Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day - A Message from Joe Friday

It's Father's Day in LA, so what better than this message from Joe Friday to all the Dads out there who keep our streets safe.

From a 1967 episode of Dragnet, it's known as the 'Joe Friday Monologue,' others call it the 'Jesus Speech,' I think you can figure out the reason for that.


Anonymous said...

C'mon Berger, ya big phony. We all know it's you posting on this blog.
Why don't you finally identify yourself and stop hiding behind all this Joe Friday nonsense.

If you're going to post a steady stream of fake news, at least let everyone know who's posting it so they can put all the misleading information into context.

This way everyone will know why you lied about Kevin James raising over half a million dollars even though he hasn't hit the $200,000 mark, which would require him to report that to the L.A. City Ethics commission.

Or all the lies you posted about Jackie getting endorsements that were quickly denounced by the "alleged" endorsers.

How can you accuse the Sheriff Baca
and Trutanich of deceit when you won't admit it's you posting all this crap?

The Metropoliton News has already pulled the curtain on your fake Wizard of Oz charade. Come out from behind the curtain little man. You're fooling no one.

Anonymous said...

David Berger has become the new Phil Jennerjoke. He's on his way to becoming political ass clown of the year. Kudos Dave.

Anonymous said...

@5:26pm If no one is fooled, then no fault no foul. The debate here is healthier than the usual political double speak that is so typical of the issues frankly discussed here. Berger says a lot of the things that others agree with, especially about Trutanich. What I, and many others who read this blog , want to know is WHY? Berger endorsed Trutanich for City Attorney, and was his senior aide for over a year. I think we are entitled to an explanation.

Anonymous said...

There's no debate here. Just a bunch of lies and name calling.

The only debate is whether Berger is going to fess up.