentionally and without good faith justification arguing inconsistent and irreconcilable factual theories in the two trials, attributing to [Sakarias and co-defendant Tauno Waidla] in turn culpable acts that could have been committed by only one person.”

Reports about being bff with a convicted pervert and also having been given perhaps the harshest criticism for prosecutorial misconduct is not exactly helpful to Ipsen, nor does it sound like much of a qualification for being DA.

Anonymous said...

8:19AM, stupid comment.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Trutanich is also getting endorsements from leaders of the DEA, ATF, FBI, and U.S. Dept of Justice.

He must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Windbag, ever wonder why the Met News didn't publish the entire transcript where Ipsen said he was glad his friend was convicted, had mental problems and needed intense counseling? No you probably didn't, because your agenda is just like the Met News. So far up Cooley's you know what that the truth is never reported. Are you going to go after Meyers now that she is speaking out against Cooley. Wasn't her campaign manager transferred to a crap assignment? And the Lohan case being taken from her... Jackie is as corrupt as Cooley and Meyers will take Jakie's vote. The African American community can't stand Cooley. It certainly won't help Lacey to follow him around like a puppy.

Anonymous said...

9:34am is that "endorsement" or "indictment?"

Anonymous said...

9:54am. I think it's a very weak strategy to blame the messenger for the message. Ipsen's misconduct in the Sakarias case and his allowing a convicted sex offender to have access to his car and DA badge were all his own doing. So lay off Windface, if it were not for the Dragnet there are a whole bunch of things that we would never know. Or is that your agenda?

As for Meyers' campaign manager (Eric Perrodin?) being transferred to a "crap assignment," didn't he screw up letting that quadruple murderer out on bail? I think he violated, or perhaps didn't understand, the three strikes policy. Of course, the mere fact that he's the mayor of Compton wouldn't have anything to do with Meyers' support for his screw up, would it?

Anonymous said...

9:52am - Are you high?
-Hamid Towfigh, who quit the office sometime ago, is Meyers campaign manager. The guy who rotated to complaints is Perrodin. He hasn't claimed retaliation.
-the Lohan case was not "taken" from Meyers, she wanted to get rid of it and it properly fell under the jurisdiction of the City Attorney
-The Ipsen transcript goes way farther then Ipsen trying to get the guy a lenient dispo (he tried rationalizing his buddy out registration. For instance, the fact that the guy HAD ACCESS TO IPSEN's BADGE!

Anonymous said...

10:44am "The guy who rotated to complaints is Perrodin. He hasn't claimed retaliation." True, but Danette complained on Eric's behalf in her statement to the Met News. She clearly thinks it's a retaliation transfer, but he really did let someone out of custody who should have had a much higher bail per the 3rd strikes policy, and 4 people are now dead. What does Danette think is the appropriate action by the office?

Anonymous said...

Berger is Cooley's lap dog and when Trutanich or anyone else is elected, he goes bye bye. Guess he will have to make blogging in his underwear in his bedroom like a 9th grade girl with raging hormones a full time job. That is about the mentality of this pathetic low class blog that is only here to increase mis-information on Google. Free speech from Berger is low class vomiting from his pathetic brain so he can follow Cooley in further disgusting fashion. This blog is ruining Lacey and if she were smart she would have a little chat with Berger who is ending her chances at victory in a swift manner. Nuch will make Berger work for his salary, finally. Or maybe Berger will leave the office, given that everyone agrees he is low grade and unprofessional. Translated to keep it up, Lacey's chances are over and thank goodness.

mulholland terrace said...

Berger is Cooley's lap dog...

This I very much doubt.

Anonymous said...

11:39 am - You must've been at the Jackie Lacey meet and greet at City Club yesterday too.

People were telling Jackie that all the misinformation that this Berger/Dragnet blog is putting out about her campaign under the guise of helping her is actually hurting her.

The completely false claims of endorsements from the County Fed and MRT have severely undermined her campaign before it even started.

Several people told her and Cooley that they will sit on their checkbooks until things settle down.

It'll be interesting if Berger gets transfered back to Lancaster.

He's such a narcicists, he must love all this attention irregardless of the damage it's doing to himself and his bosses.

Anonymous said...

Re: DA candidates, Grace's statement he's duly elected is debatable. That aside, he talks about "an employee group that can effectively administer key functions." What's his response to the theft of DDAs' personal identifying information & ADDA's failure to inform DDAs of it? I guess protection of entrusted personal information, compliance with law, & performance of fiduciary duty aren't key functions. He's out of the loop or an enabler. And if he doesn't know, as a director he needs to find out. How can he run LADA if he can't even make ADDA work?

Anonymous said...

Funny how 11:39 & 12:13 both try to switch the debate from major problems with candidates Ipsen and Meyers, to an attack on a non-candidate who is irrelevant. Ipsen committed prosecutorial misconduct in a death penalty double murder case, tried to minimize his testimony in defense of a convicted sex offender who was arrested in Ipsen's car with Ipsen's DA badge and who was living in Ipsen's home.

Meyers tried to make Perrodin's transfer into something retaliatory when common sense tells you that if Perrodin does not understand the need to follow the 3rd Strike policy, he needs to be sent somewhere where his mistakes won't put the public at risk.

Anonymous said...

I think the ultimate irony here, is that Trutanich and Baca have basically been called liars for exaggerating Trutanich's minor bit-player involvement in the 38th St Gang take down, and people are more concerned about Ipsen and Meyers who have no chance of getting more than 4% of the vote in the primaries.

Anonymous said...

@12:13 is nonsense. There were 50 or so heavy hitters at the luncheon all maxed out their contributions, and Cooley got them to be campaign chairs who will raise a minimum $10k from 10 of their friends. That's a huge amount to kick off her campaign, and makes it highly likely that only Jackson or Trujillo can get close.

13:13's comments about Lacey's City Club luncheon shows how desperate and pathetic the Ipsen/Meyers/ADDA Board Majority are.

Also interesting that a few weeks ago the same sorry assed ADDA apologists were saying nobody reads the Dragnet, now they're saying that major campaign donors read it. Make your mind up Ipsen, you wouldn't want to get nailed for arguing inconsistent theories - AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

1:22 PM = Berger, and his comment is untrue. I was there. He wasn't. There wasn't more than 20-25 people there, and alot seemed like staff or friends brought in to fill out the room.

I didn't write a check because I was told it was only a meet and greet. Several people I know who were also there didn't write checks. So, not sure where Berger draws this information except maybe his derriere.

At any rate, the fundraising reports will be released in a month and we'll see if 50 people wrote thousand dollar checks on June 9th. But I wouldn't bet on it.

This will be at least the 7th or
8th lie Berger has posted on this blog. He's ready to write for a British tabloid.

Anonymous said...

@2:46pm = Ipsen/ADDA troll. Very predictable. Change the debate from the relevant to the irrelevant.

Why doesn't the ADDA say something that we want to hear, such as why they either covering up the scanned check scandal, or simply deny that it ever happened?

Instead, we get smart ass comments about 'encryption' when it now appears that the data was on a personal laptop which was not encrypted.

The tactics of the Ipsen/Seligman crew are becoming clearer and clearer, and people are taking notice. You must hate Windscale for being a free voice, instead of a sycophantic puppet.

Anonymous said...

I just checked the City Attorney's web site. It's right there under press releases - February 1, 2011. Sheriff Baca was spot on.

LOS ANGELES – The City Attorney’s Office today filed enforcement actions against four gang-controlled properties as part of a multi-agency effort to disrupt and dismantle the 38th Street Criminal Street Gang. Deputy City Attorneys Jonathan Cristall, Liora Forman-Echols, Kurt Knecht and David Edwards of the City Attorney’s Project TOUGH (Taking Out Urban Gang Headquarters), filed the cases on behalf of the People of the State of California.

Following a nearly two year multi-agency investigation by the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Southern California Drug Task Force, law enforcement Agencies executed 20-25 federal search and arrest warrants and 35 state arrest warrants for narcotic and firearm violations committed by the 38th Street Gang.

The enforcement actions target four properties in Southeast Los Angeles, with a long history of 38th Street Gang criminal activity. These properties include a single family residence at 1640 E. 40th Place, a four-unit apartment building at 4175 Naomi Street, a property at 4025 S. Morgan Avenue and a duplex at 4388 S. Morgan Avenue.
The enforcement actions are based on evidence of pervasive criminal activity committed by and for 38th Street Gang Members. These criminal activities include: between January 2009 and October 2010, four narcotics-related arrests as well as an illegal firearm sale at the property on E. 40th Place; between April 2008 and December 2010, on six occasions, law enforcement officers purchased narcotics and made more than a dozen narcotics, weapon and gang injunction arrests at the property located on Naomi Street; in the last two years, there have been three narcotics transactions and the recovery of a stolen, fully-loaded Uzi submachine gun at the property on 4025 S. Morgan Avenue; and in the last 15 months, there have been nine drug-related transactions at the Morgan Avenue duplex as well as the recovery of firearms, assault rifles and more than 1,300 pounds of explosive mortars.

Anonymous said...

4:56PM Don't you think

1) "The City Attorney’s Office today filed enforcement actions against four gang-controlled properties… is a long, long , long way from Baca's statement: "Trutanich busted the notorious 38th Street Gang— confiscating an arsenal of 80 firearms and removing 57 long time gang members from the streets."? Just sayin …


2) Trutanich's own (pathetic) presser is not exactly a reliable source? After all, the LA Times had the press release when they wrote their article, and didn't even give him a mention. They probably did what they usually do with Trutanich's press releases, which is why the pathetic clown has to make up his own news.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree @5:35PM, Baca is clearly lying, or someone is lying in his name. The press statement itself doesn't claim that the City Attorney's office made any arrests or confiscated weapons, so to say Trutanich did those things is a flat out lie.

It's a shame that Trutanich has descended so low. We all had such high hopes for a new style of leadership in the CA's office, but Trutanich just could not resist the temptation to be even more as pathetic that Rocky, and now he's adding deceitfulness to his rap sheet.

Although the six real candidates probably don''t agree on much, I'm sure they would all agree that it's time to contact Baca and demand the withdrawal of his endorsement of this side-show clown. I don't see how the leader of LA County's largest law enforcement organization can make such misleading, hell patently false statements. It undermines the credibility of the Sheriff's Department.

Anonymous said...

Since when has Baca's endorsement ever enhanced the Sheriff's office? Just watch, by the end of this campaign, Baca will have endorsed every candidate. Baca's endorsements are only made to enhance Baca.

Anonymous said...

1:01PM, I agree, Baca previously endorsed Weiss and Trutanich at the same time. But Baca withdrew the Weiss endorsement after a scandal about fundraising. Now that there's a scandal about lying Baca will be under pressure to do the same and cancel Trutanich's endorsement.

Of course, it's interesting that it's not about Trutanich lying, that is pretty much expected, but actually, it's Baca who is lying about Trutanich busting the 38th St Gang. Baca will want to clear his name. My guess is that Lacey and Jackson are working on Baca at the moment.

Anonymous said...
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