Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jackie Lacey Launches "Official" Campaign for District Attorney 2012

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey officially launched her campaign to become LA's next District Attorney with this YouTube video setting out her platform:

Lacey's announcement was widely reported in the media, with the Los Angeles Times, LA Daily News, and NPR reporting variously on her candidacy.

Lacey also updated her website,

The updated website is equipped with the all-important "Contribute" button, however, it is understood that Lacey will not accept contributions from DDAs in view of her position as Chief Deputy. In doing so, Lacey is following a principal establish by Steve Cooley.

There's no rule that we are aware of against becoming a "Friend" on Lacey's FaceBook page. When we last took our FaceBook Friend Poll, Lacey was in 5th place with 154 friends, she now has 206, and an equally all-important FaceBook button on her website.

But back to that "Contribute" button. It's no doubt going to get tested on Thursday when Steve Cooley hosts a luncheon for Lacey at the City Club. Rumors persist that the event is "over subscribed."



Anonymous said...

Jackie is clearly the anti-union candidate. She's got my vote!

Anonymous said...

Jackie Lacey can't win. Next!

Anonymous said...

Steve Ipsen can't win either, but because of the ADDA-AFSCME backroom deals we are going to be subsidizing his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Orlov says Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas will be endorsing Jackie Lacey for DA along with the LA County Board of Labor. Huge slap in the face for Ipsen and his ADDA.

Anonymous said...

12:04pm if you check this blog you will see that those endorsements were cancelled after the union busting activities of Lacey were told to them.

Anonymous said...

Jackson will definitely take it. He's got vastly more management experience, he's in the right political party for LA, he got the right demographics, and he's just plain good lookin. His only problem is he doesn't take enough credit for himself for trying the tough cases like Fayed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@ 1:53...Oh, I like the way you think! Jackson has my vote!

Anonymous said...

@1:53, you're kidding, right? More management experience than Lacey? He's managed NOTHING. EVER. The right political party for LA? He's a Republican. Check on Cooley's (R) election results in LA County versus Kamala Harris (D). was so bad that it cost him the entire state. The right demographics? Don't know if you noticed, but he's white. Good looking? He looks like a little elf. Doesn't take credit? Look at his website...SPECTOR SPECTOR SPECTOR SPECTOR.

I'm assuming your post was which case I apologize for taking the bait.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Lacey seems very experienced, and not to mention a demeanour that inspires trust...this race is not about good looks, razzel dazzel, and talk, its about ability to run an office, which she has already been trusted to do by her supervisor. She seems to have the management experience in her resume period. She looks genuine and straightforward.

Anonymous said...

To the nasty commenter at 12:04pm. I heard that the endorsements were back on the table.

Apparently someone sent links to the typically hateful ADDA troll remarks, and then supplied the links to the Ipsen scandals - Ipsen testifying as a defense witness for a twice convicted sex offender (three times convicted after Ipsen's testimony) who was one of his "closest friends."

And then ugly stuff about the two-defendant murder case where the Supreme Court condemned Ipsen for "intentionally and without good faith justification arguing inconsistent and irreconcilable factual theories in the two trials."

But it was probably Seligman's home made porno sex tape scandal that has convinced reasonable people that the union busting complaints by these weirdos is bogus, and that so far as Lacey is concerned, she acted as a good friend should in advising Rob Dver to stay away from these two creeps.

What kind of "union" is this? Are they going to affiliate with NAMBLA next?

Anonymous said...

OMG. Thanks 7:04PM for the links to the Ipsen scandals. I wonder if anyone bothered to read the report about Ipsen and him testifying for one of his closest friends, a convicted sex offender.

I just love the way Ipsen and Seligman and their pathetic ADDA trolls keep on about Lacey's memory when she testified. Just read what Ipsen said when questioned about his allowing his sex offender closest friend to live in his house, use his car, and have access to his DA badge. Ipsen tried to say he couldn't remember, but got nailed with the fact that the convicted sex offender was arrested in Ipsen's car, with his DA badge. I guess that's what they call refreshing your recollection, because suddenly he remembered. Then he dropped his complaint when he realized that there was probably worse to come.

I agree, these facts about Ipsen and Seligman go a long way to explain why the best advice anyone can give a friend is "Stay away from those creeps."

Ipsen for DA!

Anonymous said...

The letter from Marie Elena Durazo posted on this blog made it pretty clear that the County Fed will not even consider an endorsement until they've interviewed all the candidates. They haven't even started the interview process.

Mark Ridley Thomas said he wasn't going to endorse any candidate in this race until he sees who the vialble candidates are going to be next Spring.

To continue perpetuating the lies about Jackie getting these endorsements just continues to undermine her and her campaign.

Someone commented on this blog that her June 2nd event hosted by Steve Cooley as reported by Rick Orlov, L.A. Observed and this blog, never happened. It was obviously canceled. All three outlets couldn't have made the same mistake.

At this rate, her campaign could be over by next month.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or does Jackie look like the black Marcia Clark?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does it look like Ipsen and his ADDA are crapping themselves at the prospect of Lacey getting a union endorsement? The comment at 12:04pm just said endorsements were "back on the table," but the ADDA troll @10:12pm gives a response worthy of one of Seligman's bs emails.

Their entire union busting argument is beginning to sound like the boy who cried "Wolf" or the drug addict who says "The cops planted the dope."

It's falling apart like a cheap suit and I congratulate the Dragnet for having the guts to finally reveal this crazy manipulation of an innocent piece of sound advice into union busting.

I just wonder how much longer AFSCME is going to pick up the tab for Ipsen/Seligman blunders? The security breach notification issue has really woken people up as to how incompetent these people are, and now that the Ipsen/Seligman scandals are surfacing, it's easy to see why.